2011 KTM 125 Duke Officially Named

08/31/2010 @ 3:16 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

After holding an online contest to name its 125cc four-stroke based learner street bike, KTM has shockingly come to the conclusion that it should stick to its Duke nomenclature. Schedule to be the 2011 KTM 125 Duke, KTM debuted the concepts at the 2009 EICMA show in Milan. KTM’s plan is to engage young riders with the “Ready to Race” mantra, making them lifetime Team Orange riders with this stepping-stone model.

With a sporty street bike and a stunter variant, KTM hopes the pair of bikes will resonate well with actual mischievous teenagers, just as its done successfully with adults who have a healthy go-fast inner-child residing inside them.

Look for the 2011 KTM 125 Duke to hit shops in Europe sometime in March, and hit shops in the United States in…well…never. Let KTM USA know how much fun a KTM 350/450 Duke would be in the comments section, and check out the photos and video of the KTM 125 Duke after the jump.

Source: KTM

  • Ades

    Sooooooo happy that they didn’t go with the name “Avatar”…….

    Considering the lean towards the “Duke” name in the rest of their range, it’s hardly surprising they kept in-line with the current branding plan. Though they did generate plenty of press through the “Naming” competition even if it was only for a one off decal on the side of the bike……………..something the competition failed to disclose.

  • Westward


    Sounds to much like Ducati. KTM needs to set themselves apart, not sound similar to another brand.

  • Tim

    PLEASE make a 450 version so I can go to the track on it. If not I’ll have to buy one of these 125’s and retrofit my own 450 into it. How much are these going to be? I’m worried they’ll be priced too high, turn riders off, and then KTM will bag the whole concept.

  • Ron

    A Duke 250 could dethrone the Ninja 250 and would be WAY cooler that the Suzuki TU250. If they can sell it here for $4000 they could have a real hit on their hands.

  • Craig

    Great idea! The problem with KTM is they will price it too high and it will flop in this country. A 125, no matter how cool it looks or how much KTM would like to get young (and young at heart) people started in their brand, if it’s perceived as a poor value, only current KTM owners will even consider it. Clearly that’s not what they’re after. Also, no mention of specs. Given what I suspect the pricing would be, it would have to “out shine” the 250 entries in our market. Possible sure, but then there’s that pricing bugaboo again.
    So at first glance the reaction will be “hell yeah”. But upon further investigation, I suspect it will be “not so much”.
    And in the end, I suspect KTM could care less. They’re not a factor in the American market and it doesn’t seem like they really want to be either.

  • BN.

    KTM USA,

    Make it in a 250cc-450cc and sell it. I’ll buy it. I promise.

    Left Out

  • Being English I am used to the small displacement bikes that Europe has. Now living in the US there is a void for smaller bikes and I missed the smaller machines. I would love a decent 250 or a decent 125 to commute on. I don’t need >100hp to do stop start traffic.
    Hopefully someone will have a change of heart and we can have some small bikes coming over

  • well this is really cool, now i have yamaha fz16 but i like to buy the new 125ktm.
    will it be released in india? if so when will it be?
    how much will it costs?
    ktm price ranges always too high, thats bit sad.