Lap COTA with Stefan Bradl on the Honda RC213V

04/03/2013 @ 1:22 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


UPDATE: Dani Pedrosa’s and Marc Marquez’s on-board laps have been added to this post.

Ask and yee shall receive, here is some more movie magic from HRC’s private test at the Circuit of the Americas. For this go-around, we feature LCR Honda’s Stefan Bradl, as he takes the factory-spec Honda RC213V for a quick lap around the new Texan GP circuit.

Honestly, I was all set to drop some mega-hyperbole on the whole situation, and maybe even get a few digs in about MotoGP’s media policies along the way, but I am too depressed at the moment to make that happen.

You see, having just ridden COTA only a couple weeks ago, I was fairly pleased with my lap times, especially after having only spent an hour on the circuit. Now, I wasn’t the fastest guy out there by any stretch, but my times were dropping with each lap and session, and I certainly wasn’t the slowest at the end of the Ducati 1199 Panigale R bike launch, so I call that a win for a Thursday afternoon.

But no, Mr. Bradl had to go and show me up. Close to 15 seconds quicker on his out-lap than my best hot-lap, I guess we see why he races motorcycles for a living, while I blog from my mother’s basement, wearing nothing but a bathrobe and bunny-shaped slippers. Le sigh.

My only consolation in this exchange occurs at the 0:59 mark, where Mark Marquez blows by Bradl on a scorcher and well on his way to Mach 2. Here, I imagine some sort of Top Gun inspired dialogue occurring in Stefan’s mind — something like “Where did he go? Where did whooo go!??!”

Stefan Bradl:

Dani Pedrosa:

Marc Marquez:

Source: Stefan Bradl (Facebook)

  • Jackie Moon


  • Superhawk

    Did you see on his outlap at 15 seconds faster than you how fast that bike went by him? I know he was letting him go… but the pace that guy went by him just blew my mind…

    Sort of like my VERY first track day at Homestead, FL when Rich Oliver raced 250’s and he railed around me on the outside at a pace that was at the time logic defying…

    Of course, I’ve learned alot about speed since then even if it’s not “applied science” yet and it is still Fn amazing… :)

  • meatspin

    how much did it cost you to buy the panigale and get some track time at COTA.

  • Damo


    Not to speak for Jensen, but he was invited there for the press launch of the 1199R. So I only imagine the track day was gratis.

  • More like half a track day, but yeah it was a freebie…it’s a tough life running a motorcycle blog.

  • UPDATE: Marc Marquez’s on-board lap has been added to this post as well.

  • L2C

    Cool vid!

    And just in case it doesn’t load for anybody else:

  • L2C

    Here’s Márquez’s jump to light speed:

  • Oh thank God. Thanks L2C, those Facebook videos were driving me nuts.

    Pedrosa added as well.

  • L2C

    OH! OK, thanks, JB. :-)

  • L2C

    Something tells me Austin is going to be scorching hot on April 21. Bring towels and ice packs!

  • meatspin

    To those that are attending, where is the best spot for viewing if you only got a general admission ticket?

  • I love / hate how smooth, relaxed, and easy, they make it look going mind bending fast on those bikes.

  • “But no, Mr. Bradl had to go and show me up. Close to 15 seconds quicker on his out-lap than my best hot-lap”

    Don’t feel too bad, Jensen. As I understand it, Bradl’s laps around Laguna Seca on a stock ‘Blade were roughly equivalent of mid-pack AMA Superbikes. With all things being equal, some are just more equal than others.

    Love the bunny slippers. <3

  • That’s true Trane. Thanks for putting things in perspective.