Mission Motorcycles: The Mission R Lives??!

05/07/2013 @ 4:20 pm, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS


Mission Motors tweeted out something interesting just a moment ago, a link to a new website for Mission Motorcycles. Teasing there a photo of the Mission R, it would seem that the electric superbike that does competitive AMA Supersport lap times at Laguna Seca, is finally set to come to production.

The stars have been aligning these past few months for such an occasion, with rumors that an old Mission Motors investor was back in the mix, and looking to bring the Mission R to production. You may recall that Mission Motors made a course correction away from the two-wheeled world, focusing instead on supplying the automotive world with electric-drive components.

That change of course saw the departure of two Mission Motors founders, and the heartbreak of two-wheeled enthusiasts, petrol and electric alike, who wished to see the Mission R come to market. With layoffs reported at the San Franciscan startup just six months ago, it would seem more changes are afoot for the EV company, but we think you will like the sound of this.

It seems we won’t know everything about the new Mission Motorcycles project until June 3rd, though we can speculate pretty accurately on what the A&R Bothan spy network has been telling us. Expect to see the Mission R electric superbike in street legal trim, honed even further than when we rode the machine back in August last year.

In addition to the Mission R, expect to see other models in the company’s line-up, as well as additional trim levels for would-be owners. Yeah, that got our attention too, and should make Mission Motorcycles more palatable to dealers looking for a little EV on their showroom floors.

From the look of things, our assumption is that Mission Motorcycles will be a separate entity from Mission Motors, with the latter continuing its EV powertrain gig, while the prior focuses on the two-wheeled world. One can imagine that there will be a close-knit relationship however, with R&D going back and forth between the two groups. This is all speculation though.

What we do know from talking to Mission Motorcycles’s President Mark Seeger is that Mission intends to bring something never-yet seen before to the two-wheeled space, electric or otherwise. We expect that to mean something on the software-side of things, one of Mission Motors’s core competencies, but we will have to wait and see to be certain.

Start shaking out your pocketbooks now folks. More information as we get it.

Photos of the Mission R Electric Superbike:

Source: Mission Motorcycles; Photos: © 2012 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Dicey

    Hopefully there is a race program to go along with his announcement.

  • C’mon you guys. I don’t want to nit-pick, but it’s ‘close-knit’. That’s, uh, lousy grammar.

  • It’s something, that’s for sure.

  • The James Parker latest front-end has been seen before but never in production, so could a FFE be in the works, too?

    It seems logical for heavy electric bikes to want to cut weight such as the 22 pounds that Parker cut out of the stock GSX-R when he modified it to accept his RADD front-end.

    22 POUNDS

    Either way, this is very good news since Mission has the performance & style to change the E-bike scene for the better. A lot is riding on style not only for Mission but the entire ebike scene considering where they are in the marketplace and how long it’s taken to get there.

  • ML

    I just bought a 1199 S. I think I already have buyers remorse. =(

  • Ken C.

    The only decision I have to make is which kidney to sell.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    E motorcycles in general seem like the wrong answer. Is there not a logical step being being missed? Is there less merit in developing great gasoline powered sportbikes that can get 75, 100mpg? Shouldn’t that step be explored first?

    Why not start with development a remarkable and fuel efficient motorcycle? (I’m looking at you Aprilia RSV4). I would find that more exciting.

    Wouldn’t there be way more utility and benefit to the environment if somebody were working on a sportbike that could get 100 mpg? Shouldn’t that be the way forward?

    Because I just don’t follow the logic. Sportbikes getting around 25-30mpg is bad…solution? go electric. huh?

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    E Bikes are a great idea though, don’t get me wrong.

  • Damo


    I usually don’t, but I am in 100% agreement with you.

  • The early-adopters might be in it for the fuel-savings and the green-cred, and I agree that when my Ducati Streetfighter gets over 40 mpg on a regular basis, I’m not looking for improvement on fuel, costs, etc.

