It has been some time since we saw the Magpul Ronin concept bike, a re-imagined Buell 1125R that was built by the folks at Magpul Industries — a company more well-known in the gun community than than in motorcycling. Making waves with the design though, Magpul setup a new company, Ronin Motorworks, to explore the idea further. Hiring a team of designers and engineers from the motorcycle industry, the result of this endeavor is the Magpul Ronin 1125R sport bike, of which 47 examples will be made, in honor of the 47 Ronin story from feudal Japan.

A fitting metaphor for the story behind the closure of Buell Motorcycles, the 47 Magpul Ronin 1125R bikes will be built from new Buell 1125 chassis that were stored from the original inventory. While a limited-production machine, one of the cooler details of the Magpul Ronin 1125R is that instead of a number plate scheme for the 47 motorcycles, Ronin Motorworks will name each bike after one of the samurais from the original story.

Ronin Motorworks will debut its first 10 bikes mid-2013, and those machines will come in the concept’s original black and silver paint scheme. Pricing will start at $38,000. Ronin Motoworks is expected to evolve the Magpul Ronin 1125R with each batch, with different specifications and price-points being released until the 47th Magpul Ronin 1125R rolls out of the company’s Denver facility.



Source: Ronin Motorworks via The Kneeslidder

  • Wayne

    How do they fit so much ugly into one bike? That takes talent.

  • Luke

    reminds me of a creature from borderlands two. Needs black exhaust headers and maybe slightly less ‘pumped’ front legs, but I think there is some interesting design going on there. Love the tank / tail combo.

  • ZootCadillac

    Ugly as sin. I grew out of wanting to be Judge Dredd one summer circa 1977. And Buell? I know you Americans will love your ancient tractor engines until the end of time but…

    This should have never seen the light of day. or even the dark of a twisted mind.

  • CycleBum

    I think it ROCKS. I love the minimalist design. Now if I only had $38k lying around.

  • Jake F.

    I like it. But I can think of a lot of ways to spend 38k.

  • jakes

    Fugly looks heavy…..
    Did I maetion FUGLY!

  • CBR600RR

    Dear lord,

    I want this motorbike so bad, purely as a collectors item!

  • Isaac (Spektre76)

    I can actually afford one they may receive a check from me this week if ‘the boss” (wife) approves. I don’t see an issue since I was going to plop down almost that much for a CVO Road Glide Custom with add on’s.

  • Oh, I see what you did there…

  • coreyvwc

    @ZootCadillac That engine is made by Rotax, in AUSTRIA. Pretty damn fancy tractor I’d say…

  • Tom

    Wayne, I wish this site allowed a thumbs up option, because your comment most deserves it.

  • MikeD

    @Jake F. :



    Yes, all hail migthy ROTAX !

  • Isaac (Spektre76)

    I believe Rotax makes Aprilia’s engines too =o)

  • Alex MacPherson

    Design school dropout? The samurai it’s named after would commit seppuku again

  • RGR

    The pics don’t really do the bike justice, they look much cooler in person. Just sayin’…

  • Buellbafett

    @Wayne, +1

    I love Buells but… EEK! I see and can appreciate the design/styling approach to the symmetry of angles buuuuut, just not doing it for me. I like the forks, perhaps they could be thinned a bit to be made less visually heavy as ‘jakes’ noted. Appears to be a front fork shock – That should be made more visible. @RGR, I would HOPE it looks much cooler in person because it would be an even GREATER disappointment if it didn’t.

  • JeCo

    This bike is ruined by the wonky fork / radiator design. Remove that front end and you have one of the best looking street fighter designs ever. That transition from frame to faux tank to seat is perfect.. Pizza slize gap exposing the shock is perfect. Exhaust is slim but industrial while maintaining a hot rod look. Its like the super hot girl you see from behind but when she turns you cringe at the sight of her face.. This bike needs a nose job.

    Best looking Buell is with out a doubt the pegasus typhon ->
    * would like to see the magpul tail on the pegasus.

  • Jake F.

    All this hate is making me want one even more.

  • Emilio

    How does that front suspension work (better or worse) compared to the common inverted fork? I agree about the tractor engine. As I tell Harley owners, they’re at an advantage in case they break down; they can get replacement parts at the tractor dealer (I live in farm country). My Aprilia V4 is definitely not made by Rotax btw.

  • Faust


    Can you calm down the anti American hatred long enough to actually get a fact straight? The 1125 used in this bike is assembled by BRP-Rotax in Austria. You know, the same guys that made the engine for the Aprilia RSV 1000?

    @ Emilio

    Nobody said the RSV4 has a Rotax engine. they said Aprilia in general, since Aprilia used Rotax engines in the RSV, Tuono (the old one), the Aprilia RS125, and the Aprilia Loenardo and Scarabeo scooters. It’s just not a tractor engine in this bike, no matter how you let your bias try to cloud the issue. I would think a person who would purchase an RSV would know some things about Aprilia.

  • lasermax

    If it weren’t for that hideous front end, the bike wouldn’t look too bad. Team of designers??? From where, third grade? Buncha yuppy wannabe trendy posers, go back to Walmart.

  • Shawn

    The original concept looked much better. Should have kept the LED lights and the twin mufflers as opposed to the single unit on there now. Titanium headers with natural blueing would be sexier as well. Offer it as a kit, but $38K as a single unit to start? No thanks, not even for half that!

