If you want to end your Wednesday on a high-note, look no further than this video of Julien Welsch (Facebook & Twitter). Riding his Triumph Street Triple through woods enduro-style (yes, with knobbies and all), the famed stunt rider makes this fish-of-water look like its has lungs for gils.

Throw in some great photography, a dubstep soundtrack that doesn’t make you want to bang your head against the wall, & some epic riding, and well…for three minutes and twenty-nine seconds you won’t have anything bad to say about the French (je plaisantais mes amis!). In other news, somewhere in Leicestershire, a Triumph engineer is quietly sobbing.

Source: YouTube

  • heineken

    I just wish the Tiger 800 had a little more of the spirit of this bike in it.

  • loki

    I don’t get it. Really. Why do this when Triumph also makes the awesome Scrambler?!?…

  • paulus

    All bikes are more capable than we give them credit.
    Nick Sanders rides the world, deserts and off-road … on an R1
    My B-King is awesome in the sand… take your street bike off-road some time :)

  • loki

    @paulus: my Ducati will simply stop and die the moment it touches sand/dirt. I know it.

  • Keith

    hmmm, maybe some fork gaiter to protects the forks…

  • Richard Gozinya

    That’s pure awesome. Except for the music. The music made me want to pour gasoline in my ear and set it on fire. But the bike, damn, that setup should be a factory option.

    Oh, and Loki, I always thought the Scrambler was more about looking like it can do off-road than actually going off-road. Except the Jack Pine, maybe. But that’s not exactly a stock Scrambler.

  • Davin

    /…In other news, somewhere in Leicestershire, a Triumph engineer is quietly sobbing…./

    “WHYYY?!” the engineer choked out between sobs.” WHY DID I NEVER THINK TO ATTEMPT THIS MYSELF?!?”

  • Bjorn

    My 500SL Pantah was lacklustre in sand but a great dirt road tourer. Although the clip-ons would make Julien Welsch style madness a bit beyond my ken (that and my lack of stunt ability).

  • Bill

    Where did they find a Knobby tire to replace the 180 rear tire on the Trumpet? That’s a 5.5″ wide wheel…