Wanting to play a bit with a photography technique called light painting, Scott Jones stopped by the Asphalt & Rubber office yesterday with camera and penlight in-hand. We moved some tables out of the work room, and threw some tarps over our skylights, only to realize that achieving a perfectly dark studio is a task much easier said than done. Maning the light switch, I got to play “photo bitch” while Scott shot a couple dozen or so exposures.

Luckily we have some photogenic subjects here in the office, as Scott spent the next two hours shooting my Ducati Streetfighter in the dark with long shutter speeds (I’m really surprised one of us didn’t trip over something in the process). There are various ways to play with the light in this setting, but Scott focused on exposing individual parts of the motorcycle with a pen light, which created a more dramatic effect. Check out after the jump some of the fruits of Scott’s labor.

Photos: © 2011 Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Ranger Jay

    OK. Now I want to see some light painting with a laser pointer. Please make it happen!

    If a Diavel happens to be in there, well, that would be even better…

  • Scott and I actually talked about a laser pointer. A Diavel could be arranged too…

  • Greg

    Awesome photos….wish they were hi res so we could use them as wallpaper

  • Random

    Wallpaper [+1] !!!

  • AC

    Great photos!

    And BTW, great choice of bike. (fellow SF owner)