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  • spytech

    This shocked me and at the same time scared me a bit, as i have ridden a 1098 and 1198 with machesini mag wheels. if that happened on the street, it would worse than in a controlled environment like the track.

  • smoke4ndmears

    were they mag or carbon fiber?

  • Poljachina77

    The commentators on Eurosport said that in most cases these wheels are replaced at least once in a season or after a crash in the top teams.
    But the budget aka. privater teams sometimes don’t change them even after two seasons and that’s why this might have happened.
    Doubt it that it would happen in our real world riding situations on the street.

  • vonich

    Talking about riding the wheel OFF the ducati bike. Who ever put this wheels on should be fired or block flag! LMAO…

  • Josh

    DOH! I hate when that happens.

  • Andrew

    EPIC FAIL!!!!! Marchesini?

  • Keith

    Vonich, considering the fail was where the rim meets the spokes…feaces occurs. Though riding on a budget magnafluxing is cheaper than new rims.

  • 76

    I think this team needs some money, they could not even start the bike on the grid first, then a wheel comes off during a race? Wheels dont come off in races, or at least shouldnt. I want to know what failed in the wheel situation really.

  • Daniel Croft

    You’re doing it wrong.

  • For those wondering, the wheel is a forged magnesium wheel from Marchesini.

  • Shaitan


  • ohio

    This source (http://www.ducatinewstoday.com/2011/03/picked-a-fine-time-to-leave-me-loose-wheel/) says it was a relatively new OZ wheel, not a two season old Marchesini.

  • Hmm…this source lists Marchesini as the wheel supplier: http://www.supersonicracingteam.com/ita/moto.jsp

  • I am curious why some people believe this wheel would be used on a production SBK. These race wheels aren’t even DOT and are for race only.

    consider the likely stress on such a wheel and that only a post mortem exam will tell if this was due to manufacturing defect, overuse, or Act of God.

    Patience. Time will tell.

  • Greg
  • 76

    The wheel in question is deff a OZ, not, I say not a Marchesini, and wow did that one fail, big time. Talk about not buying those anyone?

  • The next image on the team’s site after the wheel failing is of the wheel itself. Most definitely an OZ.

  • It is definitely an Oz rim from the photos Supersonic have on their site. Don’t know why they say it is a Marchesini. The team says it was only used for a few races.

  • Here is an actual photo of the failed wheel hub remnants.


  • PD

    Definitely an OZ Racing (which doesn’t imply that ALL OZ wheels are bad — OZ is one of the top wheel makers in the world, supplying the most prestigious series, including F1. I have no affiliation with OZ) wheel.

    Good pic on GP One:


  • I stand corrected.

  • The story that I have is that supersonic had been using that wheel for at least 3 seasons now… If that’s true, the fault lies on them as the wheel would definitely be overstressed.

  • spytech


    I could be wrong, but OZ has not been making that wheel for 3 seasons.

  • @spytech

    Certainly not for commercial sale, but as with a lot of race-only equipment some are not widely available.

    However, I want to stress that what I heard was a rumor so far. A well placed rumor, but a rumor nevertheless.

  • Jake Fox

    “Picked a fine time to leave me loose-wheel” LOL! Classic.

  • Isaac Chavira

    Somebody’s looking for a new job as something other than a mechanic.

  • 76

    That wheel has not been in use for 3 seasons, simply impossible it has only been around for less than a year

  • Trent

    My cousin pointed out something that may be obvious to everyone else who viewed the pic of the fractured wheel–after the outside of the rim left, the inside of the rim would have become a literal saw blade. The rider is very none of his soft parts got near the rear of the swing arm!

  • Odie

    @Jake Fox.
    Whew….that was too funny.