KTM RC4 Concept by Luca Bar Design

05/06/2013 @ 3:57 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


KTM is shaping up to be the brand of 2013. Surpassing BMW Motorrad in outright unit sales, and becoming the largest motorcycle brand in Europe, zie Austrians have been on a tear with their small-displacement machine strategy. Most of that move has been buoyed by KTM’s partnership with Bajaj, which in-turn owns a very sizable minority stake in the Austrian company, but KTM also has been making other moves as well, like the acquisition of Husqvarna by CEO Stefan Pierer and his company Pierer Industrie AG.

Surprisingly, what has been occurring in KTM’s boardroom is almost overshadowing what is occurring in the company’s model line-up, with the KTM 1190 Adventure set to finally come to the USA later this year, almost a year after its European debut, as well the upcoming release of the KTM 390 Duke and its sport bike and adventure variants. Perhaps lost in the wash is the 2013 KTM 690 Duke, which is a new machine for the US market this year.

A single-cylinder hooligan-maker, the KTM 690 Duke is 330 lbs (curbside without fuel) and 67hp of two-wheeled fun, and we hope that the Austrians bring the KTM 690 Duke R our way as well. While we are on the topic of things missing from KTM’s American line-up, a decent supersport is painfully obvious, yet we can’t see the folks at KTM following the paths of other brands. That’s where our friend Luca Bar comes to mind with his latest concept: the KTM RC4.

Using the KTM 690 Duke platform and its LC4 engine, Bar has designed a super-single full-fairing sport bike that takes the Austrian company’s “Ready to Race” DNA and applies it to an idea that is not all that disimilar to the Ducati Supermono.

A lightweight design that features the of out-of-the-corner punch that comes with a big-displacement single, the KTM RC4 concept is the continuation of a thought others have had as well…and we want one.

Since the KTM 690 Duke is already a very affordable machine at $8,999, its full-fairing counterpart could be an attractive proposition of sport bike junkies who are tired of the bland Japanese offerings and expense associated with the Italian divas.

Now, if only someone would come up with a bolt-on fairing kit for the KTM 690 Duke…Luca, I think we have your next product project figured out.


Source: Luca Bar (blog)

  • Tim

    KTM RC4 this model year???? 690 power plant, so it’s going to fall into the 600cc supersport category, but what’s up with the single brake rotor up front? $10,000 range. traction control/ABS look at the wheel sensors front & rear

  • CTK

    As the owner of a 650cc twin, barring either a mega price advantage, a huge displacement bump or some very exotic technology, I don’t think this would be competitive with a thumper against the likes of the ZX6R etc. It would prob be better to borrow a play out of Ducati’s book and do a shrunken down high revving V twin. If they could keep the stroke within range of the 4 bangers and get some big pistons this could combine V twin growl with a top end rush

  • is it just me or this lucas Design is going backwards? the original RC8 looks way better that this

  • Meeeh
  • “MotoTech’s RC4 is better”

    I prefer the classic exhaust on this bike. I think it looks most excellent. :)

  • Halfie30

    The black part of the fairing angles too steep to the belly pan. Throws the whole asthetic off.

  • it’s funny to see guys doing crappy photoshop pics that think they are designers..

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    I think the bike looks great. Wish there was a front-on depiction of it.

    I think the smaller displacement strategy is a great idea. I might be alone with this thought-The capabilities of today’s sportbikes make liter sized ones silly to own if you don’t race motorcycles for your living or frequent weekend hobby. Sometimes too much really is too much.

  • jimmy smith JR

    Um this is a single fellas….so…its lightweight…hence the single brake rotor. Also this is not in the 600 SS category.

  • jackie

    Sporting thumpers are a whole lot of fun. Light, great handling, with the ability to use all of their power on the road or track…perfect. I sure miss the heck out of my old MuZ Skorpion, and always dreamed of Ducati’s Supermono.

    If KTM would just bring over the “R” version of their 690 Duke, or put together a 690 RC4, I’d sure be tempted.

  • mike s.

    im a Harley rider but really like the look of the 390 & 690 duke naked bike . im not big into the bikes with all the ferrings. looking forward to seeing when it comes around i live near Boston Mass.