Kawasaki WSBK Trucks Found Trafficking Drugs?

05/02/2011 @ 12:46 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

According to the UK’s Telegraph, the Kawasaki World Superbike trucks of Paul Bird Motorsport were stopped by the UK Border Agency (UKBA), and found drugs and a gun with 35 rounds. Now, we know what you’re thinking, someone forgot to hide their stash, and the media is making a mountain out of a molehill, right?

However crossing by ferry into England, presumably for the Donington Park round, the UKBA allegedly stopped and searched a pair of Kawasaki trucks, finding 157 lbs (71kg) of amphetamine tablets, more than 220 lbs (100kg) of marijuana, and enough cocaine to kill a small elephant (18 lbs/ 8kg).

While the intent to traffic the drugs into the UK hasn’t been established, it is hard to imagine that amount of narcotics going towards someone’s personal use (Charlie Sheen?). Unsurprisingly then, four members of the Paul Bird Motorsport team were arrested, questioned, and later released on bail by the British Police.

The Kawasaki WSBK team is set to go racing in Monza this coming weekend, and so far Paul Bird Motorsport and Kawasaki have not addressed this news, how the drugs could have made it onboard the trucks, and whether the detained team members would be participating in the Italian race weekend.

We expect though that with the pace this story is spreading, a statement will be coming forth shortly. More news as we get it.

Source: Telegraph

  • spanner

    so thats how kawasaki is funding their superbike operations these days eh!? hehe!

  • Grass for Gas

    Gotta pay the bills somehow, why not make a few folks happy along the way:)

  • “Enough cocaine to kill a small elephant”?!? They’d better not be hurting elephants! It was bad enough watching that Reese Witherspoon circus movie…

    But seriously folks, having crossed borders frequently with a race bike in the back of a van or pickup truck, I can attest to the fact that motorcycles serve as a great distraction for customs officers. “Cool! Where are you going?” is a more common reaction than, “Can you prove that’s yours?” or “Pull over here, for inspection.”

    This is not nearly the first time I’ve heard of drugs being shipped across border in race teams’ trucks. Sometimes, this is an outgrowth of the terrible salaries paid to race mechanics – even in MotoGP most team members are paid less than 20k Euros/year; no wonder they freelance a bit. Other times, it’s team principals who, like racers, will often do almost anything to get a bike on track.

    What’s noteworthy here is the quantity (and the gun, which would be trivial here but is anything but in the UK.) Someone would have been paid a lot of money to deliver that load. Does it go to the top of the Paul Bird team? I bet you could fund a (typically less-than-competitive Kawasaki) SBK team for a round or two on the mule’s share of that load. You could buy the Paul Bird team outright for the difference between wholesale and retail on the coke alone…

    And they say racing gets in your blood…

  • georGe aka-VintageWrencher

    Didnt Birdy’s girlfriend/wife have acid thrown on her a few years back? And now a shit-ton of dope is found in one of his transporters coming into the UK. Me thinks something is fishy in Birdyland.

  • Zeitgeist

    Hey I did not know Lucchinelli was working for them!

  • Shaitan

    That explains why they’re not winning…they’re hopped up. :P

  • 76

    Thats what I thought when I read the UK news, uh oh, definitely not a personal stash, or even a team one at that. That there is alot of loot and one can imagine with that kind of money, some bigger names are going to come along with it. I mean thats a half million dollars worth of drugs at cost, if anyone thinks a mechanic and a couple friends can come up with 500K or the clout to back it without some very powerful people they are living in la la land.

    Hope it turns out to just include people out of the sport, cheers too that

  • UlyssesRider

    While it is unfortunate for the people involved and Kawasaki as well, this only goes to show that there is a big demand for these drugs. Now why might that be? Obviously, many people like to get high and enjoy life a little more. What is so wrong with that? In my opinion, people all over the planet should be free to purchase and consume whatever they want, be it a Coca-Cola (which had cocaine before the government took that freedom away from the people!) or some good green bud to smoke. And I should be able to purchase a new TDR 500 two stroke twin at the nearest Yamaha dealer, but no, the government has decided to “save the planet” and nearly outlawed two strokes and it just pisses me off to no end that I gotta ride a heavy four stroke instead of a much lighter two-banger! I can only dream of what a two-stroke Buell Ulysses would have been like. Definitely much lighter and faster but the government has decided that they are killing the planet. Well, what about Obama’s personal 747 Air Force One? How much does it pollute? The space shuttle, how much does it pollute? Basically, the people need to vote where they are allowed to do so and change these silly and restrictive regulations and let people and the capitalist system work. A good book and movie to see: Atlas Shrugged.