Moto Morini’s bankruptcy has been going painfully slow, but it’s all about to come to a head, as the Italian company will be put up on the auction block April 13th. The Super-Saver Moto Morini package includes all the appropriate intellectual property, assets, and equipment (sans motorcycles, which are being sold separately) for the cool sum of €5.5 million. Should no one want the whole kit ‘n kaboodle, a cheaper price of €2.6 million will be set for the production complex with two years use included. These prices are of course the auction’s guide prices.

“The base price includes the auction for the lot of property is € 5,500,000.00,” said Moto Morini’s Bankruptcy Administrator Piero Aicardi. “In the event that is not received valid tenders for the whole company including the property, bids will be accepted for the lot consists of the only private company of the apartment complex, in which case the base bid price was set at € 2,600 .000,00 and this price includes two years of right of use of the property on loan.”

Moto Morini has been selling its stock of new and used bikes separately, even opening temporarily to assembly some bikes that were still in parts, and word is those sales have gone surprisingly well. Moto Morini first entered into trouble in December 2009, when the company first halted production. The process has been temultuous for Moto Morini, which seemed to be on the verge of being saved by Paulo Berlusconi and his Garellli corporation. That deal however got the kibosh from the labor unions, and Berlusconi walked away from the table at the final hour.


  • RGR

    Too bad Hardley doesn’t own them. I could then buy the company for the cool sum of $1.00.

  • Whoa, €1 — let’s not rob HD of its ¢37

  • The Texas Wet Wind

    A crying shame to see the demise of this company once again. It was wonderful to see them producing some beautiful machines over the past couple of years. Why can’t every resident of Italy chip in €1 for say 1 share in the company to keep one of their own afloat? Would it be a different story if it was Ducati on the brink?

  • RSVDan

    Anyone wanna go halfsies??

  • Mike J

    Tempting, but I’m saving my money for Norton.

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  • mark

    I just wish I could get one of those Moto Morini Scramblers. Gorgeous bike…

  • BikePilot

    The IP might be worth something, but given the stator of the labor force in the vicinity of the factory the physical establishment is probably of little to no value. Its a shame as they have some really cool bikes. Magically move the factory to a place with a free and skilled workforce and it’d be worth quite a lot.

  • Tom

    This seems like something that the Chinese will buy, but its an idea for a creative and visionary entrepreneur who wants his own motorcycle company. It could stay in Italy or perhaps move to a place in Africa or Thailand for cheaper costs.