2011 KTM 1190 RC8 R Race Spec Priced at $19,999

02/15/2011 @ 10:37 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

While the KTM RC8 R will be taking over the price point of the now defunct RC8 for 2011, the track-only 2011 KTM 1190 RC8 R Race Spec will in-turn take over the RC8 R’s role as the top-spec “ready to race” machine in the Austrian company’s line-up. Debuting at Intermot, details were scarce about the RC8 R Race Spec (called the RC8 R Track at the time), but we knew it would come sans headlights, turn signals, license plate holders, and anything remotely resembling sanity in a street bike.

Officially announcing the KTM RC8 R Race Spec for the American market, we see that this track weapon comes with a bevy of extra items to help justify its nearly $20,000 price tag. Assembled at KTM Factory Racing Department, the RC8 R Race Spec comes with a Akrapovic Evo 4 titanium exhaust, slipper clutch, quick shifter, and upgraded suspension among other track-oriented goodies.

Along with a thinner headgasket, race air filter, and reprogrammed ECU, the 2011 KTM 1190 RC8 R Race Spec is good for 180hp and 97.4 lbs•ft of torque, which should be more than enough grunt to haul the 405 lbs (without fuel) bike down your favorite track, and embarrass the inline-four rider of your choosing. KTM has tapped its in-house suspension team at White Power to equip the RC8 R Race Spec with its WP 4618 race shock, while setting up the front forks for track use out of the box. Wheels are forged Marchesini aluminum hoops, with rubber being provided by Dunlop.

You can have the 2011 KTM RC8 R Race Spec in any color you want, as long as its white with orange accents. Availability will begin in March 2011.

Source/Photos: KTM

  • BikePilot

    Less is more (expensive?). Maybe the price increase is justified if the suspension bits and motor internals are sufficiently special, though that seems unlikely. Surely KTM could pass on the savings from not including a headlight, switch gear, turn signals, catalytic converter etc to the customer. I’d think that all the street gear should more or less balance out the cost of the gorgeous akra exhaust, that (gold plated?) head gasket and higher-end suspension bits.

    Perhaps another option might be a base-model track bike. Take the RC8R and strip all street equipment from the factory and sell it otherwise as-standard (perhaps with the thin head gasket as that shouldn’t alter cost at all). KTM should be able to offer it for about $14k (guessing here) and maintain the same profit margin as the RC8R road-bike.

  • 76

    Bikepilot, the exhaust on this bike alone retail is almost 4G you will find that this is actually a pretty fcking sweet deal for a raceready trackbike that is spanking new. I’m getting one period

  • GeddyT

    Title of this article if it were written by me? “What I would buy if I were given $20K on the condition that I spent it on something I don’t absolutely need.”

    If I had the spare cash to buy a motorcycle right now, this would be it.

  • But you absolutely need this bike for the track GeddyT!

  • BikePilot

    That’s retail price of the exhaust. I doubt that retail price of the exhaust, headlight etc on the RC8R are much less. I’m not saying its not worth the cost, but I do suspect that there’s a much larger profit margin here than on the RC8R. I could be wrong though. Porsche has certainly showed that money can be made by stripping a vehicle down and selling it for more money :)

  • alexontwowheels

    For a fully prepared racebike that is ready to go, this bike is a screaming deal! My only question would be, what about traction control? I’m also curious about the fairings, material and cost of relacement.

  • BP: Can you purchase a slipper clutch and Akrapovic exhaust for less than retail price?

    alexontwowheels: Where we’re going, we won’t need traction control.

  • PhilB

    Are there any race series you can actually race that in, or is it just a refugee from the Island of Misfit Toys?

  • buellracerx

    such a beautiful machine, exquisite engineering, & yet they wrap those great marchesinis w/ Dunslops…ugh

    PhilB: CCS Unlimited GP, GTO, & Supertwins, other classes state “(vehicles) sold…for street use”

    Is it homologated for AMA SBK? seems like it would fall well within that class

  • Spytech

    People are forgetting that this bike comes with closed Cart kits, upgraded wp 4618 shock – this combo alone, no matter how good of a deal your getting would cost more than $1600. Forged alu. wheels, would be at least another $1k if your sell your wheels. akrapovic exhaust $2500 – remember this is the Evo 4 (akra makes a cheaper ti version). quickshifter at the cheapest $400. slipper clutch $750 – the 2011 RC8R does not come with a slipper, it just detects which gear your in and rpm and opens up the exhaust valve or something of that nature.

    to be honest this has about the same power as the 1098R for half the price. i say about because with the full system the 1098R has 187hp and stock is 99ft/lbs of torque.

    i do not see a race ready bike touching this in price/performance. your getting a lot for the money. put on a brembo billet 19×18 Race master cylinder with a double brake line, do some suspension tuning and your good to go.

  • Spytech

    BTW, tires are subjective. but give me dunlop NTEC’s anytime, grip better and last longer than the michy or perris all day. turn in is slower and tires are a bit heavier but they make up for it in the confidence and amazing grip.

    you can always change your tires. most people do.

  • BikePilot

    JB, Its not a matter of what I can purchase retail, its a matter of relative production costs. I’d guess that if you assembled a bone-stock RC8 from all retail-priced parts you’d have yourself a $100k bike, that doesn’t mean that $100k is a reasonable price for the thing. Similarly, even if it costs, at retail, >$4k to strip the street goodies and fit the track goodies to transform an RC8R into an RC8Track, that has very little bearing, if any, on relative production costs and profit margins.

    Besides, doesn’t everything else have a slipper clutch as standard anyway?

    Now the market may well bear the (most likely) increased profit margin on the track bike – at least if the fanboys here backup up their posts with their $$ and if it will, more power to KTM!

  • 76

    Awesome, I just want to know when they hit showroom floors

  • Spytech

    bike pilot… its the same for 1198 and 1198s or sp. if they make tiers one is going to be more money. you can not make a product with better components for a cheaper price, even if it is stripped of the street worthiness.

    almost every bikes comes with a slipper but i do not think the ktm does and i am sure the 1198 does not, only the 1198sp.

    it is the law of the land, the bike will sell if the market can bare the price. if not the price will fall just like the price came down from previous years RC8’s. is the price unreasonable??? i think not. do i wish it was cheaper? i sure do – $18,500 would hit the spot. how many race ready bikes can you buy at this price, please name a few.

  • When this bike will come to Indonesia, and whether in Indonesia, this bike will go up again the price ?