KTM Super Duke 1290R Concept by Mirco Sapio

04/10/2013 @ 3:52 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


One of the most eye-catching machines at the 2012 EICMA show in Milan, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R shows the Austrian brand’s return to making beastly asphalt-churning street-nakeds. Edgy in design, and featuring a bored-out version of the KTM 1190 RC8 R’s v-twin engine at its core, we are counting down the days until the Maestros at Mattighofen release the new Super Duke upon us.

Helping tide us over until that day is this very interesting re-imagining, Micro Sapio’s KTM Super Duke 1290R concept. We have featured Sapio’s work here on A&R before, though we have to say we are more smitten with his more recent take on the Super Duke than his last.

Taking some cues from KTM’s concept design, the highlights of Sapio’s concept are its gorgeous tail section and exhaust, as well as the unique front-end fork and air-intake design. We wouldn’t mind seeing some of these ideas incorporated into KTM’s final work, though we think the LED headlight and some other details are going to put off some enthusiasts. More photos after the jump.






Source: MotoBlog.it

  • jimmy smith JR


  • Flyingfox

    Sorry KTM that is an abomination, absolute rubbish design, retro for the sake of it, the frame looks stiff and totally unforgiving, the headlight wouldn’t illuminate my garage and the seat is plain sadistic.

  • Jeram


    I disagree, not about the looks but the function.

    The frame doesnt look any stiffer than any other trellis frame, its just an optical illusion.
    The LED headlights will definitely suprise you.

    I have an LED headlight on my custom build bike that utilises just two little LEDs (this bike has 10). with just 2 LED’s it puts out as much light as my cars headlights, which are pretty decent!

    The main difference is that this concept bike doesnt show any lenses which would be required on the production bike to ensure that the majority of the photons are perfectly focused in a band of pure light, unlike incandescent bulbs which waste alot of their light in bright spots and the peripherals.

  • paulus – Thailand

    it only looks great from one angle… the other views it looks top heavy and like a maxi scooter.
    Sorry… I know it is a concept, but by the time the realities of real bike technology (brake lines, indicators, somewhere to hang number plates), it would look a mess.

    Back wheel and swing arm are pure Ducati design.

    not liking it!

  • Neil Craig

    As a complete package, I don’t like it either but there are some parts I find very interesting. The tail section is clearly inspired by the Panigale, but the exhaust integration is very unique.

    The front suspension is interesting, with the calipers mounted at the bottom. However, I cannot see how the whole setup will work…

    The tank seems to bulky and ultimately spoils the design, but with many components located in unusual places, there is a lot of ideas on this bike I’d like to see in production one day…

  • smiler

    Those brakes surely will not work, curbs, leaning the bike over, collecting road dirt in spades. Like some of the details though. The side view looks very modern and pushing design forward. The rear looks like a scream mask!

  • Slangbuster

    It looks like a “Segway” (Stand up electric scooter) that mated with an orange Bird Eating Spider and a white Preying Mantis. Otherwise it’s fine :) It’s not really my taste but it’s certainly a creative effort and has some interesting ideas.

  • BrianZS

    I agree with Neil Craig in that parts of the design are very interesting, but as a whole, I am not a fan. I think the rear shock remote adjustment being underneath the way it is is a little different, but the origional design had the forward cylinder exhaust there ala GP Style which made sense in terms of putting more weight lower. The air intakes on this incarnation remind me too much of an angular futuristic Buell 1125CR. I like the guage cluster, and while I am not completely sold on the LED headlight, I am not discounting the idea either. I am perplexed by the idea of putting the calipers on the bottom of the forks in that way, due to the sense in terms of actual servicability if this were an actual potential idea. I think they are clean in the idea of integration, just not exactly practical. Lastly, I like the minimalist nudity of the EICMA bike versus the very cladded incarnation here. It almost seems like he did this design to give places to hide things instead of the raw exposed streetfighter that the EICMA bike was. That rawness is what makes the Superduke the nasty weapon of ultimate hoonage that most appreciate it to ultimately be.

  • anders eliasson

    Fugly …


  • Kenny

    One thing I love about KTM is their minamilist philosphy, I find this concept just has too much bodywork on it. I think it would look a whole lot better without the engine cowling and the lower half of the seat unit.
    As for the odd front brake setup, it makes no engineering sense. The suspension struts would have to be beefed up to resist the larger bending moment compared to a standard set-up. Never mind the constant worry of smashing the calipers off something or them touching down on a track.
    I’m not too sold on the instrument/control cluster. I like the idea but the execution isn’t to my taste.
    But I could forgive any/all of it, so long as it sounds like the prototype….excuse me I must go listen to that video again

  • Singletrack

    Step back from the edge guys… its only a concept drawing. And its not even officially from KTM. Mirco’s just playing with ideas.

    Anyway, I must be old, because I don’t really like the current trend of ‘front heavy’ design with minimal bodywork. Most of the new sportbikes have excessively truncated the rear bodywork, the Aprilia SBK in particular. I really don’t mind having some place to attach a bungey cord to… or carry a passenger.

    Perhaps I’m stuck in the 2000’s, but my ’06 CBR600F4i is still turns my head in the garage. Every time.

  • mxs

    Not sure about the tank front ears transition making that tank look very high compared to where the seat height is, but I like it very much over all.