LCR Honda’s Stefan Bradl Rides thru San Francisco

07/25/2012 @ 1:57 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

LCR Honda and team rider Stefan Bradl are in town early this week, doing a little promo work for US GP title sponsor Red Bull. Before heading down to Laguna Seca tomorrow (a track Bradl already scouted out with a local track day earlier this year), Bradl was in San Francisco yesterday, popping wheelies on Treasure Island and trying not to crash while going down Lombard Street (any SF motorcyclist could have told you the treachery of the iconic San Franciscan street).’s video of the event might be a little less than inspiring, but let us all just be thankful that the folks are Dorna actually made one of their YouTube videos web-embeddable for a change. Meanwhile, the photos from Red Bull are quite a treat. 23 of them await you after the jump.

Photos: © 2012 Cameron Baird / Red Bull – All Rights Reserved

  • John Magnum

    Well that was just gay!
    Send Ken Block down or one of the Icon drift bikes.

    Back to looking at porn………

  • Floyd

    the stills are actually more exciting than the video.

  • cairo

    Poor Stephan, good thing he had the dark visor on, I am sure he was blushing. That Honda has to be the worst possible vehicle to come down that hill. Hysterical. Love to see a Vespa or a clown car race him down Lombard. It would be no contest.

  • RJ

    Jeez dude, Dorna sooo doesn’t get it, that it hurts some times….

  • Slangbuster

    Good thing they didn’t let Bautista do that. The Traffic Cops would have been taking traffic accident reports all day……..

  • pooch

    Race Slicks on pavers, take it easy Stefan ;)

  • Adam

    I think copying the famous Steve Mcqween chase in Bullitt would have been better then rolling down a twisty hill with the clutch pulled in… oh well, but wait didn’t the Ducati boys have to ride Mamolas 2 seater at vrooom because they were the official riders? or was that before the testing ban was lifted, I guess this can be considered a test session. Hope they got the setup on these tight twist’s right, sort of resembles the corkscrew. these LCR boys are sly.

    ahh no hate intended ;)

  • singletrack

    I guess its fortunate the video is now ‘private’.
    A few embarassed PR people out there?