    I am always on the lookout for a better performing bike, or a motorcycle that is “more fun” to ride than my last. You’ll have to take my word for it, as I’m one of the few people in this world who have ridden bikes like the Mission R and the MotoCzysz E1pc, but once you ride a proper e-bike, you really won’t want to ride another petrol-machine.

    With gas bikes we always talk about throttle response, power delivery, flat torque curves, chassis feedback…e-bikes by their very definition are superior to gas bikes in this regard. Riding even the Zeros and Brammos, you can get a taste of what I’m talking about.

    It’s not about going green, it’s about going faster.


    why would you want one? electric get a life!

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    Any of the people in this thread that aren’t excited about this must have never been for a ride or driven a Tesla Model S. If you had experienced the gut wrenching force with which electric drivetrains can accelerate, your erection would be ripping your jeans just like mine is at the mere though of this bike being available on the street!

  • meatspin

    i’d like to get an electric bike someday. I just have such a long history with ICEs that its a bit of a hard sell.

    What I think it is, is that I am simply in love with the smell of gasoline.

    I probably have cancer.

  • Damo

    When a company comes out with an electric bike that weighs about as much as a 2005 era liter bike, has a 150 miles range, has a sub 12 second 1/4 mile, a less than two hour recharge and costs less than $15,ooo USD, I WILL BUY IT IN A SECOND.

    I would love to ride a proper E-bike, but there aren’t even any dealers or demo rides I can find in the Northeast.

  • Westward

    Why do one at the exclusion of the other?

    I’m sure there is a company out there attempting to boost the fuel efficiency of motorcycle engine. But that is not what Mission does. They do electric and that should be where their attention is focused. Let some other company deal with fuel efficient petro engines…

    I have been looking seriously into a Zero Motorcycle. It seems perfect for me as a city commuter. Just trying to justify it vs. another Ducati, or a MV Agusta F3.

    I definitely want an electric motorbike. Just don’t believe they should cost $15k, more like less than $10K. Unfortunately, I feel the prices were factored by including the governmental incentives…

  • protomech

    @Chaz Bike fuel economy can certainly be improved, to a point. Bike engines are typically optimized for power to weight ratios; when you accept a slightly less powerful engine like the NC700’s, then you can get very good fuel economy (~65 mpg) even on a somewhat larger bike.

    There are some innovative non-piston engine types that *claim* increased fuel economy. Otto-cycle piston engines are dominant in the marketplace because they work well and they’re well understood, but I’d certainly like to see new engine types trialed.

    Focusing on aerodynamics could get us to 100+ mpg in a relatively comfortable bike. May be coupled with a lower feet-first riding position. Competitors in Craig Vetter’s fuel economy challenge use aerodynamic fairings that can give 140+ mpg in real world highway riding. Monotrace makes an aerodynamic full-cabin bike that is extremely slick (and extremely expensive), but at that point you’re basically riding in a two wheeled car.

  • protomech


    Zero has a number of dealers in the northeast along the coast. May or may not be one close to you.

    Couple in MD, southern PA, NYC, southern ME.

  • Dr. Gellar

    I share the same thoughts as Dicey and Drive The Wheels Off… I hope at some point soon there will be a race program from Mission Motorcycles if they do indeed begin to produce motorcycles, and that such a racer might utilize a RADD front suspension system (especially if James Parker continues to be involved with Mission). I feel electric GP bikes provide a great potential platform for experimenting with different front suspensions (as MotoCzysz has been doing), and as DTWO points out with the RADD front suspension….a 22lbs weight savings is huge.

  • George

    Have you seen their latest website update?? That user interface dash looks… amazing!!! Finally, for motorcycles!! :D Woohoo!!!


  • The dash interface was great when I saw it, though hard to read in the daylight (Samsung Tablet was being used), and not too functional.


    Looks like it’s gotten an update. Wonder what they’re using for the display though. It didn’t seem OLED was going to be the way forward when I last talked to Mission.

  • TLZoner

    So when will the racing team start up again?