Video: 11 Months, 3000 Pictures, & A Lot of Coffee

06/29/2012 @ 3:48 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

This may not be strictly motorcycle-related, though we are pretty sure most motorcyclists can relate to the time and effort it takes to take apart a four-cylinder motor and put it back together again. As if refurbishing a motor bought off eBay, and swapping it out for a junked one that is still in the car wasn’t hard enough, our protagonist decided to document the whole process with thousands of photos. Originally only intending to use the snaps to ensure all the pieces went back together in the right spots, a short animated movie clip was born from his efforts. Enjoy it after the jump, and thanks for the tip Chris!

Source: YouTube

  • stash


  • Nick

    Better than most movies I’ve seen recently

  • KHS1

    That just made my day

  • That was just fantastic! I’ve really enjoyed my own projects, but I never thought to document them in such detail. Nice work!

  • Lars

    that was worthy. so nice to see that gear get cleaned up and running.


  • proud41american

    Would he consider doing projects like this for television so we can finally get rid of Jerry Springer, the Kardashians, and every other “reality” show?!?!


  • ben

    Man that was good. really brought a smile.

    Loved the ending too :)

  • Grant Madden

    What?left over parts?Thats not normally a good sign still it was going so never mind,didn,t want those bits anyhow

  • It may be a car but it’s still done in the Moto Shop spirit. Awesome!

  • Cj

    Great work!

  • norton

    lovely little video

    …any ideas on what the stuff is he’s spraying on to clean it all up (from around 1:04 onwards)? seems to be shifting the grime so easily, would love to know what it is

  • @norton: He’s using a sandblaster to remove all the dirt and paint to take the material down to bare metal. Afterward, it’s ready for refinishing.

  • Afletra

    Simply awesome!!! I hope there’s someone like this in my place so I can do a recondition to my bike’s engine :D