Video: The Motus KMV4 GDI Engine

07/02/2010 @ 10:52 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

Motorcycle upstart Motus Motorcycles continues to press forward with its MST-01 sport-tourer, and has released a video that talks more about the development of their 1645cc gasoline direct-injection V4 motor: the KVM4. Balking at the advice of others not to build their own powerplant, Motus has teamed up with Katech to design an in-house motor for the Motus MST-01.

Based off American muscle car push rod engine design, Motus hopes to tap into the strong hobbiest car culture here in the United States, and offer a motorcycle that gear heads can dive into and wrench on with familiarity.

Also, the expectation is that with the push rod design, there will be a bevy of tuners and aftermarket parts manufacturers who will have the expertise to create and customize the MST-o1 once it’s completed, and in the hands of customers.

For bonus fun, listen to the MST-01 drive by in this audio clip.

Source: Motus Motorcycles

  • Gildas

    The sound is, er, pant soiling good.

  • Rob

    so much for America looking to be a forward thinking country

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  • Steve

    Well if they are making a sport touring bike they better get rid of the chain drive. I doubt many people will buy a touring bike with a chain drive. Better spend more time and money on developing the touring amenities like a radio, cruise control, heated seats and grips etc. and less time on a engine with lots of power. Who needs a big engine on a touring bike? Everything seems to be getting bigger. Look what happened to the Lead Wing and Harley Ultra – 1,000 lbs.

  • lalaland

    The crankshaft is pointed the wrong direction. I know they can engineer a solution, but it’s a lot of extra work. Don’t really get the concept either. It’s supposed to be tuned, but then it has direct injection which ads stratified charging and infinite extra degrees of complexity.

    Sounds great though. That could be enough to win the day.

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  • love the sound, definitely can hear a bit of that muscle car grunt in it.

    i’m not sure about the touring aspect of this bike either… it seems a bit confused as to it’s real identity, i still think it’s an awesome bike though, love anything new being built in the US.

    i think i might have gone for more of a big sportsbike concept instead of the tourer, but i could be wrong, this is only going to be for people that have too much money and not enough toys anyhow.

  • BikePilot

    I like it! I think the anti-chain gang is mostly old codgers who grew up before they made decent chains. Nowdays a good quality X-ring chain lasts 40k and almost never needs adjustments or even much oiling. heck that’s better than the final drive units on certain shaft drive bikes:)

    I quite like the machine, direct injection is the way forward – greater fuel efficency and power gains can be had because you can run much more compression without preignition. Many cages have it and its about time motorcycles got in on the fun.

    the push-rod design makes some sense for getting power at lower rpms. If you aren’t displacement limited, but are rather limited in terms of weight and total engine volume its not a bad way to go. Look at the LS7 for example in the cage world. power per cc isn’t good, but power per lbs or unit volume is quite good and that power comes in at relatively low rpms with a wide power curve.

  • eze1976

    the engine deff gives you goosebumps, I think the overall package as a bike needs just as much thought that has not happened as of yet. Some type of “pure” sport bike needs to come of this, just not in the common sense.

  • Oscar

    This article didn’t mention it, but Motus is partnering with Katech in the design and construction of the engine.

    Katech, for those who don’t know, builds engines for Corvette endurance racers, so if the Motus engine sounds like a small block, that’s no accident. Considering how well Corvettes have fared in the endurance racing circuit, the partnership is very promising.

  • CBR600RR 09

    “Balking at the advice of others not to build their own powerplant, Motus has teamed up with Katech to design an in-house motor for the Motus MST-01.”
    Yes they did mention it….

  • bruce armstrong

    ………………..and the Radical/small sports race car community likely has orders in for dozens of engines already

  • check out Motus’ other walk around video. The chassis & engine footage is cool. Love the chassis and that motor so far.