Reports are coming out from the Spanish media that Hector Barbera, of the Avintia Blusens MotoGP team, has been arrested for the assault and battery of a woman identified as his girlfriend. The incident took place after the Spanish GP, as Barbera and his girlfriend were staying in Jerez for a few extra days before heading to Le Mans for the French GP. Coming to blows during a heated argument, Barbera’s girlfriend was treated for bruises and contusions, and spent the night in the hospital.

Receiving a lightning-speed trial, both Barbera and his twenty-three-year-old girlfriend were found guilty of assault and battery against each other, with Hector being sentence to six months in jail, and his girlfriend receiving five months of jail time. The sentences can likely be commuted to community service time, according to the Spanish media.

Posted to his Facebook page, a statement from Barbera reads, “Related to the incidents happened today, just clarify that is has just been a simple couple discussion already solved by the Jerez Court and that both parts has accepted. We apologize the way the incidents had occurred, even if the Jerez Courts has solved equally for both parts.”

With just a week until the start of the French GP, it is not clear at this time what Barbera’s sentencing will mean for the Spaniard’s participation at Le Mans. However, we do know that the incident surely isn’t going to help his reputation in the MotoGP paddock, and we can only guess as to the ramifications it could have with his and the team’s sponsors.

Source: GPone, EFE, & Facebook

  • bemer2six

    so there are both going to jail fair! But I still think that HB should know how to control his temper! U just don’t go around beating up Girls.

  • Tifo

    Motocross accident????? That was the excuse for his black eye in Jerez was it not? Did the other half throw the first punch? Ha ha. Seriously though, wtf?!?! What a mess and something to challenge Pedrosa’s boat captain exam fraud charge. What next? Hell…makes a change from tax evasion I guess.

  • Sean

    That’s amazing. If this had happened in the US, he would be doing jail time and she would not even have been charged.

  • JW

    Fellow inmates are going to make him their bitch, very unfortunate..

  • Tcrook21

    Sean is 100% correct.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels


    Not so fast. You clearly don’t have all the facts.

    Sources of no credibility close to this case and speaking in complete anonymity say that Hector’s girlfriend was Lorena Bobbit.

  • Burtonium540

    When you are 5’5/140lbs a fight against a 23YO girl is a fight for survival.

  • Gutterslob

    He’ll be “looking for a tow” of a different kind now, I assume.

  • JoeKing

    He has a roll model…


    Classy guys

    His sentance has already been commuted to “public service”. It seems celebrites(?) in Europe are treated the same as here…OJ..Lohan..Senators/Representitives.. ad nauseum.

  • B.T.

    @Tifo..HILARIOUS!! True ,I don’t think we have all the facts but…I like how they “BOTH” went to jail! Takes two to Tango. Gotta be hard to concentrate handling a MOTOGP BIKE @ SPEED and dealing with a “Nutjob” @home.
    That will take years off your life.
    I hope DORNA listens to his side of the story and treat him fair.

  • Mr.X

    This story reminds me of my girl and me after Daytona one year…hotel security had to pull her off me.

    This is just what MotoGP needs, some better characters! Why aren’t any of these guys in and out of rehab? Oh, yea, we already have a bunch of crappy TV like that. Never mind.

    Now, if only there were some more non-Spaniards in the series getting the best bikes, then they could call it a “WORLD Championship.”

  • Westward



    Or as the Spanish put it, JA JA JA JA….

  • Alonzo

    Hey Sean had it been in the NFL there’d be no penalty at all unless a dog was involved. Des Bryant of the cowboys beat his MOM and didn’t miss a game

  • TexusTim

    wow…comunity service ? I wonder what hector would qulify for ?

  • David

    Lets not forget famous people are no different than the rest of use. Just Humans, nothing more nothing less.

    Humans have evolved very little in the human nature aspect since the days of the Caveman.

  • meatspin

    courts work pretty fast over there. I wonder what sparked the row? Looking at HBs face, it seemed like he got told pretty good.

  • David

    damnit….I read that a few times before posting and still missed the spelling of ….us….corrected from use.

    My spelling and comprehension has not evolved either.

  • Ducati

    I strongly doubt he will have a career left in MotoGP. Honestly will the team continue with this guy? The team’s sponsors are definitely not liking this.

  • Riccardo

    Their jail system isn’t run by private corporations milking the system and finding any reason to jail you on the spot and this wasn’t a Jodi Arias tax payer financed TV show hence the community service change.