Kwikasfaki by Cabbie

07/29/2011 @ 5:51 pm, by Jensen Beeler29 COMMENTS

Take one Kawasaki H2 750 motor, recently decommisioned from drag strip duty we might add, throw in a plenty of bling parts, for measure include one deliciously white powdercoated frame, and you’ve got one seriously trick bike that is sure to go “kwikasfaki” (295lbs, 135rwhp, 9.3 down the ¼ mile if you’re a numbers person). Oddly enough, that’s exactly what one member on the Custom Fighters forum, named cabbie, did (full build thread here), and the result is Pamela-Anderson-in-a-wet-leotard-on-a-windy-day stunning.

While everyone is busy trying to murder out every piece of their motorcycles with the darkest shades of dark (quick diversion: has anyone noticed how the OEMs are all finally catching onto the styling trend?), cabbie is going the other way with his design: all white everything. The result is a bright and eye-catching bike, and oh…check out those three gorgeous two-stroke exhaust pipes. We’d write more, but we’ve soiled ourselves. More photos after the jump.

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  • Victor Knowles

    I bet this thing flies ! Very unique ! I like it…..

  • MikeD

    Total FAP MATERIAL (^_^ )

  • Those bars are clean as fak (no headlight lol), but those grips are cheap foam crap. Only thing left to anodize is the seat.

  • Those bar looks to high. Even the tank has dents for clip-ons.

    And talking about the tank… what’s the switch for? Starter? Is the front tank a fake and the gas is hold in the seat cowl? Hoses look to come from main tank, but…

    No filters for those carbs?

  • Mike J

    It’s a two stroke Kumo, the tank in the seat hump is for two stroke oil.

  • QuickNick

    Just looking at this beaut makes my heart race ! Well Done Guys

  • PD

    Gotta go through the forum posts (thanks for the “article” and the link). This guy is something else. True artisan.

  • heineken

    Excellent to see his build getting a little coverage. Another one to keep an eye out is by a fellow on CustomFighters named Smoker, his attention to detail is maddening for anyone on the outside who wants to see the bike finished up.

  • @Mike J. I though that, but a lot of 2 strokes (most?) use gas/oil mix in the same tank. In add, back tank has keylok, while front doesn’t have.

  • skidmarc

    I’d love to hear how that sounds… Y U NO HAVE VIDEO?!

  • Steve

    How cool is that? What a nice job and unique. Makes me want to build something. If you sell tickets to ride it… I’m in. Whaaaa…Hhooooooo !!!!

  • jamesy

    that’d be a gixxer frame. I remember the “light switch” powerband of that motor pulling a steel frame, bet this boy is “snappy” to say the least.

  • Billy B.Tso

    2 stroke…and pretty on the outside – what more could you ask for! I still remember my custom rgv, one of the most enjoyable bikes i ever owned!

  • Noparadise

    Interesting, in that it looks like someone has taken a GSXR streetfighter and an H2 engine and thrown a bucket of dulux and cash at it. It is a shame that the builders of such specials often create a machine which in very small part evokes the era of the component around which it is built – I would prefer to see on such a machine:
    nickel plated tubular frame (e.g. moto martin, H2R)
    chromed exhausts at the most jaunty angle imaginable
    less curvy tank/seat unit
    twin shocks (with chrome springs)
    more chrome and matt black generally

  • jamesy

    yep, that would be a good one FOR YOU TO BUILD. This one looks really nice exactly the way it is. I’m sure each of us has his/her own aesthetic preferences but that doesnt make it “a shame”. I would do a gsxr frame with any number of great Suzuki 2 strokes but I love what this guy did too. Different strokes…, right?

  • Noparadise

    I wouldn’t dream of building such a thing, I am too busy on a maico 490 bobber, but I do think it’s tragic when a classy looking 70’s motor like that gets bolted into a whole bunch of meccano from a different era. Don’t get me wrong, that’s quite a feat and I am sure it gives the owner many miles of pleasure, but why bother?

  • heineken


    You, my friend, are conundrum. You’ll take an ancient dirtbike and build it into a bike far from its original purpose, but you condemn someone who does similar.

    No reason to try to make sense of what you spout, but please keep your rudeness to yourself. This, my good sir, is the internet. Don’t sully it with your drivel.


  • jamesy

    why worry it to death? Its all good my man

  • cabbie

    @ Noparadise

    My dulux and cash bike just won ” best in show” at the Ace cafe streetfighter show, it’s also had a studio photo shoot today and you will be able to see it on the cover of streetfighter magazine in October.

    How many bikes have you built from scratch that won best in show and been on mag covers?

  • jamesy

    Haha… we’re all waiting with bated breathe for the answer to that one. As my ole pappy once said, “opinions are like a**holes, everybody’s got one..just be careful you dont BE one.”

  • Noparadise

    Congratulations, your bike is clearly a seminal realisation of the “streetfighter” concept. I am sorry if you were upset by the dulux comment, that was a joke, the bike is clearly beautifully engineered and finished, and no, I haven’t ever entered or won any showbike competition. Don’t get me wrong, it is an enviable machine. I am not surprised your H2 trounced the competition at the streetfighters show either, but it isn’t built from scratch – it might have a lot of one-off parts, but the principal components are parts from different eras which in my eyes don’t sit together too well in the context of “motorcycle” – as opposed to “streetfighter” – which was kinda the point I was trying to make, perhaps badly, but it wasn’t my intention to offend and please accept my apologies if I did. Anyway I hope it is as good to ride as look at.

  • Beary

    Haters gonna hate… and jealousy is a curse.

    It looks damn spanking beautiful… and I love the name.

    FAR more beautiful than Pamela Anderson in a wet leotard on a windy day would look… Oh my, I think Jensen needs to update his imagery to the modern era.

  • Pam’s still a fox man, don’t hate. If I had said Taylor Swift would that have conveyed the same imagery for you? :-P

  • Beary

    Taylor who ?

    Imagery should be about the overall frame….and not just the headlights. So if you’d said Salma Hayek, on the other hand… ;)

  • FLABueller

    Cabbie what an outstanding build. Just went thru all 67 pages on the forum and look forward to the magazine coverage. Please post up a ride report and a better video of it running. It would be tits to see a nice hoon session on it :)

  • pepps

    any chance of contacting me re the fireblade…I’ve brought the mille swingarm but am having clearance issues with existing subframe! cheers pepps

  • cabbie

    Pepps message me on customfighters . com

  • Cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • Boris Sciaroni

    very nice! really nice! Congratulations