Asphalt & Rubber readers are an eclectic group of men and woman, and I am not going sully the romance we have going on here by lying to you guys with some sort of convoluted web of reasoning as to how a nearly team minuted Ken Block / DC Shoes / Ford Focus video is related to motorcycles — because well frankly, it’s not. Yeah sure, there is a 12 second Travis Pastrana cameo tucked-away in there somewhere, and that might be enough material to spin-doctor the snot out of this puppy, but here’s the deal:

First, the video is awesome in that 12-year-old boy discovering bottle rockets sort of way. Second, the video is set in my home town, and we all know how militant I can be about the Golden State, whose border I draw somewhere just south of Ojai. And third, the video is an example of great marketing, and it is such an easy example of what can crossover into motorcycles, it pains me that we here in the two-wheeled world haven’t answered back with something even better. Enjoy after the jump.

Source: Moto Louda

  • ZeitgeistXiii

    Great video, cant even imagine how much that cost to make with closures. I miss SF late nights jumping through the city. Home sickness has set in.

  • Odie

    I love the getting airborne over the top 0f the hill….sideways.

  • MikeD

    HAAAAAA ! I gotta show my 3yo Godson this one…he’s going to flip out ! Potty time will never be the same for him ! LMAO.

  • That. Blew. My. Mind. THANK YOU!

  • 2ndclass

    After the jump indeed.

  • paulus

    If you like this one… then check out “Icon” motorcycle clothing on You-tube…. this is marketing for motorcycles (not only the clothing)

    A couple of great videos with really cool riding!

  • Alonzo B

    Greatest driving I’ve ever seen. Never loan this man your car…lol

  • Ian

    Whilst entertaining and certainly impressive, can’t help but think I’m getting a bit bored of the the same routine with a different backdrop…

    Drift round some bends, donut around some cones, stop motion panning shot, drift round some bends, slo-mo jump, donut around a moving bike/gorilla on a segway/ tram, more drifting, comedy ending, buy some shoes/energy drinks.

    Some one needs to come up with a new angle.

  • Damo


    Your son is going to be drifting his Powerwheels through the kitchen by the end of the month, haha!

    Great video though I always look forward to the new Ken Block films.

  • Everett

    “team” = ten-minuted

    And I rad and impressive I find the driving, the road closures and Caltrans permits needed for that must have been nucking futs…

    /transportation planning nerd

  • i want to see those tricks on WRC.

    Ian, agreed. More of the same.

  • jeff_williams

    I think the urban trials videos are on the right track. The moto cop obstacle course videos are always impressive too but the cinematography leaves a lot to be desired.

  • MikeD


    I was going to say the same but then i remenbered i can’t do it any better than this guy or have anywhere near his driving skills and resources so i just watched it and enjoyed it for what it was.


  • MikeD


    I think those 2 have been posted here before.
    If the riding/driving doesn’t do it for u maybe the comedy will, i was cracking with the cop in the Mustang at the end. Funny shiznit.

  • irksome

    More closely related (trials/two wheels) and ever so very more awe-inspiring would be Danny MacCaskill’s Red Bull video shot in Scotland.

    If only for the initial flip… off the side of Edinburgh Castle.

  • Gutterslob

    Meh. The Gymkhana series has gotten way too Hollywood-esque. What’s with all the Matrix-style slo-mo shots? I prefer th eolder ones. Not gonna argue with Block’s driving skills, though. Now that Pastrana’s gone lame circle-racing, he’s one of the few balls-out tarmac rallyists left in the US (excluding Baja).