Slap! And that’s what happened when Max Biaggi stopped by Marco Melandri’s pit box after qualifying, after the two riders traded moments stuffing each other during the Superpole sessions. While out on his fastest lap in Superpole 2, Marco Melandri came onto the slower lapping Max Biaggi, and according to Melandri, Biaggi blocked his fellow Italians fast lap.

Subsequently, Melandri returned the favor on Biaggi’s fast lap attempt, while Biaggi would go on to do the same to Noriyuki Haga (and others reportedly) as well. After Superpole concluded however, it was Melandri that got The Emperor’s wroth in the paddock, as the reigning World Superbike Champion stopped by the Yamaha pit, and gave Melandri a couple of light slaps on the face during a worded exchange. Video after the jump.

For their heated “discussion” both Melandri and Biaggi have been given a verbal warning from the WSBK race direction, with Biaggi also getting slapped (pardon the pun) with a €3,000 fine for his part with the unsportsmanlike conduct. This episode in the life tales of the Drama Llama of course overshadows Carlos Checa’s performance in the Superole qualifying event, as the Spanish rider is continuing to dominate the WSBK field on his “non-factory” Ducati.


  • Jake Fox

    Biaggi is an asshat and has never been able to keep his cool. That’s why Rossi used to have so much fun messing with him.

  • Minibull

    Hah, Biaggi says he has grown up and is not the person he used to be…sure…

  • Mattblack

    What a drama queen. I think Marco showed great restraint durring the exchange, I’d have slapped him back.

  • Oh, Danica, simmer down.

    Actually it’s great to see how much passion there is to win that makes people lose it sometimes.

  • lord_tizzle

    sorry there are things you don’t do. I can back down from a lot of things. but a slap to the face. No force on earth, would have been able to restrain me. I would rather be punch, or knocked out completely. but a slap, nope, no way.

  • DuxBros

    Unacceptable behavior for anyone, much less a World Champion. Lookout Emperor, karma is going to bite your self-absorbed ass.

  • VMX1000

    Marco Melandri is a true champion, both on the track and off the track.
    Biaggi should be banned from the sport, behaviour like that has absolutely no place in motorsports, shameful, absolutely shameful.

  • CFC

    I want to like him (Biaggi) but I just can’t. Just such a co@$. I bet Aprilia is wincing…

  • super sic

    Truly remarkable restraint by Melandri. He really took it to Max and the rest of the field on the track.

  • Haha, Biaggi always makes me laugh, sure hes an absolute sod… But fair play to Melandri.

  • irksome

    And in return, Biaggi gets spanked in the race.

    What a jackhole.

  • spytech

    Biaggi is the roman punk and i wish that he would never ever win another race.

  • wood2610

    Biaggi is a punk! He started this kind of crap back with Rossi when he wasn’t good enough to race MotoGP. Biaggi is the biggest sore loser in the entire sport and I think it is time for him to just go away so that we can enjoy the races without the constant Drama Llama!

  • taco-king

    He’s French, that’s how French people argue…
    Actually I have no idea… I made the whole thing up.

  • supermustard

    Back to his old self. But, that’s okay… Carlos will beat the both of ’em.

  • Joe Mama

    I have and never will be a fan of Biatchi. He won’t keep that #1 plate this year nor will he win it again. He bullied Marco because he knew he could get away with it. Had he tried that on let’s say ………Laverty,Haga,Checa or Haslam then fists would have been flying. Melandri I hope will win the title if not Checa. Biagga you are and will always be a FIGA!!!

  • Fernando

    What a class act Marco is, didnt even bothered returning the favor!!! Go Marco!!

  • Anonymous

    He is lucky Marco is such a sweet guy. Some of the guys I race would have torn him apart right in the paddock.

  • Halfie30

    Marco didn’t strike back for a few reasons I think. m\Mainly because he knows he’s under Biaggi’s skin. Second because in Italy it’s not a big deal in their culture (the light slaps), and third because Marco knows he will walk all over him on the track. Look at the way Marco looks at the camera and then smiles like: “Don’t make it a big deal, This is me and Max and how we deal”…. LOL!