KTM’s pre-EICMA marketing machine continues to churn along, after the company first released a sound clip of its new Super Duke revving its engine in a garage. Today we get a glimpse of KTM’s new street-naked machine, the KTM 1290 Super Duke — a bike KTM is calling a “Beast” on its blog.

More of a concept bike teaser than a reveal, the bike in question appears to be a stunting prototype of the 2013 KTM 1290 Super Duke production model, but KTM has give us some clues what to expect next week: ride-by-wire throttle control, a new chassis, WP suspension, and  a bored-out 1290cc v-twin motor. Your mother already hates it.

Presumed to be using the LC8 motor found currently in the KTM 1190 RC8 R, KTM’s tip about the bored engine shown here on the “Beast” is an interesting point. Is it being used solely for the trade show concept bike? Or, will the production model use it as well, as seen in KTM’s product road map?

We have already seen some deviation by KTM in those model designations, so it is anyone’s guess. More info on Tuesday.

This is another story that has been broken by Asphalt & Rubber. Be sure to follow the rest of our EICMA news for the most comprehensive coverage from Milan.

Source: KTM

  • Bill

    First look at what, promo shots that don’t show us anything of value. Then these rock!

  • jackie

    Brembo radial caliper brakes. Single-sided swingarm. Non-adjustable front suspension(?).

    Crazy Austrian hooligan bike. Awesome. It sure sounded like a small single in their other tease…amazing how quickly it revs up. Fun.

  • Damo


    Something > Nothing

  • Damo


    Those are actually adjustable WP Suspension units. They don’t have the same adjustment fasteners as an Ohlins or Sato set-up

  • Prasenjit Kumar Debroy

    This is really a great news :)

    But, i am waiting for the DUKE 390 :D
    and it will be manufactured here in Pune, my city :)

  • BBQdog

    @Prasenjit Kumar Debroy: but, i am waiting for the DUKE 390

    Me too. Am totally bored by those big fat bikes ….

  • Halfie 30

    Can we update the RC8 now…. I mean a complete over haul… LOL.

  • MikeD


    IF that 1290 (~1250? OR 1302?) aaaaaaanyways…….if that thing revs like what we heard then i don’t know what’s real anymore…that’s like giving the middle finger on it’s face to more than a couple of the most basic laws of physics…that’s very close to imposivrooo.

  • MikeD

    @Halfie 30:

    Hey ! U live her her alone…there’s nothing wrong with being different. Personally i like the whole KTM Origami style. (^_^)

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  • 2ndclass

    Pressurised forks on a street naked bike? Definitely just a tarted-up concept for the bike shows.

  • The Moto3 street bike can’t come out quickly enough for my liking.

  • Halfie 30

    @ MikeD: I love the RC8’s style. I was speaking more about engine and electronics updates. She needs more power, and maybe some simple electronic aids so she can stick around for years to come! I hope I can actually pick one up some day too!

  • RGR

    Love the white/orange wheels. That would be cool if they made it to production.