Motorcycle Advertising – Allstate Gets It

05/29/2010 @ 9:49 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

We spend days wading through different marketing and advertising pieces by various groups in the motorcycle industry, which really only makes us believe firmly that either a) advertising companies have no idea how to connect with motorcyclists, and 2) motorcycle industry companies have no idea how to connect with their customers.

Leaving the data aside to prove this theory, we came across this gem from Allstate Insurance, called “Ghost Bikes” that’s been playing on major television channels lately here in the US. We don’t have the info on who/what agency worked on this for Allstate, or if it was done all in-house. If you’re in the know, tell us in the comments so someone can get some credit for it.

Whoever it is, it looks like someone in the industry actually knows the term demand generation, and how to build creatives that speak to our industry niche. Kudos Allstate.

Source: YouTube

  • Seems like it would be a better commercial for wearing the proper gear.

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  • Sean

    Another ad where the content contradicts the message.
    To push that message they should have been motorcycle gear clad dummies suffering the crash without the bike, NOT the bike without the rider.

  • Todd

    It also shows how double-edged the social media sword can be… I watched that video and the #1 recommended video Youtube was offering up was this!

    firehawk46064 — August 07, 2008 — AllState Insurance refuses to pay this Biker’s claim. He paid Full Coverage and they refuse to pay since July of 2007. Anderson, Indiana USA


  • HB

    can anybody tell me what bikes are 1st, 3rd, and 5th?

  • @ HB: I’m pretty sure the 3rd is a Honda 919 Hornet, sorry I can’t help on that 1st one. I need to learn my older bikes better.

  • HB

    Ah that’ll explain cause i thought it was sv650 but now it makes sense thank you

  • Bill

    The first bike looks like a Triumph Bonneville T100, and the 3rd n 5th both look like the Honda 919 Hornet. Not 100% sure about the 5th one tho.

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