POV: Watch a Motorcycle Cop’s High-Speed Pursuit

04/15/2013 @ 11:56 am, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS


Attempting to stop Justin Sanders for traffic violations, the 24-year-old lead Officer Troy Gurley and his motorcycle on a five-minute chase through the city streets and residential neighborhoods of Florence, Alabama. Gurley is eventually joined by other officers in patrol cars, and the chase ends with Sanders ditching his Mazda3, and making a run for it on foot.

With the whole incident caught with a helmet-mounted camera that is tied into the police radio channel, the video is a pretty interesting perspective of what law enforcement officers have to go through in such an extreme situation. As for Sanders, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but will be facing charges for the possession of drugs and firearms, resisting arrest, and of course his numerous traffic violations. The video is after the jump.

Source: Carscoop via AutoBlog

  • sergei

    didn’t this guy realize that you can outrun a car cop on a bike, not vice versa?
    also, who the hell stops at stop signs while running from the cops?

  • What bikes do the US officers ride? I know it’s likely to vary from state to state, but that didn’t look like the most nimble of machines (not that I’d want to be banking it over in shirt sleeves!)

  • It varies more department to department. This looks like a BMW R1200RT, which is pretty common. You’ll officers on Harley’s and Kawasaki’s for the most part as well.

  • Logan

    I know here in Tuscaloosa, AL the TPD are usually on Harleys, but the UAPD (campus police) have the BMWs.

  • meatspin

    def. a BMW dash. I dont think a HD could keep up in a pursuit.

    most motorcycle cops i’ve met tell me they really dont pursue. Their bikes are more for ceremonial and parade duties.

  • Great job by the Officer during the pursuit broadcasting his location, direction of travel, speed, licence plate etc…in a calm manner (not easy). Police pursuits are incredibly dangerous for suspects, Officers and innocents and many departments across the country have policies against pursuits by their motors as a result. Although this Officer did an outstanding job, there were many moments during this pursuit that it could have turned ugly and this footage gives you a pretty good idea of what it’s like. Also good job by assisting Officers using restraint while taking the suspect into custody. That’s not easy either. Good job boys!

  • Kenny

    Did he stall the bike at 3:35?
    Interesting how the rider capitalized on the bikes acceleration, slowing right down at corners and intersections then using the bikes acceleration to keep up with the car.

  • Slangbuster

    (Kenny) He didn’t stall. Looked like he was turning his key off and getting ready to dismount his bike to begin a foot pursuit or to confront the driver after the car had a small collision. Cross traffic at intersections is always a major safety concern as is dirt and debris in the roadway and It’s always nice to have the horsepower advantage down the straightaways. As the pursuit starts, the Officer is braking for an intersection in the center of the lane and appears to lock it up and loose traction on the dirty roadway surface, almost going down. (nice to have ABS too).

  • anders eliasson

    @Slangbuster … you give the LEOs too much credit with respect to restraint. 7 officers on one suspect, 2 already had him subdued, not too difficult to exercise ‘restraint’ … if you surmise that I’m no fan of the current crop of LEOs in the US you would be correct, times have changed and not for the better …


  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    There is a crime wave in Florance, Alabama. Goodness! he must be stopped! Motorcycle cop to the rescue.

    Umm, get a license plate number and document for a quarter mile that the dude won’t stop… Wouldn’t that be enough? You’re rolling film, right?

    …and how hard will it be for Boss Hogg to find this dude? It’s Florance, Alabama. What’s he gonna do hide out in Forest Gump’s mama’s house? have a stand-off at Ricky Bobby’s mansion? I mean seriously, what in the sam hill? It’s Florence, Alabama. Can’t somebody just call Nick Saban or something? Minnie Pearl? Bo Jackson? Lynard Skynard? surely somebody can talk some sense into this fugitive running from the law.

    And what in the world could this dummy have done to warrant fleeing from Florence’s finest? I mean…it’s Florence, Alabama!

    Whew…they caught him. My goodness, my heart can’t take this excitement. Thank god the motorcycle cop didn’t let him get away. Florence, Alabama is safe again!

