The role that electronics plays in MotoGP cannot be underestimated. Every aspect of bike performance depends on how well the the systems monitoring the bikes read the data, interpret it, and then modulate the power as it is applied to the road through the rear tire.

Despite their performance, the systems which provide that control are kept carefully hidden from the public, and the people behind those systems remain anonymous.

Yamaha has sought to change this, producing a video spotlighting the work of Kazutoshi Seki, the engine control engineer for Valentino Rossi. The two have worked together at Yamaha since 2004, when Rossi first joined the factory, and again since Rossi’s return after his two-year hiatus at Ducati.

The video provides an insight into the role which Seki plays in helping to set up the bike for Rossi, and puts the passion and commitment the Japanese engineer pours into the sport.

Despite being produced by Yamaha’s global marketing department, it is a beautifully produced 14-minute portrait of one of the men so crucial to racing at this level. For more background on Seki and Yamaha, see the story behind the video on the Yamaha corporate website.

Source: Yamaha Racing; Photo: Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • TexusTim

    Thanks guys, that was pretty good. you can see the wheelie controll kick in at 9:17 when he is full on the throttle, now that”s confidence.

  • MikeD

    C00L Video. Nice of them to dedicate a bit of time and attention to the considered “non big fish” people behind the scene that’s makes it happen.

    Give us more !

  • PD

    Anyone know how to interpret the data in the lower-right box inside the instrument screen of Vale’s screen?

  • PD

    That was a beautiful little video…

  • “That was a beautiful little video…”

    It really was. Wow.

  • Phil

    Excellent clip.

  • It’s so neat to see the behind the scenes passion like this, bravo Yamaha. I’ve always been a Honda man myself, but i can’t help but root for Yamaha, especially when they deliver these cool nuggets from the heart of racing.

  • H.L.

    Excellent piece and rarely showed material. I simply love this website. It enhances my following of a sport I love and keeps me connected like nothing else out there. Many thanks. Rev your heart!

  • Paulo

    Great Video. It’s nice to see the guys that are the pillars of the race circuit and how they all work together.

    It’s a video that didn’t need to be made but I certainly appreciate it, thank you to all who participated.

  • Gabe

    I am surprised to not see any dinosaurs clamoring to “take away the electronics and return the control to the rider”

  • sideswipeasaurus

    Bah! Take away the electronics. Give the control back to the rider. While you’re at it get rid of those wussy rubber wheels. We don’t need them. Real men can ride with stone wheels. Square ones. Bah!

    joking of course. Great vid. Insight like this into the people and technology really helps one appreciate the dedication and effort to race at this level. It’s people, communication, and teamwork that makes the technology usable. Just like it always was.