Video: John McGuinness – A Legend in the Making

06/18/2012 @ 5:42 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

John McGuinees, the King of the Mountain, could quit road racing today and go down in history as a legend of the sport. The thing is though, Mr. McPint is showing no signs of slowing down, and in reality McGuinness is at the top of his game — adding two more race wins from the 2012 Isle of Man TT to his impressive total. Nineteen wins to his name, McGuinness was favored to win his 20th in the Senior TT, after coming in second during the TT Zero competition.

There doesn’t seem to be any doubt in the TT paddock that McGuinness will break the twenty-win barrier, a feat only ever accomplish by one other man: Joey Dunlop. But, fate has a cruel way of changing our expectations. Three wins in a TT fortnight is no easy matter, and no one wants to win more than John McGuinness himself. So, it goes to show you a bit about the man when you learn that McGuinness was instrumental in the canceling of the Senior TT, since his voice hold some of the most weight with the riders and Race Control — even though his own racing interests would have been served best by the race’s continuation in adverse conditions.

On that Saturday’s Senior TT, no one wanted to make more history than McGuinness — of course he wanted to do so in an entirely different way than what occurred. It will now be a long wait before he can lay claim to that twentieth IOMTT victory trophy, but John McGuinness isn’t too worried about that I suspect, and I reckon he has his eyes leveled firmly on the horizon, staring at what would seem to be an impossible an impossible number that starts with three.

Source: Monster (YouTube)

Photo: © 2012 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

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  • The man and his ‘blade… this guy’s a myth. And a very simple person.

    I don’t understand why is McPint?

  • Dan

    What a lovely down to earth bloke and incredible talent! Very down to earth and very likeable – hard to imagine the TT without him involved at some point!

    Oh and he’s McPint because it’s not just any pint it’s a pint of Guinness hence John Mc ‘Picture of a pint of Guinness’ ;-)

    See… easy!

    ps. I remember him almost running me over on a paddock scooter/pit bike as he made his way to the scott leathers signing about 3 years ago! It was just after he’d won, had a pint, a kip (nap) and his son had drawn all over his face with a black marker pen! Legend!!

  • Gutterslob

    A man with the same surname as my favourite drink can’t possible be anything but cool!!
    Kinda sad he doesn’t race with the his joke-ish “McGuinley” on the leathers anymore. He’s quite the funny bloke too (remember the ‘chaffage’ press conference?).

    There’s this road racing special called “John McGuinness: Breaking the Barrier” that used to be on Youtube. If it’s still there, you all should give it a watch.

  • Grant Madden

    The man is a true hero of our times,long may he reign.

  • Damo

    I would love to see McGuinness take the overall wins record, but that is a tall mountain to climb. He is probably the only one that can though.

  • Ben

    The fact he has so many wins over what is the ultimate test of bravery, man and motorbike at crazy speed, risking death every year, and still remains down to Earth, likes a pint and hanging out with other riders, this is what racing should still be about, this is old school. It kind of puts the pampered, corporate toe-the-liners, over-regulated MotoGP in the shade.