One of the relatively newer trends in automobile promotion is the timed-lap video footage around the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. With Porsche, Ferrari, Chevrolet, et al battling for four-wheeled supremacy on one of the most famous road courses in Germany, the Lexus LFA currently stands as the quickest of the productions cars with its 7min 14sec lap time. While the motorcycle industry has been relatively mum to respond to such feats, some intrepid souls have taken arms up for the cause.

In what we’re sure will re-ignite the ongoing car vs. bike debate, Bridgestone test rider Tim Röthig set out with a 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R, a set of of Battalax R10 race tires, and a handful of blitzkrieg riding moves to race against the clock on the German course. With an entirely respectable 7min 50sec lap time, Röthig lapped the 12.8 mile track just over half a minute off the carbon-chassised LFA’s time. Though perhaps not the King of the Nordschleife, with that run Röthig still manages to embarrass a number of drool-worthy cars we’d like to have in our fantasy garage.

Considering the Lexus LFA carries with it a $375,000 price tag and a 500 unit production run, we think the $13,799 Kawasaki ZX-10R is still a pretty good bargain, though riding at the pace Röthig goes makes a feel a bit squeamish while watching the video. Check it out after the jump.

Source: AutoBlog

  • Ken C.

    I wonder what kind of camera they’re using. It must be gyroscopic because it doesn’t lean with the bike. Pretty freaking cool. Oh, the ride is pretty cool too.

  • Yup. It’s a gyroscopic self-leveling camera. Not sure what model though.

  • Jake Fox

    Looks to me like the BMW S1000RR just got asked to dance. Sidenote: I’m not a huge fan of these gyroscopic cameras. I like it when the world tilts as the bike corners.

  • Oh, man, that was nasty.

  • luke

    great video. a couple of seat sucking power wheelies over crests and a few well ignored head shakes under heavy braking… killer stuff. I’d love to see this turn into an all out ‘top lap’ war with honda, yamaha, ducati, kwaka etc…

  • spytech

    here is a gopro on a gyro

  • I can see 214kmp on the indicator so about 132mph killer Vid. awesome riding….

  • SBPilot

    Nice vid but this one is better, more “holy sh*$” factor:

    Anyone know how those go pro gyro mounts are made?

  • Shaman

    Andy Carlisle did it in 7:12 on a modified GSX-R 600.

  • Faster1

    ,, Give Guy Martin the keys for a proper go,,,

  • Nothing against Mr. Röthig – hella fast, to me. But…

    Helmut Dähne did a 7:49:71….
    On a Honda VFR750R/RC30. In 1993.

    And as far as i can see, the circuit has not changed since then…but tires probably did.

  • Shaman

    Correction: it was 7:17. Also, a stock Aprilia RSV1000 Factory did it in 7:32. With about 40 more pounds of bike, no ABS, no traction control and about 60hp less power. :D

  • Brett

    As Faster1 says – get some of the IOMTT guys onto it. Love to see what Martin, McGuinness, Dunlop, Donald or Hutchy could do.

  • todddotmc

    That is a wicked vid! The gyro camera level perspective is a bit weird, but what a great onboard motorcycle vid! Thoroughly enjoyed. Thx.

  • cycle61

    As a motorcycle racer, I literally can’t watch a video with this gyro perspective. Makes me nauseous, everything just moves and feels wrong. Probably better for the car guys, though.

  • Awesome.