For some time now, we have known that KTM intended to bring a 300cc-class version of its KTM 125 Duke motorcycle to market, thanks primarily to a leaked product road map that covered the Austrian company’s product line-up clear through the 2014 model year.

Slotted to bring the KTM 390 Duke to the US market this coming spring, the leaked road map has so far proven to be accurate, and has two interesting machines listed for 2014: the KTM Moto3 350 & KTM Enduro 350.

Now confirmed by KTM’s CEO Stefan Pierer, KTM will debut a “faired” model (the KTM Moto3 350) and a “travel” model (KTM Enduro 350), which are based off the KTM 390 Duke platform, and will share the bike’s 375cc single-cylinder engine.

Talking to India’s CNBC-TV18, Pierer stated that KTM will continue to rollout models every six months, with the faired sport bike and enduro model included in that plan. This is the second time that Pierer’s has confirmed the “faired” machine, which is said to take heavy cues from the company’s Moto3 race bike.

News on the “enduro” model, however, has been a rarity, and the bike is in full-speculation mode. With conjecture raging from something that is more adventure-touring related, to something that is more along the lines of a street motard, it is still anyone’s guess what will debut from the Austrian brand.

Continuing his talk with CNBC-TV18, Pierer also outlined his plans in India, where a sub-200cc Duke will be built for that market, as well as KTM’s plans to push into Malaysia and Indonesia.

Interestingly enough though, the Austrian does not see KTM making its way into China anytime soon, saying “In China I am very careful because for me the culture doesn’t fit with my culture. So, as a race brand I want to win. If you go to China, you can just get the second place and that’s not what I like.”

The full interview is pretty interesting and worth a watch/read. Check it out on CNBC-TV18’s website.

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  • froryde

    Hope it’s not made in India by Baja – not very impressed with the rusting bolts and overall build quality on my brother’s Duke 200…

  • Tim


    is the Duke 390 supermoto stilling going to be in the USA line up or are we just going to get the 390 Full Fairing Moto3 Replica?

  • BBQdog

    Party time !!!!

  • Halfie30

    It would be amazing if the make the “Moto 3” bike look like Thr RC8. I would totally get one instead of trying to obtain an RC8.

  • Damo

    I REALLY want to test ride the 390 Duke. Weighs less than the CBR250 and has almost 1.8 times the horse. Going to be a fun little bike, provided the maintenance schedule isn’t crazy.

  • Bob Krzeszkiewicz

    There’s already a 350 SX, EXC and XC-W in the US lineup. My guess is the 390 Enduro will be a kider, gentler dual purpose bike. If it has great suspension, I would be interested in that since they do not seem to want to bring the Freeride over here.

  • This is exciting news – I think we all knew it was going to happen based on the tidbits of info over past months… the prospect of a small-ish KTM track bike option either in sportbike or supermoto form is almost reality..

    I really hope they bring a supermoto version of this out… or have easily swappable accessories for on/off road customization between each discipline).

  • DeafDaddy

    I can’t imagine the MSRP of the faired 375cc sportbike; with the Duke 390 MSRP rumored to be around $6,500, that could put the faired counterpart’s MSRP in the ballpark around $7,000+. Sure, it’ll have the KTM moniker but c’mon, 7G for a single-cyclinder 375cc sportbike?

  • MikeD

    Thumbs Up.
    Smaller, Fresh, Affordable NEW Products can’t get here soon enough.


    I hear you about the possible M.S.R.P’s.
    They better keep those 3rd world country assembly plants with SUPER CHEAP labor at full steam to keep the prices as low as posible.
    It may sound short sighted at best but just like you i can’t see myself forking over 7G’s for a measly although “fully faired” 1 CYLINDER 375cc engined bike.
    It just doesn’t compute on my “caveman” brain…(^_^) LOL.

    I hope too it look like a Mini RC8R…or better ?

    Same thoughts on the “dual sport/w/e it ends up being/looking” version…please don’t make it AS HIDEOUS AS the Big Rigs (Caponord, ChickenStrada, 1190 Adventure and the Japan Inc versions.)

