Rumors of a 250cc KTM sport bike have been around ever since the Austrian brand’s product road map for the American market leaked to the internet.

Expected to draw inspiration from the company’s successful Moto3 race bike, the KTM 250cc street bike is now coming to the forefront of rumors again, as news from India reconfirms its production for 2014.

However, the new rumors from India suggest that the dubbed “KTM RC25” will take after the KTM 1190 RC8 R, rather than the company’s Moto3 machine.

Ignoring the break in the naming scheme that KTM uses for the 1190 RC8 R (we would expect the bike to be called something  like the RC250), the suggestion here that KTM would make a 250cc bike to compete against the Honda CBR250R, Kawasaki Ninja 250R/300, and the upcoming Yamaha 250cc sport bike makes a bit of sense.

Expected to be a world model, we don’t know yet if KTM will make multiple variations of the machine, like it did with its KTM 125 Duke, KTM 200 Duke, and KTM 390 Duke trio of naked bikes.

However, we do know that the KTM RC25 will be made in Bajaj’s Chakan facility near Pune, India, which should help keep its cost down for mass consumption in markets like Europe and North America.

Rumored to have a parallel-twin motor and make 30hp, the KTM RC25 would be a class-leader in the 250cc segment if it lives up to the hype. But as always, time will tell.

Source: IndianCarsBikes; Photos: © 2012  Mitterbauer H. / KTM – All Rights Reserved

  • Tim

    does this mean we (USA) will get this with the 390cc motor?

  • JJ

    Dear moto gods, please follow Tim’s suggestion – 390 cc motor,…and I will pre-order today!

  • Jon

    A 390 sportbike would be a beautiful thing….I think I might shed a tear….

  • Tim

    If they do and price it in the $5,000-$6,500 range. I’ll just have to eliminate Starbucks cold Turkey and learn how to drink instant coffee and back to Ramen Noodles B-L & D.


  • Halfie30

    I was hoping for a single cylinder thumper… In any case if this thing is styled like the RC8R,stays under 7 grand, and is in fact a 390… I’m in!

  • MP

    Can I has?

  • jeram

    stole my idea!

    I’ve got an RC38 under contruction!

  • jeram

    stole my idea!

    I’ve got an RC38 under contruction!

  • L2C

    And if it ends up looking like the RC8, who wouldn’t?

  • An RC390 would be JUST the ticket!

  • Westward

    We approve, I will buy one, especially if it’s around $5000…

  • a tom

    Yeet another nice sports tourer to choose from! ;-)

    If it looks anything like the RC8, awesome, but it really needs 60+HP to be considered a true sports bike…

  • a tom

    Oops, well, 40+HP for a 250. :-P

  • Alex MacPherson

    Does this mean the Moto3 350 is NOT coming? That would be a shame. The 250 looks like it could be a fun 250 cup racer.