  • James

    CMM says: …it’s Florence Alabama! O.k. I get your point but think you missed the point. Just imagine, You’re riding your motorcycle, doing your job, you get disrespected by a possible criminal, and the only way you can register YOUR POINT is to run him down and have a chat. What would you do?

  • James

    @ Anders Eliasson…My wife taught high school for 35 yrs. She is amazed at the number of school bullies who later become police officers. On the other hand, beneath their uniforms officers are ordinary folks. A strong, vicious criminal who gets his hands on an officers gun can kill the officer and others. That is why even good cops swarm offenders. Better safe than sorry.

  • Paul McM

    Shows that the R1200 can accelerate pretty fast when it needs to…Nice camera footage. AT 5:38 you can see another helmeted officer (yellow shirt) with a “Countour” helmet-cam. Wonder what the BMW riding officer was using? I’ll have to add that the little Mazda was surprisingly fast — the bike officer had to wick it up to keep the Mazda in view.

    Ultimately, this just shows how stupid some people can be… must have been some good crack the Mazda driver was smokin’.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    @James. What would I do?…in Florence, Alabama? well, if I were in Florence, Alabama I’d probably be like that dude who wouldn’t pull over…because I’d be desperate to get out of Florence, Alabama. haha! In fact, from that standpoint I’m kind of mad the cop chased him! Wouldn’t it only be natural to try like hell to get out of Florence, Alabama? haha.

    My point is (and read this carefully, re-read if necessary in case you are from Florence, Alabama): No need for a chase. Why the chase? Was the bank just robbed? Does Florence, Alabama even have one? you caught everything on film.

    ….You know, get him later. If you conduct your peace officer business that way you can relax a bit…have a chicken fried steak, maybe a sweet tea, some grits, boiled peanuts, eat some delicious pecan pie. You know, important stuff.

  • Norm G.

    re: “It varies more department to department. This looks like a BMW R1200RT”

    specifically they are referred to as R1200RTP’s, and BMWNA’s sales department just got scored footage for an awesome multi-media presentation…!!!

    watch how in pursuit of suspect, this officer takes the RTP off some “sweet jumps”. (jon heder voice)

  • Norm G.

    re: “I know here in Tuscaloosa, AL the TPD are usually on Harleys, but the UAPD (campus police) have the BMWs.”

    about 8 or 9 years ago, attending an AMA round at barber, i had a chat with an officer who had a police packaged goldwing 1800. don’t recall if he was birmingam…? or a statey…? i know i have a picture of it somewheres.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Umm, get a license plate number”

    Umm, of what…? a stolen vehicle…?

    re: “You know, get him later”

    oh, you mean AFTER he’s killed a convenience store worker in a botched robbery attempt when he stopped for gas…? you and your anti-cop sentiment should be quiet now.

    re: “What bikes do the US officers ride?”

    speed on your way to laguna seca for motogp, then look up as you approach an overpass, you’ll quickly come to learn what the CHP are riding.

  • This is a pretty lame unexciting example of a police pursuit, and I see it’s been posted all around the net. Looks like a department PR release video, they don’t release the really exciting pursuits, with the crazed frustrated officers standing up on the pegs of their Harley firing their Beretta with reckless abandon. That doesn’t present the proper image. Also that bike is pathetically slow, good thing he was after an economy car with no power. It would have no chance of keeping up with a serious sport bike with a skills determined rider.

    Notice police departments never release videos of superbikes leaving they’re slow ass lousy handling shit bikes in the dust and even blowing the doors off their Jet Ranger helicopters and escaping entirely. But it does happen far more often than most Department would be willing to admit. That’s why they have those motorcycle checkpoints y’all like to complain about so much, that’s the only chance they have of catching em. :-)

  • cvgsp75

    @Chaz Michael Michaels , that was HILARIOUS i guess in Florence Alabama you gotta do what you can to entertain yourself like chasing cars on a motorcycle… either way great story telliing

  • Norm G.

    wow, no sooner than i speak, than the very thing i articulate basically OCCURS in the massachusetts manhunt inside of 48hrs. being right all the time is no picnic, lemmee tell ya. :(