Everyone is entitled to a bad day at the office, and for motorcycle journalists, that phrase usually means crashing a press bike during a bike launch or test. You expect to run that risk when you are riding hard at the track, or maybe on a twisty or unfamiliar canyon road, but a solo-crash on a deserted city street? Not so much.

Proving that you can never let your guard down, especially when it comes to riding along the water’s edge, our dear colleagues at the esteemed French publication Moto Journal got a quick reminder to mind the panniers.

With the 2013 Yamaha FJR1300A at over seven feet in length, some gorilla math puts the drop at 10 to 15 feet for our protagonist, who somehow drops directly into the boat along the pier’s edge. How he and the bike didn’t end up in the drink is beyond comprehension. Hopefully the only thing hurt was Lolo’s pride.

You have to give the folks at Moto Journal some credit for having some good humor and posting this video up to YouTube. No doubt, they will be the brunt of every other motorcycle publication’s joke for the next week.

Source: Moto Journal (YouTube)

  • That’ll teach you to ride bikes with bags on it!! Lol

  • Holy hell!! That had to hurt!


  • That crack sound.. is the face of his helmet hitting the beam on the boat… pause it.. ow.

  • John

    Jensen, is that All The Galleon All The Time?

  • 7 feet in length?

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  • Steve

    @ Doug

    “7 feet in length?”

    Length 2,230mm (87.8 “) or 7.32′


  • AK

    FJR 1300 for sale with very few Nautical miles :)

  • TexusTim

    that guy ended up in the boat !

  • Ed Gray

    It’s a good thing nobody was on the dock.

  • Westward

    Perfect example of why I wear a full face helmet, you just can’t anticipate when, where, what, or how you will come in contact with whatever…

  • MikeD

    Never imagined it would go down that way. That was HARSH. Poor thing(s).
    Oh well, live and learn…shit happens.

  • @Steve…thanks. No wonder he jack knifed on the pier. That’s a long bike. Glad to read he was ok and no one was below.

  • Rob

    Looks like he had no business riding where he was at.

  • 2ndclass

    And yet that’s far from the craziest shit to happen in a MotoJournal video.

  • W Petersen

    That is some funny stuff

  • pooch

    he was all at sea….the fj came without launch control….

  • pooch

    ps his head never hit the bow… he landed on his ass on the side of the boat, feet in, then folded, should have been pretty unharmed… which is more than you can say for the front end of that poor fj.

  • Patron

    Ha. Wow. Had I hit that with my 950 ADV fully bagged, it would have been me alone that rolled off the pier while my bike locked itself against the pylon and laughed at me.

  • Keith

    so glad I use soft sided noname bags.

  • Dave

    Ahh yes, shipwrecked yet still docked.

  • triumphin

    I don’t see it as brunt of joke by other magazines. If other magazines are laughing about it, shame on them. I commend them for posting it. I see it as a valuable lesson others should learn from, don’t ride your bike where it doesn’t belong. Also learn the radius your bike can turn in the open parking lot before starting to turn around obstacles.