Last month I was fortunate enough to stop by the ranch of one Kenny Roberts Sr., and got to look at the Grandfather to American Roadracing’s personal motorcycle collection. Comprised of nearly a dozen KR Proton MotoGP machines, amongst the nearly forty bikes in the collection, King Kenny easily has the quintessential motorcycle dream garage — and I haven’t even gotten to mentioning the stacks of race leathers, helmets, trophies, and other racing memorabilia that line the walls and cover the tables in the small two-wheeled gallery.

Making some space in his collection, Kenny Roberts Sr. has put four race bikes from the Team KR racing heritage up on the auction block, two of which are KR Proton GP machines. The first bike up for grabs is a KR Proton KR3 (above) that was ridden by Nobuatsu Aoki, which raced in the 2001 500GP Championship and features a two-stroke V3 motor. Also offering a MotoGP-era four-stroke machine, King Kenny has added his KR Proton KRV5 XM2 (below), which was ridden by his youngest son, Kurtis Roberts, in the 2004 MotoGP Championship, and features a proprietary five-cylinder motor.

The other bikes up for auction are a Team KR Modenas 500 V3, as well as a 1999 Erion Honda CBR900RR that was also ridden by Kurtis Roberts. No prices are listed, but considering that both KR Protons will be delivered in running order, we wager these will be some of the most expensive track bikes you can get your hands on, and would be the perfect compliment to a Rossi or Stoner-era Ducati Desmosedici GP bike.

2004 KR Proton KRV5 XM2:

2002 KR Proton KR3:

Source: RMD Motors via Two Wheels Blog

  • Halfie 30

    Sick! Love to see him get a CRT team if Moto GP does go that way.

  • Afletra

    One of…the bike that never was :D
    This thing friend is Ilmor X3…

  • RSVDan

    Weren’t both of these up for auction some time last year?

  • RJ

    Proper goodness!

  • @Halfie 30: Seeing KR running a team again sure would be something. I seriously doubt it would happen, but if it did, it would rank right up there with having Rainey and Kanemoto fielding bikes again.

  • Joe

    Love the flat tire on the KR3.

  • Norm G.

    george for the love o’ god buy BOTH these bikes for a display at the museum so the public (and i) can pay to come look at them for time ever more.