  • I’d very surprised if either bike cost that much.

  • Jeram

    I’m hoping a few of them go bang early on, as I wouldnt mind snapping up a damaged one cheap to pop a KTM300/380 motor in it.

  • I can’t imagine they would go $7k… maybe 6… what’s that new CB500R at in USD?

  • Halfie30

    If you look at how much Kawi is askinmfor the new 300 Ninja, I could easily see the faired bike costing 7 grand or perhaps a bit more. Already owning a Duc I kind of see KTM medeling road going bikes in a similar fashion.

    So if KTM released a supersport bike comparable to the 848 it would run about a grand to 1500 less tha the Duc. Easily leaving a gap to charge more than 7 grand for their “entry level” faired bike.

  • Be prepared for something more like the Honda CB500X than the KTM 450 SMR on the enduro/touring model.

  • @Jensen: “I’d very surprised if either bike cost that much.”

    I wouldn’t be all that surprised. Here in Japan, the 200 Duke sells for ¥489,000, which comes in at US$5,971 at the current exchange rate. Granted, markets have their own pricing structures and Japan tends to be somewhat on the expensive side, but …

    Pricy little bugger.

  • You hit the nail on the head with “markets have their own pricing structures.”

    If I had to estimate the pricing, I’d say the KTM 390 Duke will be $5,500 USD, not $6,500. KTM on average prices the $1.25 to the GBP, and keeps the euro and dollar very close.

    This is a bike that sells for £4,500 and €5,000 abroad, that has to compete against sub-$5,000 bikes here in the USA.

  • Regardless of the pricing, I can only hope that the Moto3 350 finds its way to the Canadian market. Given that they don’t even have the 990 SM T (love that one) in Canada, I doubt the smaller road bikes will make the grade.

  • mxs

    I was hoping he would say that the useless KTM NA management will be replaced soon.

    Also, I find it a bit misleading for him to say that in US they are bigger or as big as BMW …. only thanks to the dirt bikes. As far as road bikes are concerned, it’s no contest the orange guys are getting their butt kicked … big time. I have to ride days before I run into a street KTM bike. He surely doesn’t lack self-esteem … LOL

  • a tom

    I thought Bajaj was only putting together the smaller KTM’s for the India market? Or are they in charge of global manufacturing as well?

    In either case, Bajaj is not known for their build quality, but they’re now well above where they used to be… trending positively!

    And pricing: the Kawa EX250 (hate the dilution of the ‘Ninja’ subbrand) in Japan is Y510k machine only ($6.2k) vs $4.5k in the US, so that KTM 200 Duke is really not obscenely overpriced.

    As you said, just be glad if it hits your market! 400’s are a great city rider with sufficient power for some highway riding, wish Ducati still made the L-twin Monster 400s… with the Termi’s, yum!

  • “And pricing: the Kawa EX250 (hate the dilution of the ‘Ninja’ subbrand) in Japan is Y510k”

    In fact, if you spring for the Ninja 250 ABS Special Edition, it’ll run a cool ¥603,000 MSRP.

    “wish Ducati still made the L-twin Monster 400s… with the Termi’s, yum!”

    No kidding!

  • BBQdog

    I have always wondered why KTM hasn’t also made some kind of fairing version of the KTM Duke 690.×418.jpg

  • MikeD

    Looking at those prices of the JDM Ninja 250 all i can say is that most of the time we(USA) have it pretty good when it comes to pricing (from gasoline to the bikes itself).

  • MikeD



    The only KTM i see around are the ones for sale on Craigslist…and then most of it are dirt bikes and the odd Duke 990 now and then (VERY, VERY, VERY ligthly used).

    Luckily (or is that oddly ?) i have a KTM dealer probably what seems like 7 miles away ? I would almost put my wang under a machete that 99.9% of their sales are dirt bikes.

  • Mikeg81

    Hopefully that ‘Moto3’ 390 is a proper sportsbike, not a high-bar CBR250-style learner machine.

    If KTM goes that route, I’ll have my YZF600 in on trade in a heartbeat.