Video: Ride the Macau GP with Horst Saiger

11/21/2012 @ 5:26 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Road racing is mental. I mean real road racing…where motorcycle racers compete on actual city streets, with zero run-off and off-track obstacles abound. Having been to the Isle of Man TT, and seen the Manx course up-close, I can attest to the special breed of rider that chooses to compete in motorcycle road racing events — I dare say I even understand the allure to such an act (you will never, however, see me partake in such a racing event).

Looking at Tony Goldsmith’s photos from the 59th Macau GP though, words fail to describe the lunacy taking place here with the tight and narrow Macanese course. Luckily, my failure as a writer can be overcome through the miracle of technology, in this case: YouTube.

Take 31.25 minutes out of your day, and ride with Austria’s Horst Saiger for all 10 laps of the 2012 Macau GP. Watch him trade corners with Martin Jessop and Conor Cummins on his Kawasaki ZX-10R in what may be our favorite video of the year, after the jump of course (yes, there is a jump!).

Source: YouTube via Masmoto

  • Tim

    Awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for posting, sharing Jensen this is insane but My God I want to try that….

  • Tim

    wow. @ 5:20mark wth heck? What kind of Ducati is that? The ZX10R is flying, but the Ducati CHECKS OUT and is gone until a hard braking corner than checks out again?

  • Bryan Niese

    What a great video! His Youtube channel has some other good videos from other races too. I wish I knew more German.

  • Mike Lew

    Holy shit! It’s like motorcycle racing in a luge run (while on meth). I’m surprised their bikes go so fast what with those huge brass balls. (maybe carbon fiber balls?)

  • smiler

    Jessop’s 1098. He came 2nd behind Rutter, I would guess.
    Amazing, makes F1 at Monaco look like buggy racing. It is also kind of them to paint the barriers so you can be certain how close you head is to them. At 20mins + the Suzuki rider in front is millimetres from the barriers.
    Like the TT on steroids.

  • Tim M

    Yeoow!!! No margin for error! Looked narrower than the streets of IOM. How do you lean that close to a wall? @Tim I was also surprised to see that Duc gap a ZedX10R like that. I think it was the Duc rider that got a bad start too. By the shape of the tail and the underseat exhaust, I’d say it was a 1098/1198, which theoretically should be down on power compared to the Kawi.

  • L2C

    That there’s real man’s shit. Like mountaineering and skydiving from space combined.

    Other than that, I’m speechless.

  • Andrey

    The really good thing about an accident would be you wouldn’t feel a thing!
    Amazing judgement and skill!

  • pooch

    O M G

    That was crrrrrrazy great video.

    I’m going to setup the laptop inside the screen of my bike in the Garage, and watch this again :-D

  • “Holy shit! It’s like motorcycle racing in a luge run (while on meth).”



    I can’t even begin to comprehend going fast on that “track”. Jeebus H. Dyin’ Cripes.

  • Rider

    Title should be changed, the onboard is indeed a kawi, Connor Cummins is the suzuki rider ahead. Good to see his style evolving for the better!

  • Rider

    Disregard that^^
    This on board was so much better than the race broadcast, thanks.