Video: This is How You Thank Your Sponsors

12/12/2011 @ 10:19 am, by Jensen Beeler30 COMMENTS

Winning the French Supermoto National Championship, Sylvain Bidart and the Luc1 team have a lot to be thankful for this year, and they of course couldn’t have achieved their victory without the help of their sponsors. So the French team put together a video, with some more-than-strategic product placement for the team’s main sponsors: Honda, Michelin, Ixon, & Intermarché. Is it a nine minute rolling advertisement for these brands? Absolutely. Did we watch it six times and giggle like little girls? Maybe…yeah, yeah we did.

But after riding the BRD RedShift SM Prototype and watching clips like this one (note the RotoR camera footage), it’s hard not to go buy a dirt bike and some 17″ wheels this very second. Serious fun on two wheels is being had here, and with our local karting tracks only charging $40 for a supermoto track day, the sport hits our wallet in all the right places. Hrrrmmm…

Source: via Two Wheels Blog

  • awesome and mind blowing!<3

  • Great fun! I’m trying to figure out how they got those ‘rotating camera around the head’ shots. I’d love to see the rig that does that.

  • john

    @ Brammofan. I was wondering the same thing?

  • bikepilot

    Just get yourself a ‘tard (and dirt bike) already Mr. Beeler!

  • Daz

    Cool stuff. I want a CRF.

  • BobD

    I think Honda should release a limited run factory CRF450 X or R that comes factory supermoto, with less offset triples, slipper clutch, and shorter, wider swingarm. Also make that bike street legal, but that comes also with racing number plate, tail and exhaust as extras in the kit.

    Play this advert, and then make a bunch of money! (also make a deal with cops to get a share of the wheelie and backing-it-in tickets)

    Also @Beeler: Get a mototard! learn to ride it! Learn to love it! once you go BrAAAp, you never go back.

  • That’s the RotoR cam that I mention in the article. It’s basically a suction-cup base with a boom that rotates 360 degrees. At one end of the boom is a GoPro or similar camera, and the other end is a counter-balance.

  • Oops. Guess I should RTFA. Thanks Jensen.

  • No worries Harry, it’s not like it was linked up or anything. *eyeroll* lol

  • Bob, I definitely want to get on one. I’m kicking around this idea of a series that might go something like “Dirt Bikes for Asphalt Junkies” which will chronicle my epic journey from track day hero to dirt track zero.

  • Steve

    I started racing Supermoto at 55. It made me feel 19 again. It is the most fun you can have without laughing. BrAAp!

  • fazer6

    I’m starting to hope Honda also replaces the CRF230SM with the new 250 liquid lump.

  • fazer6

    Although, I know, I know, it won’t be a REAL motard–But at least it’ll be affordable and street legal.

  • Steve, I definitely laugh out loud every time I’m on a supermoto. It has demoted my R6 from “play bike” to “utility bike” status.

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  • Greg

    Love it, although I think he probably got the idea from Ken Block’s videos. I think if more manufacturers would get involved in this kind of advertising they’d enjoy more sales. Very creative and entertaining.

  • MikeD

    If only HonDuh built and sold something remotely close to thats race bike from it’s 250-450 Motocrossers.

    Or something close to this:|ymeGallery1|

  • MikeD

    Or for that matter anything like the line of street legal dirt bikes[EXC 450-530 & 690 Enduro R] that KTM offers.

  • I got 10 seasons doing supermoto, it’s awesome, but it’s harder than it looks, as for putting a CRF on the street, the maintence will eat you out of house and home

  • MikeD


    True, but…it doesn’t have to be the fire-breathing beast the CRF450F currently is…u know, something less HP and with 10,000 valve check intervals ?

  • Dawg

    If you don’t have a Supermoto in your garage you are seriously missing out on a whole lot of laughs.

    I’ve had one for three years and quite a few mates are now buying them after seeing how much fun they are. Our rideout routes have got narrower and more interesting now too! At least we avoid the speed traps on the fast roads and have found some real hidden gems of country lanes. They are also ideal machines for riding in town with quick steering and supple suspension.

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  • bikepilot

    Bob, I suspect that the CRF would need a ground-up redesign to be street legal from the factory. Some fool would take it and run it down the slab at 80mph for hours and blow it up. To make it survive street squids and big miles honda would have to do what yamaha did with the WR250R/X — ground up new machine with the end result being a bike that’s 50lbs too heavy to be any good on the track. I think there is a market for a good ~450cc street ‘tard, but when and if it comes out it’ll be more WRR/DRZ than I suspect and competitive SM’ers will still be converting MX bikes or buying euro bikes.

    Jensen, sounds like a fun article topic, I’m always available to show you motorcycling’s dirty side =p One possible way to do the article would be for you to compete in (or at least try out) every major form of off road riding. Go do a dirt track race, a trials competition, a MX race, a desert race, an east-coast enduro, a hare scramble race, etc. I think asphalt-only riders tend to think of dirt riding as one sport when in reality there’s probably more similarities in road racing and dirt track than there is between dirt track and trials–you could really open up the diversity of unpaved 2-wheeled motorsports for the uninitiated.

  • Westward

    Thoroughly enjoyed that video, best part was, showing the guys cleaning up the tread marks off the floor at the Honda facility… That was hilarious…


  • mine makes 60+ and is a time bomb, as for making them slower and 10k valve adj’ments wheres the fun in that? Supermoto is a very specific sport, think of them as long travel roadrace bikes you motocross, foot out not knee out, Schwinn Stingray style!!

  • MikeD

    Hollywood, that’s just being selfish.

    Some of us just want to ride as often as possible, not ride and wrench as often as possible and worriying about the time bomb making a gazillion HP at the verge of destruction.

    Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to get more “regular”(as in NOT Mechanics) people involved on this class.

    U got the skills, cool, u can do ur wrenching, cool…just don’t try to measure everyone with the same stick…u are just “too hardcore”. LOL.

    Where’s the fun of 10k miles valve check intervals u say ? In not having to check it for 10k miles and just ride the piss off of it. Clear as day-light.

  • lol, you got a point, but once you’ve ridden a real supermoto it’s hard to go back, that being said I would love for more people to come out and ride. We lost our pro series due to Ama incompitence, but more bodies on the am grid would awesome, come out to Infineon Kart Track sunday and check it out, Footout!!!

  • MikeD


    Would love to, but…im on the other side of the country(S.Florida).
    That been said…they do have something similar around my neck of the woods.


  • jeff_williams

    Just go out and get a used DRZ SM for $3k and ride the crap out of it. I was bitten by the sumo bug almost 4 years ago and now I can’t imagine wanting to ride anything else. Even when it’s raining I ride the supermoto just because it puts a grin on my face.

  • Oh yeah, those product placements were REAL subtle!!!