Marco Simoncelli 1987 – 2011

10/23/2011 @ 2:48 am, by Jensen Beeler45 COMMENTS

Marco Simoncelli has tragically died today, after crashing in a horrific accident during the second lap of the Malaysian GP. Trading corners with Rizla Suzuki rider Álvaro Bautista and battling for fourth place, Simoncelli began the race in Sepang with his usual full-of-heart riding style. Certainly a podium contender for the day, the Italian lost control of his motorcycle in Turn 11 after losing the front. Propping the bike on his knee in order to save the slide, Simoncelli heroically but unfortunately stayed upright, cut back across the track, and collided with fellow racers Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi.

While Rossi rode away unhurt, and Edwards injured only his shoulder, Simoncelli suffered the brunt of the impact, and lay helmetless on the track after the incident. Despite the best efforts of the medical staff at Sepang, Simoncelli could not be resuscitated and succumb to his injuries at 4:56pm local time. Accordingly the Malaysian GP has been cancelled. Asphalt & Rubber joins the MotoGP paddock in mourning the loss of one the most beloved riders in series, and send our thoughts and prayers to Marco’s family, friends, team, and loved ones.

Ciao Marco, SuperSic forever.

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  • Kickstand

    Lost for words…
    Such a terrible loss to the sport
    RIP Marco
    You will be missed

  • luke

    RIP supersic. you were truly an up and coming extra exciting rider, yet to realize your full potential. You will be sorely missed. MotoGP is that much poorer for having lost you.

  • GeddyT


  • Jason

    Still feeling sick about it. Can’t get the crash out of my head. He was definitely a rising star put out before his time. MotoGP won’t be the same without your bravery, Marco… RIP

  • Johnny

    I was there when they announced Marco was transported by helicopter, you would all know the feeling, it was terrible…

  • orgzp

    ….loss of words. rip marco

  • Neel46

    its really painful n hard to believe..
    You will be missed Marco “the super sic”…

  • Doug

    Godspeed Sic- Motogp is less without you. Truly saddening

  • Beary

    Just a terrible tragedy.

    Thank you Marco for injecting flair and colour into the MotoGP world with your talent and charisma. You will be hugely missed in the paddock.

    Heartfelt sympathy to Marco’s family and friends on this terribly sad day.

  • ML

    Farewell, Marco… Thank you for the memories. =(

  • Afletra

    I still can’t believe it…
    I just hoping this is not true, R.I.P Sic…
    You’re such a great man!

  • Sad day. I feel terrible about the loss and send my condolences to the family and friends of Marco. You will be missed. RIP #58 Marco Simoncelli

  • John D’Orazio

    Marco was already becoming a force in GP. Watching him compete was a thrill. His loss changes the face of the sport. Godspeed Marco, R.I.P.

  • Aurell

    i love you Marco… you are the best… =(
    sooner or later, all would be die… au revoir…

  • Robin Day

    RIP Marco – but why did your helmet come off ?? That must be investigated !!

  • Shaitan

    Ciao Marco. You’ll be greatly missed… great talent to die so young.

  • AC

    R.IP. Marco.

    Not only a fantastic and brave rider, but seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Met him at the Laguna paddock once and despite his rising star status and all that he had achieved, he managed to stay friendly with his fans and carried a niceness that some of the others guys don’t have.

  • phil

    Tears I shed for the loss of this fine young man and dedicated rider will not wash away the sadness of your demise.
    This unimagined fate undeserved; your personality, competitiveness and highly regarded congeniality, truth of deed and spirit will be remembered and sadly missed.

    I am sorry for you, sad for your family and friends.

    My solidarity and heartfelt support for Vali, for Colin, and the entire fraternity.
    Vale Super Sic, Thankyou Marco for the time shared with us.

  • Dr. Gellar

    Horrible…absolutely horrible. This sickens me… RIP Marco…and godspeed. Your passing will be felt in MotoGP for years to come…

  • MikeD

    24 years old(still a fricking KID). Decent rider. He was getting better & better lately.

    BAM! In the blink of an eye we have lost him…just like the late Shoya Tomizawa.

    It saddens me greatly seeing these young guns drop lke flies.

    Motorcycles & it’s Racing are one Rude-Crude-Cold Hearted-Reality Checking Mistress. Gonna TRY to keep that in mind all the time.

    R.I.P Lad…(-_- )

    May u come back in another life to continue doing your thing…

  • Westward

    Godspeed Marco, Always a Champion…

  • Cfour

    My hero is no more. We will never forget him. Simoncelli for ever in my memories. My condolances too the family and friends. :(

  • Theresa (NZ)

    R.I.P Marco. Such a terrible thing to see, my prayers go out to your family and friends.

  • Just back from a 6hr ride back home from Sepang. The longest ride home yet as i was really shaken by what happened…

    Sat at the 1st corner grandstand, just saw it happen on the wide-screen. We really don’t know whats happening as there is no PA broadcast from the organisers regarding the situation. Finally got the news from 3g internet.

    Its horrible to see a young upcoming star pass away in front of your own eyes…

    Godspeed Marco. We will sorely miss you…

  • PD

    Went to my Firefox bookmark for the MotoGP site this morning to find out the race results. With slow DSL, the tab heading shows the page title before the page loads. The tab heading had “ Simonc…,” so I was thinking, “Huh, the kid finally won his first race (in MotoGP).” Then the page loaded and I couldn’t really believe it. Another racer, with SO MUCH LIFE (like Tomizawa). This is hard.

