Were These the Luckiest Guys at the Macau GP?

11/25/2013 @ 3:50 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS


Proper road racing is a dangerous game, as the spectacle unfolds upon all of the uncertainty that comes with public roads, rather than the controlled environment of a proper closed-course racing circuit.

The competitors you find at events like the Irish road races, the Isle of Man TT, or the Macau Grand Prix are a unique breed to be doing what they do, where they do it; and if you talk to many of them, the prospect of an untimely ending is something that has already been factored into the cost of what that choose to do.

No one goes looking for an early death, of course, but the realities of the situation are ever-present. Just last year, Luis Carreira lost his life while qualifying at the Macau GP, a reminder of how dangerous the armco-laced Guia race track can be for motorcyclists.

Thankfully the 2013 Macau Grand Prix was without major incident, but we did have a close-call on the first lap between Horst Saiger and Marc Fissette. The event’s photographers captured the contact and subsequent crashes with their cameras, giving us a frame-by-frame perspective into what was thankfully just a bad day at the office for these two riders.












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  • Slangbuster

    Looks like a maneuver from the Bowing Ball Bautista school of late braking. (Sorry…I could,’t help it)

  • claudia

    @slangbuster That’s funny S**t, giggle snort

  • Craig

    So true… +1^^^^^

    That guy wasn’t in the first frame I don’t think and then all of a sudden, he’s up #3’s arse… Must be related to Bautista… Win it or Bin it on lap one!!!

  • proudAmerican

    In police jargon, that’d be a PIT manuever. :-)