Earlier this morning, Marc Marquez tweeted the following in Spanish to his Twitter followers: “Special helmet and shirt for a special GP in Japan, at home!!! ;) Do you like?” and attached the above photo to the message.

The intent is clear, Marquez hopes to clinch the 2013 MotoGP Championship while at the home grand prix for HRC, at track Honda owns no less. While Honda brass would surely love such a coup, we hope someone takes young Marc aside and explains something about his T-shirt.

Source: Marc Marquez (Twitter)

  • joe

    well said! It’s so racist it’s comical- similar to a Tosh.O skit.

  • Beinggodisgreat

    Wow apparently Spain has no clue what racism is remember Spains basketball team’s debacle in japan?

  • marcus667

    i really will find this funny if marquez drops it sunday then lorenzo takes the title in valencia haha

  • Erik

    Why we might find that racist here in America, the Japanese might even miss it….the Spanish people who made it sure did miss it. I am just curious as to what their logic was, that is a lot more interesting than discussing the obvious.

  • duncan

    Shirt is funny not offensive or racist and mock outrage at the shirt is more offensive

  • vman2957

    Us Americans tend to be the most uptight about such things … well most things really. Like Erik says Japanese might even like it ..

  • Spamtasticus

    I don’t understand why it’s “Racist”. Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly what he is doing. To me, at least, racism is closely tied to prejudice based on race. Treating someone based on a derogatory trait attributed to an entire race. For example “Lazy Mexican”. That is racism. Unless a japanese reader can tell me that they consider their physiological ocular characteristics to be a source of embarrassment or insecurity then I do not believe this is as bad as it seems. Its almost as if someone wore a tshirt that said “Gay men sleep with other men!” How is that derogatory? Maybe I don’t have the cultural underpinnings to grasp the nuance.

  • I think the issue is a cultural one. I’ve heard a few choice remarks that we will say were “racial insensitive” in the GP paddock. They were never said with malice or bad intent, more just ignorance that comes from living in very homogenous societies.

    I can say with certainty that Marquez would never wear something that was, for example, equally as questionable if it related to Catalan and Spanish relations. That sort of thing is in the public conscious in Spain, whereas I don’t think there is a prominent enough Asian population in Spain to illicit the same sort of sensitivities.

  • G.Irish

    As others have said, this might play differently in other countries than it would in the US. But think of it this way, if Moto GP went back to Kyalami and Marquez had a shirt of him in blackface…actually, I would laugh myself into a hernia

  • Spamtasticus

    Does anyone here think that his intent was to insult? I don’t believe it is in the least and I think that is a major factor in how something should be construed.

  • Terry

    It is racist, but they must feel differently about that in Spain. The entire Spanish basketball team pulled their eyes wide for a photo shoot during the Olympic games in China. Pau Gasol of the Lakers was asked why he participated in the offensive shoot, and he was clueless that it was wrong. I also have spoken with South Africans who honestly didn’t think apartheid was racist either. Good kid, bad decision.

  • wrecks

    ok then if its not really offensive. If moto GP ever goes to any African or American race again where there are A.American people nearby make sure you wear a shirt showing yourself with an afro and puffed out lips.

  • Terrance

    I like the shirt, but it is a little bit on the racist side. If they made one of so called stereotypes of each ethnicity, then I would find that amusing and I would try to find the money to buy each one. Although I still wouldn’t wear them in public. I’d get a mob style beat down. Especially here in rural America, when I wear my hillbilly Marquez shirt with missing teeth and whatever else.

  • Eric

    I am willing to bet that HRC supplied the shirt.

  • yung

    lmao @ wrecks trying to get ppl killed

  • Jake F.

    Regardless of intent, it’s something that is clearly perceived as racist and offensive to a very large number of people and therefore a foolish mistake for anyone to make, let alone a rising star in the world’s premier motorcycle racing series.

    As Jensen said, he should be getting better advice.

  • chris

    hey, let’s blame the kid who’s barely educated! seriously, racers DO NOT LEAD NORMAL LIVES AND HAVE
    TO GIVE UP ON A NORMAL EDUCATION. somehow, journalists have the balls to act shocked when they do something stupid.

