The Phillip Island circuit is to name Turn 3 after Casey Stoner. A ceremony is to be held on Thursday at 11:45am local time to name the corner in honor of the 2007 and 2011 World Champion.

Stoner joins Mick Doohan and Wayne Gardner, Australia’s other two premier class World Champions, in having a part of the iconic Australian circuit named after him. Doohan has the first corner named after him, and the front straight running past the pits and into Doohan corner is named after Gardner.

It is fitting that Stoner should have Turn 3 named after him. The Australian has consistently named that corner as one of his favorite corners on the MotoGP calendar. It has everything which Stoner believes are the ingredients of an exciting turn: it is very fast, long, and the more courage you use in attacking the corner, the faster you go through there.

It is a corner where Stoner slides the rear to help turn the bike, a skill at which he excels.

The 2012 Australian round of MotoGP will be Stoner’s last visit to the circuit as a professional MotoGP rider. The Australian has announced that he will retire from professional motorcycle racing at the end of this season.

Speculation is rife that Stoner will make a switch to racing V8 Supercars in the future, and so Stoner could return to race at the circuit with a corner that bears his name.

He will likely ride the track on a motorcycle again too: Stoner has made no secret of his desire to keep riding motorcycles on track days, but has categorically excluded any possibility of a return to Grand Prix racing.

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This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • smiler

    I bet Troy Bayliss is happy. Are they going to dump a load of stones on the corner?
    Fair dincum anyway.

  • TexusTim

    good on ya !! he deserves of the most underated riders with the biggest natural talent, unlike othere who advanced to the premier class he has won on everything he’s ridden even the sick ducati. somthing the other’s cant or havent done yet…maybe if spies can stop acting like he’s already won mutiple championships he can win on it too…most of these guys waite a few yeard before launching multiple million dollar investment projects or chase supermodle girls around euorpe..for god sake he got closer on the satalite bike than he did on the full factory ride..he just has to focus 100 % for every race weekend all weekend long leave his cell phone in the trailer, leave the friggin i pod with music and headphones in the trailer…if the ducatti guys see the same work ethic the yamaha guys saw spies will be done before 2013 is over i assure you..they put in the hours and dedication.

  • Jake F.

    How great would it be to show up at a track day to find Casey Stoner, or any “alien” for that matter, getting ready to head out on track with you?

  • Spamtasticus

    No aliens but I have had Hopper, Bostrom and Russle on the track with me at different club races. When they go by you it feels great and insulting at the same time.

  • justadude

    @ Spamtasticus, That is so funny. “It’s like that is so cool, I was just passed by Scott Russell. Bummer, I was just passed by Scott Russell…” :-)

  • “When they go by you it feels great and insulting at the same time.”

    Yeah, I can imagine that. Such as when Bradl was at Laguna Seca cruising around on a stock Fireblade and putting in mid-pack AMA Superbike lap times. That’d be humbling.

  • Ricardo

    Does PI have a corner named after Bayliss yet?

    If not they suck.

  • MikeD

    Good for him.
    He’ll be back…he’s yet too young and talented to throw it all away like is all good. The Bug will bite him again…wait and see……………………………..I hope, lol.

  • smiler

    TexusTim – he has pretty much won nothing else except 2 motogp titles in what 7 years of trying.
    He has never won any other title in any other race series, not even a domestic one.

    At least Bayliss has won another series title in BSB. Clearly in some people’s minds 4 Superbike titles, a great personality, charisma and all round good guy trumps 2 gp titles in 7 years, no charisma, character or generosity of spirit.

  • Damo


    No they don’t have one named after Bayliss (which is a crime), but they do have one named after Mick Doohan.

  • David

    Maybe naming a corner after Stoner has something to do with his history as a youngster racing in Australia. Stoner was winning races as a youngster while Bayliss (in his younger years)was a spraypainter at Joe Berry’s.

    Quoted from Wikipedia:

    “He (Stoner) competed in his first race was when he was four years old, in an under-nine years old race at the Mike Hatcher’s dirt racing track on the Gold Coast of Australia. Between his very first race win at the age of nine and the age of fourteen, Stoner won 41 dirt and long track titles and 70 state titles.[3]

    One feat he achieved that illustrates his passion and “need” for racing was at age twelve. Over one weekend he raced in 5 different categories in all 7 rounds of each capacity; a weekend consisting of 35 different races. Not only did he compete in all these categories and different engine capacities, the young Casey Stoner went on to win 32 out of the 35 races. There were five Australian titles to be won that weekend, Stoner won all five.

    The legal age to enter into road races in Australia is 16. At the age of 14 years, Stoner and his parents agreed he was ready to move up onto road racing so they packed up and moved to England – where the legal age for road racing is 14.[3]

    From 2000 to 2002, he contested the national 125cc GP championships in Britain and Spain, winning the English 125cc Aprilia Championship in 2000, before moving fulltime to the 250cc GP World Championships in 2002. ”

    This desire to race is why I think Stoner will return to MotoGp.

    But then again, Stoner might get the corner name because he has the cutest wife! lol

  • smiler

    Actually I was just reading about the other Troy, Corser. They could at least have Troy Corner. Unlike Stoner, Troy Corser won a number of adult titles before world titles.
    AMA Superbike and Aus Superbike titles. 2 WSB titles and nearly 3. Additionally he has been in the top 3 in WSB 7 times. Raced for Ducati Factory and Private), Aprilia, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Petronas, except Honda.
    Can understand Doohan and Gardener corners of course.

    As I say in Top trumps, 2 titles in motogp, with 3 manufactuers competing trumps 3 WSB titles with more than 5 manufacturers competing, for some reason.

    I’m starting a campaign for Troy Corner.

  • Jes

    Great news and deserving… Bayliss also deserves a corner, but he wont get one sadly :'(

  • JW

    @ smiler

    For you to discount Stoner shows you are a casual observer of the sport with a big mouth, haters like you helped him make his decision. “Adult titles” you state, even after David was so kind to set the record straight. Even one GP title is a worthy accomplishment

    Dip – – – t

  • Hisham Noh

    Have you even ride a GP bike before?? Critics will say almost everything once they hate and adore everything once they love it. Unless you ridden a GP bike, then you can say much