Listen to the KTM Moto3 Race Bike Purr

02/21/2012 @ 11:46 am, by Jensen Beeler23 COMMENTS

The KTM Moto3 racer is a thing of beauty, and for bonus points, it comes in two varieties. One is the orange-trellis framed factory-built KTM, which will be campaigned by the three-rider factory team of Sandro Cortese, Danny Kent, and Arthur Sissis for 2012.

The other variety is the one engineered by Kalex Engineering, which features the same 250cc KTM motor as the factory version, but takes the German company’s prowess at chassis design, and uses a twin-spar aluminum frame instead of the factory team’s trellis variant. The venerable Team Aspar is one of the teams signed on to use the Kalex/KTM, and will have riders Alberto Moncayo & Hector Faubel aiming to beat the factory KTM squad at their own game.

With no Americans in Moto3, the entry-level GP series won’t get too much attention here in the US, but the machinery certainly looks pretty good to our eyes. Still clad in carbon fiber for the testing season, the KTM and KTM/Kalex machines are like tiny pieces of motorcycling art.

Though some are lamenting the passing of the two-stroke era, and its unmistakable buzzing sound on the track, we think the newest four-stroke GP class will please motorcycling’s audiophiles. Listen to the KTM Moto3 race bike warm up after the jump, and enjoy some eyecandy.

Photos: F. Weisse / KTM – All Rights Reserved; Video: superouleur via derestricted

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  • save the 2strokes

    sounds like a lawnmower…

  • mikelew

    Sounds great, actually. Man I wish KTM would release a basic (read: less expensive) version of this in the states as a club-racing/track-day bike. Does KTM plan to do this?

  • irksome

    For the pure of heart, there is no sound more beautiful than that of a thumper.

  • MikeD

    Jense, i don’t know who’s leg ur humpin but these Pics are terrific. Quality of detail (RESOLUTION ?) is friggin sweet.

  • MikeD

    Call’em weedy, call’em scrappy but these little guys are just as serious looking,put togheter, quality of components,etc as much as the big 1000cc GP Hardware.
    Stunning to say the least.

    For crying out loud, these things have a bigger downpipe diameter than my 90* V-2 at 500cc a cylinder !
    They are moving gas…LOTS OF IT ! out of a measly 250cc cylinder…whats a rough gesstimate about HP output on one of these little works of art ?

  • MikeD, I get around. Thanks.

  • Jon

    @MikeD…I think the manufacturers claim around 50hp.

  • MikeD


    Not bad, thats a lot on my book coming out of one “little” [by today’s standards anyway] 250cc engine.
    I hope their 2013 Moto3 replica makes 35-40hp out of the planned 350 that’s suposed to power it.

  • monkeyfumi

    50hp eh? That’s only like 10% down on the engine half the size that they’re replacing. Progress indeed.

  • MikeD

    Upon doing some Math…THAT’S 200HP PER LITRE !…NOT BAD AT ALL ! (O_O) for a Mono i think is awesome.
    Do any of the heavy hitters motocross singles (any cc’s) have this kind of efficiency ?

  • Dr. Gellar

    Both of those bikes (the factory KTM and the Kalex\KTM) are beautiful. Sorry…I won’t be missing the 125cc 2-strokes much.

  • I miss 2-strokes from the way they ride, but a good 4-stroke is awfully fun, too. I think the Moto3 class has a lot of potential. Certainly, Moto2 has turned out to be some of the best racing I’ve seen in years.

  • BBQdog

    I am drooling. Really hope KTM creates a road going 350 version of this !

  • Damo


    Would love a super light 350cc road going race replica!

  • BBQdog

    @Damo: they announced a roadgoing 350cc ‘Moto3’, I hope already next year alongside the Duke 350.

  • dimitri

    A&R is showing 2 different bikes in the pics. One is the factory (kalex) ktm bike and the other the kalex ktm bike from Aspar. The latter is definitely the better looking bike.

  • Dr. Gellar


    The factory RedBull KTM bikes are 100% KTM. There is nothing Kalex regarding those particular entries.

  • Minibull

    They should have made 4 cyl 250’s…super screamers…

  • MikeD


    Noooo, that would be too badass…and xpensive and…u know…it would never happen.

  • Afletra

    I wonder if the rear tire is really 120…

  • The Power of the motors doesn matter at all no one will go beyond 70-80wK power, the batteries will be drained in half the race… check out Charge -Movie… it doesn’t even matter how much torque you have… Oxford Yasa’s in Ecotricity had 700nm but it didn’t make any sense in the road race( different results on the track tho)…. its the Battery pack…. anything less than 12-13kW is nt suitable and more than that is of no use…. Everything at the end depends on what package you are having… Motoczysz’s bike weighed a lot even if it was mostly 3D printed….they could have managed 100mph if they had less weight and more batteries…