  • Slangbuster

    First of all, I think Mark Marquez is the real deal and could be another Roberts, Ago, Hailwood, Sheene, Etc…but whoever told him to wear that shirt, must be the same folks who told him to take that 11th lap last week. Racist? Nope! Stupid move? Absolutely.

  • Kay

    That shirt is pretty insensitive to Asian immigrants who used to be ridiculed in that same way. My parents are both Japanese so I got my share of it. After a punch in the face, people learned to stop. I still have thick skin so it doesn’t bother me, but I know of others who are sensitive enough for this to hurt.

  • G.Irish

    The reason it would be considered racist is because that’s how people who were racist used to demean, ridicule, and intimidate Asian folks. Same thing with blackface, it used to be a way of mocking black people.

    In my limited experience, I’ve found that people from more homogenous countries can be more insensitive on issues like this because those issues didn’t really come up in their countries the way they did in melting pot locales around the world. It’s more ignorant and insensitive than it is racist IMO, although I guess people who are racist are both ignorant and insensitive.

  • Give the kid a break, unlike the haters, he goes out and risks his life pushing it to the limit every week, a limit that most of the other riders in the series can’t even approach. He’s also a 20-year-old kid, a kid under enormous pressure, a kid who has people on his own team trying to sabotage his success.

    No doubt most of the commenters here don’t remember what it was like to be… young, pack of stodgy old fogies that you are, and that goes for Jensen as well. I understand, some never had a childhood, they were too busy thinking about making money and tending to their stock portfolios while still in elementary school. You’ll no doubt be well provided for in retirement, but whether you have ever actually lived for even one moment during the course of your life is a subject that I’m sure we could debate, and you’d probably lose that debate. :)

    As for the shirt, Sure it could be seen as objectionable from a number of perspectives, like the rising sun headband, a despised symbol of prejudice, hate and murder going back to pre World War II – on par with the Confederate battle flag here in the US or the Nazi swastika in Europe – in the minds of perhaps a billion people in Asia. But of course many in Japan don’t see it that way. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    So if you want to lay your politically correct judgments somewhere, start with Honda and the corporate sponsors who I’m sure had that shirt made up, or maybe it was one of his teammates who just can’t handle Marc’s success and are trying to bring down his public image. Manufacture a controversy in the hopes of putting more pressure on the boy. Please spare us from this BS, and concentrate on what’s really going on in the series, if you actually have the resources to find out, which appears less and less likely in my estimation.

    That’s what happens when you get all starry eyed about your very limited access, you fail to do any real journalism, and that’s what many in corporate count upon when they make you feel like you’re an insider. Nearly effortless to keep the easily manipulated amateurs at bay, just throw them a bone once in a while and they’ll push all the disinformation & misinformation you want disseminated.

  • Paul McM

    Mark needs a competent lawyer/rule checker/adviser right now. If someone truly acting in his best interests had forced HRC to check with race officials before committing to the 11-lap plan, MM would have another 20 points, maybe 25. This shirt — sorry that’s a very bad judgment call. People say “oh he’s only 20 he doesn’t know any better”. A 10-year-old should understand what’s wrong here.

  • David

    I wish I was in Motegi right now.

    I would be printing out a ton of shirts with MMs pic on the front.

    With this printed below it:

    El burro sabe mas que tu

    I would be rich…

    (People should lighten up)

  • Rob

    Man, you guys expect a lot out of a group of people who can’t count to ten!

  • Josh

    Ahhhh the media… Making mountains out of mole hills since forever.

  • Looter

    In Spain this sort of thing is just routine humour; not realizing that it can be offensive in other cultures. You should check out how they ridiculed Lewis Hamilton that first year at Mclaren. Just hope the kid doesn’t make the mistake of wearing it around a bunch of asian folk this weekend…

  • meatspin

    Very bad judgement by whoever is handling MMs interests. The second time in as many weeks.

    I want to see what they have planned for Valencia.

