After witnessing the World Superbike Championship relegated to the obscurity of the beIN Sports channel for live race coverage (it was good coverage though), American motorcycle race fans can rest easy, as Dorna has finally inked an American TV deal for MotoGP.

Signing a three-year deal with FOX Sports, the 2013 MotoGP Championship will again air on the SPEED Channel, which will then become the FOX Sports 1 channel later in August (the Indianapolis GP will air during the new channel’s premiere week).

The news is a relief for the fans who thought MotoGP would go without television coverage in the United States this year, though that was never really a possibility.

To its credit, it looks like FOX Sports will give more extensive coverage to MotoGP, with the US qualifying rounds and pre-race coverage being broadcasted on TV. Free Practice and on-board footage will be available as well, although they will be sequestered to and SPEED2.

“With an international event line-up that includes three U.S. stops, MotoGP brings an immediate world class motor sports presence to the FOX Sports 1 line-up,” said FOX Sports EVP Programming & Research Bill Wanger. “Having the race from iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway fall on our FS1 launch weekend is a bonus, and one of which we plan to take full advantage.”

“We’re very proud of this new agreement with Fox Sports and we are looking forward to being part of this huge project that is Fox Sports 1,” added Dorna’s Managing Director of the Media Area Manel Arroyo. “Through this agreement, MotoGP will continue to be watched by our extensive American fan base, via the Speed channel until August and from then on, via the new Fox Sports 1 channel.

“Our 15-year partnership is arriving now to a very exciting MotoGP season with three GPs on U.S. soil and the promise of some thrilling action on track, continued Manel. “We will deliver the very highest standard of TV coverage of the Championship, using the latest production technologies, which is what our fans in the U.S. and around the world and also our Global media partners like the Fox Sports Group, deserve.”

Source: MotoGP; Photo: © 2012 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • ircsmith

    This is a good thing!? SPEED sucks! I had cable for one reason. watching motorcycle racing. after putting up with SPEEDS crappy coverage, Greg W. ignorant and annoying comments along with the the attempted transition to a NASCAR like forum I canceled cable. have been cable free for 3 years now! looks like I will be cable free for another 15. They will not be getting my money for such a poor product. I will continue to go to local races to get my racing fix. beIN I may have looked into from all the rave reviews I heard of the coverage but SPEED, no way.

  • Norm G.

    re: “American motorcycle race fans can rest easy, as Dorna has finally inked an American TV deal for MotoGP.”

    or can they…? meanwhile, the legs are out from under both WSBK and their domestic championship.

  • Gritboy

    Good, though I’m still bummed about WSBK because I can’t get beIN. Will have to find a bit torrent version I guess.

  • One Fast Nana

    I have to disagree, WSBK coverage on BeIn is spectacular! I have never seen such in depth coverage of my favorite sport! Speed coverage is horrible as far as in depth coverage. Their announcer comes on and interrupts live feed and can’t keep the riders straight, they don’t show the top three at the end of the race, or keep track of who is in front, so I really am pleased with BeIn ocverage. we’ll see though because you say they are going to have better coverage??? I think American fans with 3 races in the states will need to stand up and be heard when it comes to TV coverage if they want to see more of it!

  • singletrack

    Overall, good news. I don’t mind the HD coverage on Speed. Could it be better? of course, but I don’t want to watch the races on my computer.

    But, Dorna owns MotoGP and WSBK, but only one series gets the TV deal in America ?

    It has to be Fox that only wants one international Motorcycle road racing series on TV.
    Wouldn’t want to confuse people with two series’. All those motorsickles look the same, runnin round with furrin soundin names…. ;)

  • L2C


  • Duke

    That sucks

  • Norm G.

    re: “Good, though I’m still bummed about WSBK because I can’t get beIN.”

    re: “I have to disagree, WSBK coverage on BeIn is spectacular!”

    the 2 comments above has my “irony” detector pegged off scale.

    would also like to point out the reason we even know from names like nicky hayden, colin edwards, and ben spies in grandprix is a direct result of the paths they BLAZED thru AMA and WSBK. that feeder link is all but severed now.

  • @gritboy … search youtube user the666Sicco ;o)

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    ircsmith, me thinks you are mistaken its Greg K
    Not W, Greg W is a great voice for the motorcycling

  • JulietNatoWhiskey

    SPEED’s coverage of MotoGP suxxx da BIGG BONE!! This is terrible news. beIN’s coverage of WSBK is so much better than SPEED’s ever was. Looks like I’m renewing my MotoGP subscription for 2013. Nick Harris and Gavin Emmett here we go again!

  • TexusTim

    I allways renew my motogp subscription… I dont count on american tv for coverage anymore. us should just ink a deal with moto gp to air its coverage live for the entire event and stop trying to come up with anouncers that:
    1 dont know the tracks
    2- dont know the riders
    3- dont ride or ever care too

  • Tcrook21

    This is horrible news. SPEED SUCKS, unless you like NASCAR. Bein Sports channel was spectacular with their coverage of World Superbike, FULL LIVE COVERAGE and NO COMMERCIALS. I was so hoping that BEIN (Directv 620) would also pick up MotoGP. Oh no, we going to have to listen to that Georgia hick who does not speak English. He’s better suited for hand fishing shows.

  • kevin

    Look for Speed to make some big deal about the rusted grandstands, crap Indy track as a result of their friends at the Indy while COTA gets second rate coverage and Laguna who knows.

    BeIN, is a special package upcharge to cable that I won’t pay and no AMA coverage has to make you wonder why
    any of the MFG’s are putting money into a regional 8 race series. Looks like the nose in the air DMG rednecks are as good at managing and developing a brand (ama) as they are at acknowledging that the confederate army lost.

    Anyone who like’s racing should go to Ireland and see the real deal on the roads. Hell, they have more races by June in Ireland than the entire AMA season.

    Someone needs to wake up and stop looking to old models at Dorna. They even act like media working for online providers, with more viewers than the magazines, are somehow second class and expect us to pay to cover the event.

    Speak with your wallet if you don’t like paying to get speed on cable and go to the online coverage option. At least you’d be letting Fox, Dorna and those outdated old dogs still in charge it’s time to move on.

  • Choco

    Fox er, Speed, is fixated on roundy-round Nascar. They saturate the air with good ‘ole boy-turn-left racing and twangy announcers and then put on idiotic time wasting shows that have nothing to do with racing. Where’s the motorcycle racing? Where’s the snowmobile racing. I will have to find that BeIn channel, does anyone know if it’s on Direct TV?

  • Westward

    Are You Fu-Kidding Me!

  • 2013 will be my third season of subscribing to the MotoGP live feed. There is simply no way Speed can compete with 100% coverage of the practice, qualifying, and full race for all three classes. I added a Logitech Revue box three years ago and pipe the coverage right to my big screen TV. ALL the racing, real commentators, minimal cheesy graphics, and NO commercials. Can’t be beat.

  • Anvil

    Just an FYI about the WSB coverage, guys. BeIn streams the races live on its website. So if you can watch the races live, you don’t have to be a subscriber. No way to record them right now, unfortunately.

    And as someone also mentioned, there is a YouTube option as well, although we’ll see how long that lasts.