With MotoGP riders at Valencia debuting their own personal tributes to Marco Simoncelli today, back in Italy an entirely different tribute has been undertaken, as the Misano Circuit is set to change its name to honor the fallen Italian motorcycle racer. While not one of Simoncelli’s favorite tracks, Misano was the Italian racer’s home venue, and hence forth it will be renamed from the Misano World Circuit to the Marco Simoncelli World Circuit in honor of the fallen rider.

The announcement comes after a unaimous decision by the Council of Santamonica Spa, who have stressed that Simoncelli’s name will not be used for marketing or branding purposes commercially when in regards to the Misano Circuit. “We owe it to the memory of Sic,” said Circuit President Luca Colaiacov, “his family, the hundreds of thousands of fans who admired his courage and humanity, and the many sport and media personalities that gave voice to this spontaneous popular movement.”

Source: MotoGP; Photo: Honda

  • AK

    Good news

  • Vinod Anand S

    Moving news. 10 days has past since he died, still can’t believe he died. Still can’t digest the fact that I can’t see his aggressive riding style.

  • Other Sean

    I can only imagine what would have happened if, for the sake of argument, it had been Rossi who’d passed. They might have renamed the whole country.

  • John

    I am glad they decided to do this.

    It would have be cool if it was named Simoncelli International Circuit (S.I.C.)

  • Nobody

    +1 Simoncelli International Circuit (S.I.C.)

    I do think renaming the track is a bit maudlin, though.

  • Neil

    Yes “Simoncelli International Circuit” it should be, let’s lobby for a rethink on the name to the circuit owners.

  • Alexontwowheels

    +1 S.I.C. is brilliant!
    very cool that they’re doing this!

  • 76

    SIC is just what everyone including the press needs to call it though, glad to see it happen

  • Random factoid: Sepang International Circuit.

  • Jake Fox

    @Jensen Good point but since we’re already in the spirit of renaming tracks, what’s one more? Malaysian International Circuit it is then!

  • 76

    +1 Jake Fox