    My deepest condolences to Sic’s family, friends, loved ones. I am very sad – as I was when Shoya lost his life – to see so much life, such verve, ended so prematurely.

    I didn’t know you personally, Marco, and obviously you didn’t know me, but I will miss you. You are a major loss.

  • Damo

    This is just beyond terrible news. RIP

  • Alex

    It’s so sad to see Super Sic die so early in his Moto GP career, he was a very contorversial rider, with a lot of crashes to his name this year, one of which put Pedrosa out of the championship running, he’s been called untalented and dangerous…

    And that’s exactly why I loved to see him race, he was fearless and fast, undoubtedly he had a very bright future in front of him, last weekend in Australia, he had an amazing race that saw him get his best result in his career, that’s when I saw him for the brilliant driver he was, he was getting near his own perfection in terms of riding and I’m sad to see him go when I was sure next year he would have had a Casey Stoner-matching year…

  • fazer6

    Rest in peace

  • Jake Fox

    @Robin Day I’ve watched the crash in slow motion countless times now trying to wrap my head around what happened and I can tell you that there’s no way his helmet could have stayed on. There was no equipment failure here, no one to blame, just a terrible freak accident. That Rossi was involved in it just makes it all that more devastating.

  • Philip

    I don’t have words that express the way I feel right now. Rest in Peace my brother, my hero, my champion, my Super Sic.

  • duxbros

    Geez. Steve Jobs, Dan Wheldon, now Marco. The brightest and the best! Enough already!!! Godspeed SuperSic, you’ll be sorely missed in a sport that’s becoming increasingly robotic like F1. My sympathies for Colin and Vali–I’m sure they’re feeling pretty awful.

  • Halfie 30

    Simoncelli was a warrior. Trying to save the bike to his last breath. R.I.P. Deepest condolences to those close to him and especially his family and team. As a rider if you have to go on a track, Simoncelli was the type to go out trying his damnedest to fight it off.

  • john walker

    Marco was one of the few reasons left to watch this over tech – over sterel sport, he brought attitude and risk to

    a GP season that really needed him more than marco needed it. He was the main reason I watched, the duels

    he would engauge in made the sport, I love the sporting (racing)part, I know Rossi and him are pals, this was

    the last guy on the track that Rossi wanted to hit. Why – How did his helmet come off?

  • MikeD

    @Jake Fox:

    Yup, same here. Saw it on on slow motion like 5 times @720p and… I think the force of the impact by the Duc’s front end totally dislodged his helmet fair and square. No malfunction there…if anything, had his helmet not come off maybe his helmeted head would be the one rolling by Edwards on the infield’s grass.

  • DUKE

    I aint got the words. This dude was the future. Rest in Peace.

  • Bjorn

    We are lessened by his passing.
    He had the potential to do great things in the 1000cc era.

  • 76

    A heart of a lion, rest in peace. My thoughts are with Marco, his family and everyone he has, and will, continue to inspire.

  • Two years ago I met Super Sic at Laguna along with my family and he was an amazing person with tons of talent!! He hugged everyone and kiss my Mom as he greeted her which just showed how much he cared and loved his fans!! He was exactly the same age as my younger brother so it really hit home and I’m truely desvistated!! God bless the family and Super Sic we will always remember and love u!! Godspeed #58!!! Motogp will never be the same…..

  • Bert

    Thanks for putting everything out on the track, every race, Marco. MotoGP will miss you. I will miss you. May God give your family and friends the comfort they need in this ordeal. I think motorcycle racing has lost a star.

  • 1198freak

    RIP Marco, there are really no words for tragedies like these. Why did the helmet come off?

  • Madmed

    My thoughts are with Marco’s familly and close ones. I am still in a shock and can’t believe he perished. I loved his character and his attitude. He died doing something he loved, battling for a position. MotoGP will never be as exciting and I will never forget him but more importantly a very very sad loss of a young life. RIP Marco

  • jamesy

    This is so sad I can hardly believe it. Such an amazing talent, he rode on the razors edge of what was possible from his machine. Just as it seemed that he was overcoming his tendency to sometimes pose a danger to himself and other riders, this tragedy occurs.
    As someone wise once said: Live by the sword…… ! Thank you for all that you were to us.
    May God hold you in his caring hands brave warrior!

  • M.griff

    I hear people commenting that Marcos riding style was a controversial one, I myself think the complete opposite, Marko was a true RACER….and the reason I follow motogp so religiously!
    A super talented racer who was just beginning to find his feet in gp, setting his way to become a great champion and character in the sport, love and deepest sympathy to his family and friends especially his parents, Ride In Peace super-sic#58

  • I’m very sad about what happened to simon

  • bob

    Tears will not wash away the sorrow in our hearts ,nor stop the anguish we all feel at the passing of such a beautifull spirit. Despite never meeting him he had a way of reaching out to people he never met in a way that inspired everyone who watched him race. I fear we have lost a true gentleman and ambasador to the sport we all love. Marco wherever you are I hope the weather is fair the tarmac dry and the bends epic RIP and godspeed