Motorcycle Lust: KTM/Vyrus Frankenbike

02/19/2011 @ 4:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

This has to be the most impractical motorcycle ever conceived…but we absolutely have to have one. A mixture of the KTM Dakar 450 & KTM Freeride concept, and the Vyrus 987 C3 4V, this Frankenbike not only grabs our attention for its outrageous design, but for its handy work in Photoshop as well. You’d think with the combined forces of KTM‘s proven Dakar winner, Ducati’s stout 1198cc v-twin power plant, and Vyrus‘ hub-center steering chassis design, this would be the last word on all things two wheeled, but as its creator points out, that’s likely not to be the case.

“Low positioned coolers that’d be filled with sand before even rolling out to the starting line of the Dakar, open dry clutch which wouldn’t last for 10km in rally conditions and the Ducati 1198cc twin which in this Vyrus 987 trim delivers 211hp! KTM’s 450 Rally front and the tail from the Freeride concept, beefy Akrapovic mufflers and good-for-nothing tank volume since I removed the rear tank and also cut the bottom of the front ones. My god, it’d be so useless that you’d better just stuff it in the back of one of those awesome Kamaz trucks if you want it to go anywhere at all, not to mention that it anyway wouldn’t fit in any of the classes of the Dakar… But screw all that, it looks killer in my opinion!”

We concur…we’ll still take one for our garage though.

Source: Martin P

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  • Glen

    Exercises in photo shop are important. Restraint is also important in life. Neat photoshop, please don’t try to make!

  • That Freeride tail looks so amazing on a bit beefier bike (like this) – loving the bike framewise and from the engine to the back – not too sure about the front, but nonetheless, amazing shop and concept.

  • Keith

    Glen and photoshop artist are gonna KILL ME… But it could be done. Wet Clutch and put the coolers on like a old vfr or RC51 and iirc isn’t there a sweet little v-twin 450 out there? hmmm?

    But as an exercise in wretched excess? Oh hella yeah! Right up there with a v12 2,600cc Kawasaki…must be built.

  • BikePilot

    That’s just plain goofy.

  • 2strokesrule

    this looks shopped, i can tell from some of the pixles and from seeing quite a few shopes in my time

  • I don’t know why on God’s green Earth you’d think that image was photoshopped…

  • don

    Please leave this work to professionals (even everyone thinks designer job is the one what every one can do besides it cost at least hundreds of thousands, takes 10-20 years hard trainings and hyper talent to get at least to some level) and keep up your fantastic work we all truly enjoy!!! :)
    No offense ! :)
    Have a happy Monday :)

  • Steve T.

    It’s a lot of fun, but there’s another reason it wouldn’t work, too. When it hits a big bump, the front swing-arm guarantees that instead of compressing, the suspension will extend, launching the rider over the handlebars.

    I found that out when I designed and built a mountain bike with Hossacks style front suspension. It was like being bucked off a horse. The only way to get around the problem would be a design in which the suspension pivot point is substantially below the level of the axle.

    I’ll bet this is the reason that BMW doesn’t use its Telelever or Duolever suspension on its dirt bikes.

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