The Most Awesome Thing You Will See Today

07/22/2013 @ 8:19 pm, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS


Regular readers will know that Asphalt & Rubber is littered with Star Wars references — we are a bit dorky like that. Speaking for myself, I am an equal opportunity sci-fi nerd, giving healthy viewing times to the Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Babylon 5 franchises, just to name a few (David for some reason enjoys Farscape…no one is perfect).

If you read enough of our articles, a Boba Fett, Deathstar, or Bothan Spy reference is more than likely to crop up (dear I say, they are even expected??!) — so for the kids who were cool in high school: deal with it.

With that disclaimer being said, we bring to you the most awesome thing you will see this Monday: Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi photoshopped into the iconic movie frame of Yoda mentoring Luke Skywalker in the swampy forests of Dagobah. Thanks for the tip Gigi!

This is where Luke learned to control his emotions, deal with Vader being his father, and transformed from lightsaber apprentice to Jedi master. “Control, control, you must learn control!” Yoda implored to young Skywalker. We imagine MotoGP’s Race Direction has likely said the same to Marquez many times in the past few years, as the Repsol rider showed amazing talent coupled to less-than-amazing judgment on the track.

Monterey, California may very well prove to be Marc Marquez’s Dagobah though, as the young Spaniard is now halfway through the 2013 MotoGP season, and currently leads the Championship by 16 points. Showing an amazing talent and aptitude on a race bike, what is really impressing pundits lately is the rate at which Marquez learns from his mistakes.

This is not the Moto2 rider from a year ago that we saw crashing every other race; but instead a two-wheeled Jedi master, who on any given Sunday (or Saturday, if we are racing in Assen) is able to compete and best the giants of this sport. He is the droid we are looking for.

As Luke did on Endor, Marquez still has to shake his reputation and claim his position, as many were quick to point the finger at the Spaniard’s safety record during his now infamous pass on Valentino Rossi in the Laguna Seca Corkscrew.

As David carefully and accurately analyzed though, Marquez was not at fault for the pass, as Rossi ran the entry wide. If anything, the Honda-man avoided what could have been an unfortunate racing collision. For those still not swayed, look at it this way…at least he didn’t try to score with his sister. Awkward.

Source: Reddit; Photo: PoofBam

  • proudAmerican

    Phucking Awesome!!! The wife and I are on the floor laughing!!!

  • TheSwede

    10/10 – would laugh again

  • Blue Cord

    I cannot get over the fact he looks like Sebastian Vettle with the mop top.

  • Gutterslob


    You should do one with that Dorna boss (forgot his name …. Caramel Espresso or something) looking like Jabba the Hutt

  • mo


  • TexusTim

    so who is the yoda face ? is that david emmit ?…the jeid looks like vettel not marquez… or the hair is photo shopped too…i was thinking before the jump there would be one of stoner being told by the jedi ” looks like you got out just in time as you cannot match the force of marquez”

  • Tim, Rossi’s face is on Yoda…obviously.

  • Dan


  • Sebastian

    Absolutely fabulous!

    Cheers from sunny Paris, France!

  • smiler

    It was interesting to see Rossi at the pre race press conference. He looked like a father with his children and his best mate Edwards.

    Brilliant cartoon.

    If Rossi now senses that he cannot win, which might be the case after Laguna. A prime opportunity with Lorenzo and Pedrosa not on top form.

    So Rossi the team owner and manager? A huge opportunity to remain competitive and keep his legendary status.

  • TexusTim

    lets do a poll on which rider would be the best team owner/manager or combination. here is my choices in order of prefrence.
    1- collin edwards
    2- valintino rossi
    3- nicky hayden.
    Collin and Rossi would be great combination rossi as owner and collin as manager, money and color reminds me more of the king in intensity I think he would be great but would probably have to run the whole thing himself…and then there’s assen 2006 collin may still not be over it….bawawawawawawawahaha

  • Damo

    That is amazing Jensen.

  • sigsegv

    I’m dying XD

  • L2C

    LOL! That is perfect.

    But what does that make Lorenzo? Count Dooku? Hahaha…

  • Norm G.

    The Most Creepy Thing You Will See Today.

  • Zano

    Frelling Shiny!!!!

    you forgot Firefly and Farscape rocks!!!!

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    mad artistic skills. It took me a second to find Rossi’s face in Yoda. hahaha Very funny.

  • irksome

    I’ll need to see a picture of Marquez’s sister.

  • Starmag

    Jensen, the title is perfect. It WAS the most awesome thing I’ve seen today. This deserves to go viral. As suggested above, this should also be the start of a series, Espaleta as Dukoo or the emperor, etc. Your great site was already one of my favorites even without this. Kudos to the artist and his/her timing.

  • sideswipeasaurus

    Impressive, most impressive.

    At the beginning of the season during testing and after Qatar it’s this Star Wars image that readily comes to mind with VR46 and MM93.

  • Zano, Firefly…yeah, obviously. I still can’t watch Farscape though.

  • Mchael

    “That boy is our last hope.”

    “No…there is another.”

  • DP

    Awesome, my new desktop.. Marquez does look like Vettel in the pic, lol

  • pooch

    wait…someone actually watches FArscape ? hahahha,,,, that’s funnier than the picture!