  • SBPilot

    To me, that t-shirt isn’t very correct. However, it doesn’t come close to the helmet of Johann Zarco. That is over the line with the Japanese Imperial Flag (rising sun) on it which he runs all season for multiple seasons.

    Aaron said it well, but I don’t think it’s a matter of perspective. It’s a matter of being ignorant or educated. The world needs to learn that there are in fact certain things that are wrong and right due to history. Otherwise, we will repeat the past. It’s not about being “overly sensitive” as some put it.

    If we’re not to start another world war shit show, then we need to understand not to step on each other culturally, remember, it was due to the hate of ones culture that started the wars in the first place.

  • jkedsnake

    If you find it racist, you need to get out and explore the world. The US is such a politically correct lawsuit happy up tight nation its almost an oxymoron on free speech. Ive worked with plenty of Japanese people who would find it funny.
    Relax racemongers….

  • i remember one time i was vactioning in Europe. we were driving across France and stopped in a rest area. i went in to the rest room and these two teens who were my age at the time looked at me like I was an alien. I’m Filipino. I’m also American. From New Jersey. a relative heterogeneous melting pot compared to all the European countries. while one can say Americans are uptight about something like this, barring on the side of being overly cautious and politically correct almost all the time when it comes to media, another can stop to think and say, “well, he’s from Spain. Spain is full of Spaniards. what are the odds of there being different looking people in Spain? How would they know if this were offensive or not?” I for one can see why it’s offensive but don’t particularly find it insulting. But I’m just one person, I can take a joke. I’m from Jersey for crying out loud.

    Not for nothing though, on a global brand level Marc Marquez is getting bad advice. Unless its a joke in Spain that we’re all missing. maybe they’re paying tribute? maybe journalists :cough A&R cough: should ask all the questions first before passing judgment? maybe Spain is on a whole other plain of existence when it comes to hipster humor? who really knows…

    is the shirt funny? i laughed.

  • TKM

    Confusing a racial observation and racism has replaced baseball as America’s favorite pastime

  • jimmyjohn

    As a spectator my opinion don’t mean a damn thing. On the other hand, it may be a mistake to antagonize a whole population of folks where you’re going to be very exposed.

  • Slomo

    You guys have it all wrong,
    Marc’s t shirt trying to explain why he didnt see the “pit in” board @ Phillip Island!

  • Matt

    Great quote from GSElevator: “How easily someone is offended is directly proportional to how stupid they are.”

  • Jason

    It’s easy to say that the shirt inoffensive and that it’s PC society run amok. I happen to be Asian. Now, I can be as irreverent about anyone, including myself, and am known around the office as someone who “pushes the limits of humor.” That said, I find the shirt offensive. The slant eye gesture has been used derogatorily against Asians for years. I recall kids doing that to me during teeball games to goad/taunt/embarrass me. And although I could use my athleticism to get back at them on the scoreboard, it didn’t offset the offense. It’s simply not funny and had no place in society.

  • Jason

    “IS inoffensive” and “HAS no place in society”–d*mn typing on a smartphone…

  • Iph00k

    So, if the tshirt had a Jew with a big nose, or a black person with big lips, it would not be offensive?

  • Minibull

    Funny, just watching the first session/QP just now, and Marquez has the same picture on the back of his helmet…

  • Norm G.

    ps: in regards to the racial overtones. ffs, he could’ve just had his face wearing the headband and left out the hand gestures. every 5th grader on the planet knows what the Japanese flag looks like. that would’ve been enough.

    re: “I am willing to bet that HRC supplied the shirt.”

    I am willimg to bet HRC/Honda had fukk all to do with supplying that shirt. cue PR disaster.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Special helmet and shirt for a special GP in Japan, at home!!! ;) Do you like?”


