Sometimes we like our concept motorcycles to be funky, and the Kawasaki J Concept certainly delivers in that department. Debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show a vision on what the future of motorcycling could become, the Kawasaki J is an electric trike/quad with a variable riding position/chassis configuration.

Not too dissimilar from the Yamaha Tesseract, the J Concept is an interesting exercise in design and technology proposals, and could be the future of leaning-trikes and similar vehicles. What are your thoughts?



Source: Kawasaki

  • Brandon

    Daaaamn! That thing is nice. Visually stunning… but I can’t get over the surplus of wheels. Take one wheel off the front, make it a proper bike, and I will start to drool.

  • paulus

    awesome. Love it.

  • exnihilo415

    When the guys from Tron are ready for rascal mobility scooters…

  • k1200Rider

    Ben 10 called.. He wants his bike back..

  • Gutterslob

    Looks radioactive. I approve

  • Kenny

    It looks like its actually a 4-wheeler masquerading as trike. 2 wheels mounted on a common electric drive hub?
    Love the independent handlebars though very curious as to how’d they actually work

  • Green Goblin

    With this machine, Spiderman is no match for me!

  • Works for me.

  • claudia

    I just died a little….