KTM Enters AMA Pro Superbike with Factory Team

06/30/2011 @ 12:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

KTM Motorsports is teaming up with HMC Racing to field a factory-backed KTM effort in the AMA Pro Superbike Road Racing Championship Series (say that three times fast). KTM & HMC will enter in three races on the AMA Pro Racing calendar: Mid-Ohio, VIR, and NJMP, with rider Chris Fillmore at the helm of the KTM 1190 RC8 R Race Spec. With the team headed by Mitch Hansen of HMC Racing, KTM is trusting old partners with its first official foray into AMA road racing.

Hansen led the HMC/KTM Supermoto Team to 10 National Championships from 2003-2009, and was also behind the U.S. Red Bull Rookies Cup effort from 2008-2009. Similarly, Chris Fillmore raced for the HMC/KTM Supermoto Team starting in 2003 and again in 2008 where he finished 2nd overall in the AMA Pro Supermoto Championship while also competing on the KTM 990 Super Duke.

“Together, Mitch and Chris formulate the perfect team to launch the development of our Superbike racing effort in the United States,” stated KTM North America Vice President of Sales Brad Hagi. “They have both been tied to every major road racing effort KTM has assembled in North America and we are excited to see it escalate to this level of competition. With the national success KTM has had in the German Superbike Championship (IDM) and with a brand nucleus of “Ready to Race” it is the obvious move to take our motorcycle to the next logical step: U.S. AMA Superbike Racing.”

We say its about time the Austrian mark made a more official entry into AMA road racing, and this news cleverly coincides with the AMA offering KTM-branded membership cards, signaling the American Motorcyclist Association has finally lured zie-Austrians into its spider’s web. One of our favorite bikes on the track, it’ll be interesting to see how Fillmore fares in his AMA racing effort with the RC8 R.

Source: KTM North America

  • RSVDan

    This might actually give me a reason to start watching AMA again! Actually, probably not…

  • Kevin


    You’re missing some of the best racing I have seen in years. Especially the Daytona Sportbike class. I think it is fantastic news. It sounds like BMW will be making an even stronger push next year also. Now all we need is for someone to get a team together with the new 2012 Honda superbike.

  • gee, this from a company who’s north american CEO thinks that all his company’s street bikes are a POS?


  • 76

    huh?? When did the NA CEO say something like that? Does KTM even have an acting CEO of North America, dont think so? Let alone anyone who has ever ridden a KTM streetbike simply would never say that I would think.

    Well never the less the more you show this bike the more I scratch my head wondering why I dont have it already, look forward to seeing what Fillmore can do on it and maybe even some other privateers, good luck.

  • sunstroke

    Nice to hear. I hope more of the European manufacturers capitalize on the absence of Honda and Kawasaki. I hope Honda lose a bit of market share and feckless Ray Blank is replaced by someone younger who can do more than pontificate from the boardroom.

  • Ricardo

    @john clelland

    Please post a link to your statement. Thanks.

  • Ricardo

    Oh, and BTW. This is good news for the AMA and good news for KTM.