  • No Mas

    He probably just thought wearing that shirt was funny and cute in their own twisted way.

    but people need to realize that racism has been a huge issue among football/soccer fans in Europe, including in Spain

  • No Mas

    They’ve been trying to bring reform to racism for a while:

  • Madego

    Just FYI, the offensiveness of this shirt isn’t just noticed by US citizens, here in Europe it is the same. It seems to be a custom mostly found in Spain (and to some degree in Italy) to pull your eyes like that when you’re in a sushi restaurant for example – or on holiday in Japan. I find it plenty offensive and I am annoyed every time a photo like that pops up – check Aleix Espargaro’s Twitter stream for example. They seemingly never stop to think what they are doing, especially when they have an international audience.

    As other commenters pointed out – if it was a black or Jewish or whatever else comic Marquez on that shirt, it would be perceived as offensive as well. And don’t even get me started on Zarco’s helmet. It’s not even the flags, it’s the black “cannibal” guy on the back that clinches the deal.

  • Roberto

    I am an Italian leaving in the US and i think it is hilarious and not offensive at all. Actually a way to express his gratitude to his Japanese fellas. I was amazed by the reaction of most American people and so i followed different blogs related to this pic. All the Japanese and European people seemed to be amused while Americans found it offensive. I love the country I currently leave in, but I honestly think that people sometimes are spoiled here by too much political correctness. Things sometimes should be taken less seriously…
    Here the definition or racism:
    “a belief that is the primary of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”

  • smiler

    Apart from immitating Rossi, what a stupid idea to påut on a T shirt. I really hope that Lorenzo, the weather and anyone else wipe the smile off Spain’s championship contender and Dorna this weekend.

  • froryde

    Just wondering how many of the comments defending MM are of Asian descent (I am)? I am not insulted, but nor do I find it particularly funny.

    I am sure he doesn’t mean to insult (how can you when you’re oblivious to it?), but a little sensitivity would be appreciated.

  • TexusTim

    I dont see anything racist about that tee shirt..cmon man thats funny shit….”even I get it”

  • Mariani

    I think you are overreacting.

    I find it quite silly, but I don’t think he had any intention of being offensive, so just get over it.

    As for the helmet, I bet the Red Bull sponsorship acts as a deal breaker.

  • Eric. Ireland

    Actors like Peter sellers used to give themselves slanted eyes when playing japs in movies for the comic factor. He is supplied all his helmets and t-shirts by his team who are japanies. If not a racist t-shirt. People would wan’t to relax. The pic is obviously him showing his japanies side. Nothing more. Humour is all.

  • one armed bandit

    I’d be interested to know many Japanese ppl have replied to this/voiced an opinion? Because quite honestly the rest of us have no right to take offence! Its a fairly naive thing to do in a way but by god did I laugh at Father Ted’s episode with the Chinese community on Craggy Island. Loosen up people if you cant have a laugh at yourself every now and again whats the point. Oh and by the way I have narrow eyes too and I didn’t take offence!

  • B-ry

    The fact that there are so many comments is telling.

    Some people don’t mind, some do. To be honest, a company like Honda who is global, should know that this is touchy should know better and avoided this.

    However, I still marvel at the fact they can make a bike like they have, but mess up Philip Island and let this shirt go through onto Twitter.

  • Jason

    If an individual or group of people make fun of you (or your children) because of the job that you work, the clothes that you wear, the neighborhood where you live, the car that you drive, etc., it doesn’t make those comments “okay” just because other people found them funny. And the “intent” of the people making comments about you doesn’t matter–it’s whether the comments made you or your children feel ridiculed. The latter is what matters. So in that situation, are you going to tell yourself (and your children), “Just get over it. Don’t say anything. We’ll just stay quiet”? No, the end goal should be to educate those people commenting about you and your family to rid them of their ignorance.

    People making fun of other people because of their race/ethnicity/physical appearance is similar, if not worse. Because at the end of the day, you can change where you work, what you wear, where you live and what you drive, but you cannot change your racial heritage or your physical appearance.

    So in this situation, someone needs to pull Marquez aside (along with whoever else came up with the shirt) and provide some education to try to eliminate the ignorance shown here.

