KTM 1290 Super Duke R Prototype Concept Bike

11/13/2012 @ 5:10 am, by Jensen Beeler39 COMMENTS

As we said before in our EICMA coverage, the teased machine under the orange sheet was not a production model, but in fact a concept bike of the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Prototype. The first fully functional concept bike that KTM has ever shown, the KTM 1290 Superduke R Prototype makes an estimated 180hp and looks bat shit crazy, in a good way.

Based on the new KTM Super Duke, the KTM 1290 Superduke R Prototype  uses the same pavement kicking LC8 motor as the KTM 1190 RC8 R, though with an extra 100cc of skin in the game. Radical in just about every way, our favorite aspect has to be the custom Akrapovic exhaust, which is simply delicious. The boys and girls at Kiska really out did themselves on this one.

Quasi-Technical Specifcations of the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Prototype:

Engine: Liquid-cooled V-twin based on the RC8 R with ride-by-wire
Displacement: one.point.three
Power and torque: More than ever
Electronic assistance: ABS, traction control, anti-stoppie, and anti-wheelie control (all can be deactivated)
Frame: Chrome-molybdenum steel tubular frame
Swingarm: Light-alloy single-sided swingarm
Suspension components: WP prototypes – upside-down fork with gas pressure cartridge, directly connected shock absorber
Wheels and tyres: Light-alloy wheels with slicks
Brakes: Brembo racing callipers front and rear
Weight: Unbelievably low

Photos: Courtesy of derestricted

  • Terry

    Stunning machine, a work of art. They really should just go with this, Stevie Wonder would buy it!

  • loki

    It does look good, though the “wow” factor isn’t present for me, sorry. The exhaust is indeed stunning, but… that’s about it. The rest is frame, a lot of orange paint and stickers.

    Oh, and that 180hp figur is indeed is badass but completely useless and unusable on a naked bike. That’s just a brag-about figure to use while showing off at your local café.

  • Corey S

    Good looking bike. I hope the street version is close to looking that good.

  • anti

    I’ll buy it. Now.

    So refreshing in an era of uglifying motorcycle design that puts layer upon layer of muscular plastic everywhere, and no single purpose other than ticking boxes and keeping up with the peers. It has just been said above, which states all that I love about this bike. An awesome frame, a brutal engine, minimal painted bodywork in non conservative corporate paint. I’m not crazy about graphics on bikes, but KTM actually do it very well and their own way.

    There is no concept here, there’s a bike I need.

  • Ganny

    This is SICK!!! WOW!! Hope the production version retains the look

  • mike

    Add mirrors and a headlight and don’t change anything else design wise, offer some other color choices, give it all those electronic goodies (traction control, wheelie control, abs, etc), and price it around $15k.

  • Brian ZS

    I like how the concept bike they are showing has the shagged tires on it from the promo pics!

  • marco

    looks like a ducati Steetfighter

  • JJ

    Any room for saddlebags for the hard core commuter?

  • KEG

    HOT! Where is the instrument cluster?

  • Gutterslob

    Looks proper mad, I gotta say.
    Some hints of the Duc Streetfighter, but KTM’s engine and plumbing looks so much neater. Orage frame is kinda tacky for me, though. Would’ve preferred a black frame with the orange bodywork. Love how they’ve used worn tyres in the presentation.

  • RGR

    I want those wheels for my RC8R…

  • Alex

    This is what I’ve been holding on to my money for….KTM PLEASE MAKE THIS BIKE, don’t make me get the Tuono! :O)

  • JohnEE

    More bikes should be this ridiculous…..I would buy it in a heart beat. My only complaint is the forward cylinder exhaust, does not look as clean as the rear one. That exhaust probably makes ears bleed in a one mile radius.

  • Daniel Croft

    Sweet looking bike, shame the pictures are oversaturated though.

  • Dranaid

    I think the bike have to much orange wheels will look better if they put in black with one orange stripe. They should work to the front of the thing is to ugly

  • MtnCat

    Bike of the year for sure!(w/trac control, abs…ect only). Great looking bike, always needed the RC8R motor. By by 08 duke r and 11 rc8r. Hello 2013 Duke R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yes!

  • MikeD

    A my glad is only a concept !

    I want to make sweet love to that 2 piece xhaust layout, Brembo R/M/C, front calipers, fork lowers…ahh, so many precious bits and pieces !

    Ducati………see that xhaust ? Yeah, u totally BLEW IT… yours should have had the same routing ( and u don’t even have a shock in the way ! ).

    Im willing to live with the ugly front fender, fugly headlite and non-sense sky high tail section if the push it out with that 1290 Gorilla inside the frame.

    Upon further observation…i think the front cover is only there as a shield for the FRONT CAMERA, no lite there.

