It would seem the motorcycling world isn’t immune from the Tiger Woods sex scandal, as FastDates.com (makers of fine motorcycle themed pin-up calendars) has just announced that one of its models has been linked to having intimate relations with the golfing legend. Jamie Jungers (second from left), has been identified by the NY Post as being the 4th blonde woman linked to Woods. More after the jump.

The FastDates.com Calendar website was contacted by the editors of the New York Post, who were looking to secure photographs for their coverage of the Tiger Woods scandal. After running a Google image search on Jamie Jungers, The Post contacted Fastdates Producer and Photographer Jim Gianatsis, and revealed that Jamie Jungers was the 4th woman to come out and admit having an affair with Tiger Woods.

Jungers posed for Fastdates in their 2010 Fast Dates Calendar, making this story an interesting intersection of peroxide, golfing, Google Images, and of course motorcycles. Ok universe, you win. Thanks for the tip Jim.

Source: Fastdates Calendars; Photos: © Jim Gianatsis / FastDates.com Calendars

  • at least he’s got good taste, haha

  • Cbr Rider

    Phwoar, she is a bit of alright! Check her out on the website!

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  • Gildas

    A fit blond linked to wood?

  • mike

    She looks exactly like his wife!

  • Warum sollte man so reagieren ? Es gibt auch andere Moeglichkeiten eine Loesung für dieses Problem zu finden.

  • What did Tiger Woods ever do to “the public” that he feels he needs to apologise to them? Personally I’ve by no means seen Tiger, or any other superstar sports personality beyond what they really are?really talented people! The only person he must apologise to is his wife and loved ones. Honestly, up to we?d like our sports and film heroes to be morally upright people, we shouldn’t expect it. They’re as much human as me and you.