  • johnrdupree

    Wow, the fact that that shirt even exists is surprising. We could go back and for all day about his intent and whether he meant to make fun of a culture, or whether the image is racist or bigoted. The point of the post is that some people will find it offensive and insensitive and it is damaging to his brand. A decent brand manager with a smidgeon of understanding of the international market would know that and would never have let that pic leave the designer’s computer screen.

    This is definitely a product of Maquez’s little cadre. Note that the Honda logo is not on the shirt; the only logo on it is MM93. There is not a chance in the world that Honda Motor company or HRC would have OK’d that shirt.

    The team that got him this far has done a wonderful job, but if he wants to become an international icon a la Rossi, it’s time to hire some professionals. That fact that someone tweeted this pic shows that he has a bunch of amateurs around him.

    @one armed bandit, you couldn’t be more wrong in that the rest of us have no right to take offense. The only way to keep bigotry and racism in check is for everyone, not just the offended party, to call it out whenever we see it.

  • mxs

    Wonderful world on Internet, Twitter social media … lighten up. Every culture, ethnic group of people can find themselves feel a bit “talked” about. Every day and week, something is not acceptable to someone ….. because everyone has to talk about it and everyone has to have an opinion about what someone else has talked about. Very few people, I don’t like it and stop there and move on.

    Pls don’t put this into the same bag as a racial discrimination, because clearly it is not, regardless what AAR or any other writer thinks.

    BTW …… terrible article AAR. Low on website hits? You’d think that some real motorcycle oriented article would draw +50 comments ….

  • Norm G.

    re: “To be honest, a company like Honda who is global, should know that this is touchy should know better and avoided this.”

    repeat, this isn’t Honda.

    re: “I am an Italian leaving in the US and i think it is hilarious and not offensive at all.”

    hey guys look…!!! the wisdom God gave a cat has allowed me to identify the root of the problem…!!! LOL

    re: “Things sometimes should be taken less seriously”

    unfortunately, this same comment was heard in 1942 in Wannsee just before the Nazi’s began systematically rounding up Jews.

    it was also heard in the 16th and 17th centuries just before empty boats bound for the New World began arriving en masse on the shores of Western Africa. dude, what’s with all the chains…?

  • Norm G.

    re: “BTW …… terrible article AAR”

    BTW… great article AAR.

    like the Arab Spring on Twitter, it shows the power of the Internet medium doesn’t have to be used solely for DESTRUCTION, but can also be used to affect social change and educate the ignorant masses. and if there’s an “outpost of ignorance” in more need of correction than motorcyclists…? i haven’t seen it.

    Q: btw, where is this 3% of the population when they aren’t on their bikes…?

    A: they’re walking among us in society.

  • joseph G

    I don’t find it racist…

    however, I can see why Asian don’t take it lightly, since most of “slant eye” gesture in US, will be follow by verbal racist comments. Asian took “slant gesture” as precursor to racial carpet bombing. after while it’s just become SOP, you see some one does that, you get winded up and ready for fight…

  • crshnbrn

    Is the t-shirt racist? I won’t debate that.

    Is the t-shirt in bad taste? ABSOLUTELY!

    How many posters think there are too many Spaniards in MotoGP? I don’t. I wouldn’t care if the entire grid was Spanish. I follow MotoGP because I want to see the best riders on the fastest motorcycles built solely for the purpose of road racing. I don’t care where the riders are from, or where their motorcycle was manufactured.

    “Can’t we all just get along?”, Rodney King. Amen.

  • Taerkasten

    Well inst a surprise, the dude dont know what to say when does something wrong than is most of the time, when he destroyed wilairot bike, ran off luthi etc, etc, etc.

    Somebody of their team, his manager perhaps should educate the guy about aspects of ethics and conduct, doing some stuff in one country can be offensive in another, it’s all about respect, clearly he dont have it, well considering than spain cases of racism over the last years, the basketball team, they believe than are funny when in reality is not.

    Another one of this guy.

  • paul

    “I am an Italian leaving in the US and i think it is hilarious and not offensive at all. Actually a way to express his gratitude to his Japanese fellas.”