  • ZootCadillac

    @coreyvwc My mistake. I make many. I obviously didn’t read it in the copy and certainly had no wish to do any research on the bike. Could not afford one anyway after just buying an RC45*. Just read ‘Buell Chassis’ and mad an assumption. My bad.

    @Faust I have no “Anti-American hatred” and even if that were the case I’d be foolish to attempt to display it here. I’d not last long. I do have a bit of an anti Harley thing but that’s a completely different story. That does not equate to any form of nationalism or xenophobia though. I’m not a fan of Yamaha either.

    Fact remains that to my eyes and therefore in my opinion, that this is an ugly bike. I dislike the lines, I dislike the shapes. One of the reason’s I dislike the KTM superbike effort is because it looks as though it was drawn with only a straight-rule. Their dirt and adventure bikes count as some of the best in the world however. It’s just opinion.

    *And FYI I think the RC45 is a pig ugly bike. Worst rear of that decade. But if you collect and the price is right ( in this economy it is ) then it’s not a bike you say no to, just for the history.

  • MikeD

    OHHHH ! I Know u just didn’t call the Origami 1190R UGLY ! Did u ? ! How DARE YOU when u flaunt being the owner of a couple of 999….this guy got some nerve !

    Just kicking u on the ribs…lol. (o_~)

    I too happen to like those “ugly” 999, specially dressed in FILA replica.

  • ZootCadillac

    Thanks MikeD :)

    Here’s a treat ( or not ) for you No’s 158 and 187 of 200 ever made :)

    sorry ;)

    but in my defence I also have these

    I’m not totally drinking the Ducati kool aid ( but there is an 1199R on order )

  • ZootCadillac

    Mods, I’ve had a post in moderation since yesterday, likely because it contains a number of links to pictures. Please consider allowing this post. i think that your readers, especially MikeD above, might enjoy the pictures.

  • Slartibartfast

    I normally don’t like this kind of bike, but it is interesting. Does anyone know what the bike is in the background in the last photo?

  • Johndo

    I think it would look awesome if it wasnt from the frame, swingarm and front forks. Oh wait, thats half the bike…

  • Richard Gozinya

    That thing’s nearly as expensive as an NCR M4, and nowhere near as cool. You can pay that kind of money to a decent custom builder, and get something way way way better. Or, and I know this is a shocking concept, do it yourself. There’s nothing on this bike that’s all that technical, that Magpul is responsible for. About the only thing that doesn’t look like shit is the exhaust.

  • MikeD


    You Sr., i want to make very clear i envy you from the bottomless bottom of my guts, let that be known. LOL.

    I don’t want the Desmo, u keep that…… happy with only the FILA Rep. That thing looks STUNNING.

    That R7 didn’t hurt either.

  • Remember the Ronin was a concept motorcycle developed as a design experiment for I.D. guys in an unrelated industry (firearms). If it looked and functioned like every other bike out there then we would have considered the concept a failure.

    As it was the Ronin caused enough purists heartburn as well as having enough people here fighting over the single prototype on the weekends that we decided to build the limited number announced.

    In the end the production bike is a direct representation of the original concept bike with the rough edges knocked off. It sounds awesome too. The exhaust is built by us but internally it is based upon a Ducati 999r exhaust.

    The Ronin is still is one of our favorite bikes to ride for fun.

    Updates and more pictures on our facebook page…

  • ZootCadillac


    Thanks fella ;) Don’t be too envious, they are just bikes. In this economy buying homologation specials from people who need the cash is a better return than leaving my cash in the bank :)

    There are actually 2 999R Fila reps there. if you notice one has the stock clutch cover and the other has a John Hackett Performance competition slipper clutch fitted. They still have a face only a mother could love but boy, what a ride. Quite possibly the best bike I’ve ever ridden. And yes, the R7 ain’t too shabby. You won’t see many of those on this side of the pond ;) Nori has promised to sign it when I can get them together.

    @Rich Fitz.

    I’ve probably done you a disservice.I’ve definitely been a little rude. I wish you well with your projects and fully understand that concepts have to break the mould. I was saying to Jensen last night that it probably rides like a dream but that I still can’t get over the looks. Call me old fashioned. Call me a purist. Call me whatever you like, I probably deserve it ;) but I have to be honest, it’s not the sort of bike I could consider adding to the stable. Don’t stop pushing the envelope because of people like me.

  • Joe

    Cool bike. I’m a fan of modern girder suspension but I think they blew it on one design point
    That could have made this bike less of merely a show piece .
    The decision to incorporate the radiator into the girder has 2 performance drawbacks :
    1). Increased unsprung weight
    2). Increased steering inertia
    Both are not an improvement on the old Buel.
    Their posts claim about the same steered inertia with or without the built-in radiator
    But I can’t see it .
    Had they not done this, they could have exploited more fully the inherent benefits
    Of the girder’s superior compliance adding to it equal or reduced suspension weight.
    My 2 cents.

  • Dark Angel

    I LOVE it…and so wish I could buy the very first one released! My daughter’s name is Aprilia (named for a very badass and sexy bike, obviously). My son’s name is Ronin (originally for it’s Japanese significance); I am so f***ing excited that a bike now shares the name as well!!! Especially since its engine is made by the same company as the Aprilias (a very freaky coincidence since MY Ronin and Aprilia are made up of the same DNA).