Video: Community + Motorcycles = Motomethod

01/23/2012 @ 2:48 pm, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

Consider this video as a primer on a larger subject I like to call: The Motorcycle Shop Deconstructed. There is a lot that can be said about why dealerships fail or succeed (we’ve already seen an interesting insight on the subject of shops being open on Sundays), and one aspect on how to be a successful dealership that will surely rise to the top is one of community.

Here, Vancouver-based Motomethod is all about the community, as the do-it-yourself community garden style repair shop has become a place for British Columbian riders not to work on their motorcycles, but also to congregate together with a shared love of riding on two wheels. Not exactly a new concept business-wise, but still a fresh perspective in an otherwise unwilling to change industry. More on this thought process to be published in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

Source: Pipeburn

  • MikeD

    More Please ! Cool method…i wish them full success on their enterprise.

  • Every town should have a community garage. An absolute dream business.

  • Thanks for this post. Very cool, indeed!!!

  • Way cool.

  • duclover

    Ha, this place is mere blocks from mine.
    I’ve been meaning to check it out in person for awhile.
    I’ve got some gummed up VTR carbs that need dealin’ with, looks like I found my place!
    Thanks for posting

  • David Hills

    I’d love to visit this place and hang out. Good on you boys.

  • John Magnum

    Cool vid,
    Similar thing has taken off here in OZ; “The Men’s Shed”, brothers get together of all ages to do carpentry for community and voluntary based projects.
    Would we have half the dramas in the world with juvenile crime, drug rehab, depression etc. if we had more community “Shops”. Government sponsored be good too.
    Bike and Car Chop Shops, Hobby Farms and stuff for women that I can’t think of (cause i got nuts).

  • Grant Madden

    I enjoyed talking wth customers when I worked in a motorcycle shop but its dodgy talking and working at the same time.Mistakes can be made that way.Best to talk before starting work then do the job and talk about it later.Customers in bikeshops are usually great people and I,ve always had a lot of interest in what they are up to but it does slow down the work a bit and can be a source of distraction but also the owner usually knows a lot more about thier particular bikes funny little ways and can be helpful with making the job easier.Hope it goes well for these guys.they are true enthusiasts.

  • bemer2six

    Wish they’d have some thing like this where I live i could so use a place to go work on my bike just hang out have a pizza and a beer…

  • Eric

    Thanks for posting this video; it gives me a little faith in humanity. Very, very cool.

  • Terry Lemmons

    I own Self Service Cycle in Modesto Ca. TWO THUMBS UP Terry Lemmons

  • I’ve been going to Motomethod since this past summer and it’s great!!
    Simon and Paul are great guys too and they know what they’re doing. My bike and I are happy!

  • Dean

    Cool! I’d love to set up something like this where I live. Hmmmm…..There’s an “abandoned” garage in the center of town too…..

  • adam s

    ran something like this for about 7 years back in the 90s. its all well/good/cool until your equipment gets ruined, tools go missing, and somebody has an accident and sues the shit out of you -despite signing a waiver.

    it sucks, but this is reality folks. life is not a hipster feel good miny movie.

  • David McCullum

    I am a happy repeat Motomethod customer. The guys are great and the shop is wonderful.

  • adam s – Yeah, amazing how people with sue even after signing a waiver. I think it’s a great idea, but like you said, unfortunately there will be people who take advantage of the system – breaking things and not repairing them and stealing stuff.

  • This shop is in Canada. A culture that is not as litigious as the US.
    Good luck to all the shops doing this work wherever they may call home. Invaluable.

  • marty

    I like the idea and I’ve never found a shop like this. I have to agree with Grant Madden and his reply. I honestly don’t trust anyone with my vehicles anymore and it sucks because I want to learn.

  • MikeD

    Good Points Adam S. Hopefully that doesn’t happen on Canada as often as here on the USA.

  • Austin Tiller

    That was a great video. Thank you very much for posting that. I’ve thought about something like this for a long while but was always scared away from the idea purely for the fact that Adam S. mentioned.

  • duclover

    Ah well, the world is far from perfect, but thank goodness cynicism hasn’t beat these two down like it has others.
    There will always be a million reasons not to do something.
    But with a little willful ignorance of potential pitfalls, and a heavy dose of optimism and faith in oneself and their fellows, great things can and do happen.
    Just like in “hipster feel good movies”! :)

  • We’re a brand spankin new DIY motorcycle shop in the SF Bay Area….

    Check it out!