Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact Tires: Now with Pi Sign

01/26/2010 @ 12:37 pm, by Jensen Beeler32 COMMENTS

All new for 2010, the Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact tire is set to redefine the motorcycle industry with its proprietary Chicken Strip Assessment Technology. Do your buddies brag about how far over they can lean their bike? How they’re the next Golden God of Canyon Carving? With Metzler’s Chicken Strip Assessment Technology system, there’s little doubt about how much you’re compensating for something else; and now you can rate your manhood on a scale from 1 to 5. Now go chase that crazy elephant! Chase him!

We here at Asphalt & Rubber always appreciated it when companies send us press releases, keeping us abreast of their business’s most recent news and products. However we have a hard time understanding the press releases from tire companies: pages of hyperbole about how a tire has different weaves, treads, and compounds mean nothing if you can’t experience it ripping against the asphalt.

Dear Metzler, next time you send us a press release, please include a pair of rubber doughnuts as well.

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  • Ray

    So I’m thinking this will shut some of my friends up for sure!

  • Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact Tires: Now with Pi Sign

  • CBR600RR 09

    Not to be a big neg head on such a cool idea but…Isn’t this encouraging people to lean over further in corners simply to show off?

    Wouldn’t this say…increase accidents/injuries/fatalities on those that are less skilled/showing-off/being pushed for a mark on there tyres?

    That said, cool idea :P

  • Of course, if would have to be the Germans to incorporate a scale on the tires for the squids to refer to. As we all know, experienced riders typically get the strips down to mere fractions of an inch from the edge of the profile. Having said that, it’s a confidence booster courtesy of Metzeler. How’s that? Look at the pix and tell me that you know any rider NOT capable of hitting the 5 on the strips. Even at a “Full 5” lean, You’re still not touching the Elephant. When u can wear off the speeding Elephant, THEN yer really GETTIN IT. And, in case anyone wants to see a Metzeler carcass with the Elephant worn off from normal street use, let me know. I’ll be glad to email u a set of pix of my latest set of Sportec M1’s… Ride it like ya stole it and keep the breeze between yer knees.

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  • 4stroke

    They should have replaced the top figure by one that has a skirt, haha. Great on Metzeler though.

  • Don

    If this article had been released on April 1st, I would have believed it was a joke. As it is, I’m not sure how to take this. I’m with CBR on this one. I think it’s going encourage riders to push past their limits, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. The last thing I want to see is even MORE squidly and irresponsible behavior on the street. On the street, I just wouldn’t allow myself to be pushed much past 4.5 or 5 on the above depicted lean scale. It’s just not safe.

    Track days would be another story. That would be a cool tire to market directly to the track day crowd as a “measuring stick” on how well you are progressing. What kind of compound does the M5 have? I’m assuming it’s a sport tire and not a touring compound…

  • Matthew

    Nothing a belt sander can’t take care of. :D

  • Patron

    Chicken strips are like herpes. You either have them or you don’t. The severity doesn’t matter. I don’t look down on people who have ’em, but I like the fact that I have none.

  • Manhood rate meter aka Metzler’s Chicken Strip Assessment Technology system!

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact Tires: Now with Pi Sign

  • Dawg

    If you can’t make number 5 you need training, or some serious suspension tuning.

  • This is hilarious – Metzeler's new sportbike tires have Chicken Strip Assessment Technology. Chase that Elephant! Lol.

  • How good of a rider are you really when this is the way you rate your skill? When the turns come you see who can keep up and who can’t. At 38 I’m not so sure its talent or balls anyway and I know mine don’t seem as big as they once were!

  • Patrick

    well the numbers a cool for average street riders but im hoping for mor performance and longevity out of these tires because i currently use metzler m3’s and i chang the rear every 2k and front every 4k.. plus the assesment is good for people that cant reallly lean and are just trying to show off because i rubbed the elephants off my m3 and rolled over the edges after about 200 miles on it..

  • the one

    Who needs this, give me my Battle Axe BT0-16 and I’ll blister it enough to scrape off the leftover rubber.

  • Flyin’ Low

    Chicken strips=lean angle. Proper body position=less lean angle=more chicken strips. I can scrub my strips in an empty parking lot at 35mph with the proper body position (leaning to the OUTSIDE of the turn, the technique for tight U-turns on the street). The measure of a rider should be how fast/smooth (s)he is through the twisties, not chicken strips. If you use up all of your tires on the street (utilizing proper riding technique and body position) you are pushing too hard. Take it to the track before you hurt yourself and/or someone else.

  • patrick

    I go to the track and it is true that you lean differently on the track but that because you have to to get around that turn as fast as possible I have no need to go that fast on the street and I rather not hang my body off the side of my bike in the street because the roads suck and in not wearing race leathers and wrecking sucks I ride hard on the street but the track is a whole other world where you can get rid of you chicken strips in the front tire on a good day

  • ‘Tim

    By far between bridgestone,Michelin and Metelzers…..metelzers suck ball sack…Used M3’s on the track and never again…oh yeah btw good PR for squids to show off how far the lean on their tires….

  • Not sure what's worse here: pretentious chicken strip meter, or faux carbon fiber sidewalls?

  • Randall J

    Well funny thing about those chicken strips… I can leave mine on and out ride guys that have ground them off riding.. A lot to be said about “technique” and getting your fat butt off the seat…

    My track tires are for certain off the scale but I refuse to push that hard on the street.. More squid food IMHO…

  • Moto tires with "chicken strip" indicators:

  • Chuck

    The lawyers will love it.

    Especially the ones in state legislature who can get a few votes back home by proposing to outlaw motorcycles because the cost to society from death and injury have gone up.

    I even think it is sad that the dead and dying will be squids…such a waste since getting on a track is so easy for anyone with common sense.

  • FSM

    They need to replace the elephant with a pair of testicles.

  • Patozas

    The elephant represents that you have balls like an elephant!!! Yamaha kai den eimai kala.

  • Chicken strip assessment technology? when in doubt add moar numbers

  • Dr Trustme

    Just ride with low pressure in the tyres for a while. That will certainly mark the tyres nicely. : )

  • My penis is huge, and I can piss really far. This tire meter will prove it to everyone who doesnt beleive me. But seriously this is funny stuff.

  • 次のMetzeler Sportec M5のマーカーがとても面白いw いいねこういうの。

  • Kirk Osgood

    i hope the compound is good because the marketing is lousy. What a lot of bullsh#t!