Rumor: KTM 375 Duke – A V-Twin Learner Cometh?

10/17/2012 @ 4:07 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

Diving through KTM’s 108 page annual report for 2011, the Austrian company lists a couple of interesting developments in its Research & Development section. Partnering with Bajaj on small-displacement street motorcycles, the first obvious fruit of that labor was the KTM 125 Duke, and the subsequent KTM 200 Duke that is available worldwide.

We already know that KTM plans on bringing a 300cc version of the baby Duke to North America, and the Austrian company lists displacements in this project up to 375cc, a strong signal to the final displacement of the much anticipated KTM 350 Duke.

The other bit of interesting news comes from KTM disclosing that it is working on a v-twin platform with Bajaj, which would be a novelty in the single-cylinder saturated Indian market. Whether or not that v-twin project overlaps the small-displacement Duke project is up for speculation, though it is rumored to be the case.

Slotted to be a 2013 model year motorcycle here in North America, the KTM 375 Duke (note the 25cc displacement increase over previous company communications) would be a more premium offering to those looking at bikes like the Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 300 — though it would likely still remain a step below the rumored Honda CBR500.

With KTM’s on-road segment struggling here in North America, a bike like the KTM 375 Duke, along with its full-fairing Moto3 inspired counterpart, could be the shot(s) in the arm that gets consumers and dealers alike into riding riding orange on the streets. Time will tell of course.

Source: KTM via IndianCarsBikes

  • Tedd Riggs

    Hope they go thru with it and bring it to America ! Neat concept.

  • Bob Loves KTM

    Please Santa, God, Allah, KTM mgmt, please oh please make a supermoto version. w/ high spec suspension, 4 pot radial front and less than 300lbs. God id love a light! 375 twin sumo….

  • jackie

    I’ll have mine in a little road/track bike please.

  • The KTM Duke 375 is expected to be a big bore single and the launch is expected to happen in 2013. The V-Twin could be launched much later than that.



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  • BBQdog

    That’s what I am waiting for. Totally fed up with those big fat bikes ….

  • Mikeg81

    A 375 single ‘true’ sportbike would be amazing.

    A 375 v-twin ‘true’ sportbike would make my brain explode.

  • I’m with “Bob Loves KTM”. I would love another small displacement sumo. I love my drz but am ready for something different.

  • What a beautiful engine, the blokes at KTM always seem to come up with great designs and design packages.

  • JoeD

    And I would certainly like to have a few in my Trainer Bike fleet. The 250 twins from you know who are crap.

  • MikeD

    Really ? Why would they ? when they make Monos that cover each and every possible capacity on the market.

    Don’t want to be the Negative Nancy but i have learned to curve my enthusiasm….. A LOT !!!! when it comes to upcoming new models…[recently Yamaha comes to mind].

    AND……i could almost put my WANG under the Gillotine that it will cost MORE than the CBR500.
    Just KTM being KTM… (^_^)

    I hope to be wrong, all wrong. A Baby LC8… i can only imagine, a full tilt small displacement multi-cylinder ARMS RACE. YES. YES PLEASE.

    @Bob loves KTM:

    ROTFLMAO @…your first sentence.

  • Hodgmo

    So.. the new market trend is here.. motorcycles on the low end of the displacement spectrum that: 1) actually perform! -NOT just a biginner bike 2) appeal to new, young riders: more affordable and less scarry than 100+HP bikes 3) get outstanding GAS MILEAGE (50 MPG minimum.. this is going to be essential very soon) and could be used as a freeway commuter. Me thinks the’re on the right path (KTM usually is). How about this: a 375cc vTwin adventure bike! What do you think?