    I love how an Italian takes no offense to an Asian stereotype. You my friend, are an ignorant fool and have no place to think it is “not offensive at all.” Same goes for everyone else who is an American, European living in America, European living in Asia, whatever. It is not up to you to decide if it is offensive or not.

    I am Asian and I am telling you, yes, this is offensive. End of story.

    The same as when Ted Danson wore black face to an event with Whoopi Goldberg. It doesn’t matter if you have a black girlfriend. You are still being offensive. In the same way, it doesn’t matter if Marquez rides for a Japanese company. He is still being offensive. Also, it is worth noting that MM93 puts out his apparel, not HRC or Honda in any way.

  • paulus

    60 comments and counting….
    Any publicity is good publicity!

  • Karl

    I’m guessing the Spanish have yet to be subjected to mandatory workplace sensitivity training. It’s just a matter of time before they get with the program.

    Sure would be nice to hear what Japanese nationals think about the issue.

  • Marquez Tweet: “My special helmet was designed to be a symbol of thanks to all my Japanese colleagues & fans so I am very sorry if it caused any offence.”

  • Filip

    The correct spelling is ‘T-shirt’, coz it being shaped like a T and all.

  • Voice of Reason

    Folks have you ever considered that Asian people think of their eye shape as beautiful? And after all, isn’t imitation the most sincere form of flattery? Wouldn’t it be nice if we would all stop viewing the world so egocentrically? To presume that somehow pointing out a unique characteristic of a given race, ethnicity, or culture is universally disparaging is, in and of itself, the essence of racism. Can’t we just all agree that we are different and stop condemning others as racists? It is bad enough to have the likes of Al Sharpton use racism as a vehicle to amass wealth, power, and influence, much less watch Caucasians bash other Caucasians as racists. Be proud of your heritage, stop buying into the hype. You’re not guilty by virtue of the color of your skin.

  • Jason

    Pulling the slanted eye gesture is not flattery–clearly, since it is obviously done in jest with folks talking about how “funny” it is. It is not a compliment; it’s meant to demean/belittle physical appearance. And no, not all Asians have slanted eyes, so there is no would-be beauty there. The concept that all Asians have slanted eyes comes from stereotypes, which are perpetuated by that gesture.

  • Hep

    I wonder how many Asians who follow motogp would actually feel offended by that. I’m one but it didn’t offend me. marc had good intentions so why don’t the “holier than thou” squad leave it at that?

  • Bad decision

    The fact that Marquez had to issue an apology showed that many were offended. His intentions, good or not, were irrelevant.

  • pooch

    “I’m sorry. He’s from Barcelona.”

    Bonus points for readers first to name where that quote is from. U.S. readers may not get it.

  • highside Specialist

    I for one don’t find it offensive. Risky, yes. but not offensive.

    To me, the planet has become one huge city and we all have to live in it. I’m from NYC, one of the most culturally accepting and culturally uptight places in the world. We’re all so “sensitive” to everyone’s position, that in a way, I find it could be considered racist too. We’re so focused on what makes us different that I believe we’ve forgotten what makes us so similar. The similarities vastly outweigh the differences. So I think a bit of cultural humor can be welcomed. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, then what’s the point.

    Finally, I’m an American. If Marquez made a helmet for COTA that portrayed him as overweight, wearing a cowboy hat and whatever else Europeans and Asians attribute to us, I would find it funny and even endearing in a way. To fully remove barriers, you have to recognize they’re there and overcome them, not stare away from them.

    I say all in good jest, but it takes a certain person to pull it off. I think MM93 is full of life and is a happy, great kid. Good for him.

  • good dialogue

    Some good thoughts there, highside, and humor can do much to disarm and remove barriers among people of different cultures. We’re better all around when we can laugh at ourselves. That said, when the humor is based upon a long-standing racial slur (and the concept of making slant eyes with one’s fingers has been a derogatory slur for decades), it ceases to be funny or constructive, and it throws up even more barriers. In this case, the apology was warranted.

