It’s been a tough season so far for Max Biaggi. The reigning World Superbike Champion has had a decent start to the 2011 season, and currently sits second in the point standings after three race weekends, but his progress has been nothing like the blitzkrieg campaign he accomplished last year. Facing a non-factory Ducati that seemingly rides like a factory bike, Biaggi is 43 points behind Carlos Checa, while the devilishly quick WSBK rookie and former MotoGP contender Marco Melandri is only four points behind his fellow Italian.

Likely feeling the pressure to bring honor to the #1 plate, we’ve already seen Biaggi revert back to some of his old antics of the past. With the “slap” incident from Donington Park still fresh in peoples’ minds, more accusations come from riders that the Roman Emperor has been blocking and in the way during the Superpole qualifying event, and this time those accusations come from inside the Aprilia garage.

Caught on video complaining about getting blocked during qualifying, Leon Camier signaled to the other side of the Alitalia Aprilia pit box when asked who was in his way. “Him!” yelled Camier, pointing to Biaggi, and clearly frustrated. It’s hard to draw conclusions without seeing the incident, but at the very least it would seem Biaggi’s Christmas Card list will be a bit shorter this year than last.

Source: Two Wheels Blog

  • Cpt.Slow

    Haha, yes this.

    Jim had pointed this out!

  • On Eurosport before the first WSBK race on Sunday there was an interview with Haslam. He was talking about qualifying and mentioned that Max got in his way when he’d put one of his super-stickys on the rear.

    Biaggi isn’t exactly endearing himself to anyone this season, is he?!

  • Hank


  • spytech

    I hope he doesn’t win another race ever again. i do not know how he can still have fans. i hope he gets stuffed some more like checa did to him on the 2nd race; that will frustrate him and cause him to snap and retire.

  • V4

    Biaggi is super cool, if you don’t like it pass him. Simple ;)
    This US type, always whining about everything “journalism” is what we really don’t need in motorcycle industry. Stop it please. It’s not a first time here. Don’t spoil and devalue great publication please. We don’t do and need this type of “journalism” on motorcycle industry. If you have some proper information publish it, if not don’t make it up! We have best ever very healthy season in SBK – value it.
    Keep up the good work!

  • CBRespect

    If you don’t like it, pass him? We’re not talking about a race, we are talking about him intentionally screwing over people in qualifying by covering his lines. What needs to stop in WSBK isn’t whining, it’s having a champion who runs around slapping people, riding dirty and refusing to pit when told to by track officials. He brings this on himself.

  • Cpt.Slow

    ^ +1

  • Cpt.Slow

    His (Max) own team-mate points at his qualifying tactics… I guess he and other WSBK contenders are just making things up.