    C’mon KTM , FESS UP, I KNOW U HAVE FOOTAGE of your test rider being a TOTAL HOOLIGAN, beating sadistically on those tires and stringing the life out of the e-Gas cable(s).

  • MikeD

    Oh, and that 180hp figur is indeed is badass but completely useless and unusable on a naked bike. That’s just a brag-about figure to use while showing off at your local café.

    Yeah……and to quote someone else from another website……..

    We didn’t need to go to the Moon or Mars…and yet…..(^_^)…

    Live and let live. Is ok to critizice.

  • 76

    I want one, it will look very nice next to my 07 SD.

  • mike

    I was leaning towards the Tuono V4R but I may have to wait and see what this KTM looks like and how they price it. 6 months ago I was leaning towards getting away from bikes and getting a sports car but damn it’s hard to beat the bang for buck these bikes offer.

  • Redrams9

    The Superduke R definitely needed a big HP boost, whoever says that the HP is useless obviously never had one on a racetrack! The 09 R with race slicks is a blast on the track, and almost as fast as my RC8, just needed a bit better brakes, suspension, and 30 more HP! Now it’s going to be the ultimate track day ride!!

  • Redrams9

    Hey Jensen, are you the same guy that we rode the KTM Skip Barber Track School with? Do you remember the Canadians?

  • Minibull

    Looks like gas charged forks, and those Brembo calipers look almost identical in design to the proper SBK or GP ones. Love it XD

  • sunstroke

    Sadly, the engine is just too small. They should have gone 1600cc and 300hp b/c you can’t have fun with less than 300hp. Well, I guess really 350hp is better than 300hp so they should probably go to 2000cc cuz that’s where the market is headed. But if it doesn’t reach dealerships until 2013, it might be best just to jump straight to 400hp b/c riders can’t really be troubled to travel to the dealership for a bike with anything less than 400hp.

    By 2014, 1000cc Superbikes are going to be entry level bikes. KTM need to be thinking about the future. If it weighs less than 500lbs and it costs less than $25,000 and it goes slower than 300mph, I don’t really see the point.

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  • MikeD


    ROTFLMAO. I’ll be the sensible one to start the trend and trade my Dinosaur SV1000N for a “more up to my riding level” DR200SE. The world will be a much better place. (^_^)

  • A sweet looking prototype, BUT the tank dimension is too HIGH and the tail section too SHORT. I
    I hope KTM builds this bike close to the prototype, though. It’s edgy while not looking weirdish like the first generation looked. (I know ..I owned one!)

  • Redrams9, I am the very same. There were a few Canadians if I recall.

  • KTM sent me the following technical specs, hilarious:

    Interesting facts about the prototype:

    Engine: liquid-cooled V-twin based on the RC8 R with ride-by-wire
    Displacement: one.point.three
    Power and torque: more than ever
    Electronic assistance: ABS, traction control, anti-stoppie and anti-wheelie control (all can be deactivated)
    Frame: Chrome-molybdenum steel tubular frame
    Swingarm: Light-alloy single-sided swingarm
    Suspension components: WP prototypes – upside-down fork with gas pressure cartridge, directly connected shock absorber
    Wheels and tyres: Light-alloy wheels with slicks
    Brakes: Brembo racing callipers front and rear
    Weight: unbelievably low

  • Redrams9

    Hi Jensen!
    That was us! There were actually 3 of us from Canada on that course and we were so impressed with the Rc8, that we all bought 2011’s. still have the Superduke R in the garage as well though.
    So are you at the show right now? Or what is your in to all these great updates?

  • @Jensen: Best. Specs. Ever! :-D

  • Richard Bradley

    I loved my SD, now got 690 duke. I would buy this depending on the price?

  • Sixty7

    Looks to be the most exciting bike of 2013……

  • MIke

    I hate when they show us these bikes and then don’t release them for another year. I was just watching some video and it said this one is at least 12 months out. If I was KTM I’d say something along these lines…

    “Here is the KTM 1290 SD. Horsepower is 180, weight is less than 400lbs, it will come in one color, there will be one version which comes completely loaded, it will cost $14,999 and it will be available in U.S. dealerships within a month, and it will blow you’re f*ing mind”

  • MikeD



  • Bad-Ass! Love the dirtbike style high leverage bar set up. A Super Moto superbike, hard to think of anything that would be more fun for street riding. And the sound of that engine… phenomenal.

  • Peter M

    I have a super duke 990R , it is an amazing motorcycle, nothing comes close in power and handling.This looks even better.Hey KTM,lets get going on the production bike i will be first in line. No such thing as useless horse power

  • Girish Balan

    Whats the paint in alloys ?? color code ??