  • Teddy

    Yes, I agree with you about it. MM is a funny guy, very light hearted, quick to laugh, as is his brother and Father. it was meant to be a thank you. But it has caused so much trouble it’s a bit ridiculous.

    If you swing it around – imagine if there was a Japanese Rider that was leading the championships – and rode an English or American bike. (yes I know.. humour me) So when he visited and English or American track, and he made a T Shirt and he pulled his eyes up and down to make them appear rounder. It wouldn’t have anywhere near the same kind of stigma attached yet it is doing exactly the same thing.

    People are just too politically correct, and too precious these days. MM meant it as a bonding thing – look, I am like you. It needs to be taken in the context of how it was given, and not just twisted around in false moral outrage to satisfy those who feel the need to be outraged.

  • disagree

    Have to respectfully disagree. Making the slanted eyes look with his finger is an age-old slur (which differs from an Asian making his eyes rounder, which, frankly, means nothing). The slant eye gesture goes hand-in-hand with the word “ch*nk,” which is just as derogatory as the “N-word.” In fact, when people slant their eyes with their fingers, they often call it, “Giving the ch*nk eye.” This isn’t false moral outrage. It’s something that needs to go away.

  • Teddy

    No, you’re not seeing the point. It’s not a slur, and it was not intended that way. By taking it as a slur, you are mis-intrpreting the message. Therfore, by the way you have mis-read the message, it is bogus moral outrage. Maybe not to you as you blieve in your outrage, but is it justified ?

    I am a white Australian living in a very multicultural society. We have many Asiatic peoples here and they enrich our culture enormously. I have asked two of my Asian friends about this, and shown them the link to the Shirt. One is Japanese, and one is Vietnamese. Neither of them said it was offensive, and thought it was ‘funny’. I quote “Yeah everyone is different. But if they get offended by that, means they are insecure about themselves & not accepting the way they are haha. ”

    By the same token, I know another Japanese person who did find it offensive. So you see…. There is no answer to this really. Just as some Westerners find it offensive and some don’t, some Easterners find it offensive and some don’t.

    Aint life Grand ?

  • James K

    Spain is one of the most racist countries in the world. Having spent a few weeks there I was appalled by how blatantly racist there are. Two members of my party would constantly be refused service, and were treated rudely. I would never go there again.

  • Disagree

    I understand your point, but when it comes to slurs, intent does not matter. If one were to use the “n-word,” it doesn’t matter what they intended–it is on its face offensive. Similarly, the “ch*nk eye” gesture is offensive on its face (literally). Marquez may have meant well, but that’s not the point. The point is that the gesture has no place in society. It’s a learning experience, and one that I hope that he takes to heart.

  • Kaw4Life

    Funny how Americans (I am one) think that the whole world thinks like they do. First thing I thought was wow, then I though about it and dismissed it.

  • john k

    I love how non-asians can comment on wether the shirt is racist or not. I guess you have to grow having this used as an insult to your face to understand how painful this can be as a child growing up and disappointed I was seeing Marc, someone I admire wearing this shirt. I will still respect him and his riding, his promotional team needs to go.

  • Zhakarias


    Sorry for you if someone refuses to attend you or your friends. But did your friends fill a complaint form? You know here we have laws and ,despite of what you think, racism is not tolerated.

    By the way is difficult to believe that my country is one of the most racist places on earth when here we do not have any openly racist party (like there are in other places of Europe), maybe we are not very politically correct but I do not think this is one of the most racist countries on the earth.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    What MM did is newsworthy because it is insensitive at best and racist at worse. What is also newsworthy is that his management team allowed it to happen. It is newsworthy because it is ignorant and stupid to a degree that can be considered shocking. Marc Marquez is not a clever boy. I’d wager he wasn’t trying to shock anybody ala Madonna or Marilyn Manson.

    Why is racism obsolete and classified with other anti-social behaviors that receive zero tolerence? Well, because it is an expression of hatred fueled by ignorance and an easy pathway for the escalation of hate to hate-crime. That’s why.

    Something the world does not need, and definately something that won’t grow the MotoGP brand.

    Accept it for what is was: stupid.