After the Dainese Superbike TT race was pushed from Saturday’s debut time slot to Sunday, it seems the first solo-classs race was worth the wait as it put on quite the show for Isle of Man TT fans.

In addition to the victory by the popular Michael Dunlop, and a stellar performance by newcomer Josh Brookes, John McGuinness also made waves, first with his pit lane time penalty (McGuinness was levied a one minute penalty by the stewards), but more notably with his record-setting 131.671 mph lap on the sixth lap of the race.

Showing the ever-increasing progress of the Superbike machines at the TT, McGuinness’s lap beats his own previous record of 131.578mph, which has stood since the 2009 Dainese Superbike TT. With the Senior TT race still to come, McPint could very well push that race lap record even further.

It is of note that McGuinness set the record while racing the Joey Dunlop’s old racing livery; coincidently as well, Michael Dunlop set the race record for the Superbike TT, finishing the six laps in 1hr 45min 29.980 seconds.

Source: IOMTT; Photo: © 2013 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

  • The TT is so much more REAL (far more representative of road bikes and the kind of actual riding they will see when piloted by serious riders on public roads). Where else do you get to see nearly stock bikes go at it full bore, probably the best indicator of how the production bike you will buy at the dealership will actually perform on the road.

  • GM

    What does McGinness do the rest of the year? You only ever hear about him during the IOM TT, does he race year round?

  • protomech

    0.093 improvement in 4 years? How much of that is machine improvement vs rider improvement?

    Certainly puts the electrics in perspective. 2009 to 2013 from 87 mph to 109 mph. The last 20 miles will be much harder to pick up than the first 20 miles of course..

  • “What does McGinness do the rest of the year? You only ever hear about him during the IOM TT, does he race year round?”

    The Honda TT Legends squad earns most of its money through racing in the FIM Endurance World Championship. They also race the North West 200, which is a TT-type event run in Northern Ireland.

  • He does a lot of promo work for Alpinestars too…

  • 2ndclass

    McGuiness also usually runs a few BSB Superstock rounds as well in the lead up to the road racing season (I don’t think he does a full season though). Presumably he’d do the Ulster GP as well? I think it, the Nw200 and TT are the big ones.

  • L2C

    Watched this race on Velocity last night. Seemed like it was more of a highlights reel, but was good to see as much as I did. It was an hour long. Velocity will be covering it for the rest of the week, so I’ll be watching.

    The on-board camera shots of these guys is amazing. Compared to MotoGP? Well, there is no comparison – McGuiness and those guys who do these kinds of races have a lot of heart. And these guys were making passes where run-offs don’t exist, catching air and crossing up their bikes over crests in the road. Was some seriously spectacualar shit. And the precision those riders exhibit on those roads is just remarkable.

    Amazing stuff.

  • TR176

    L2C…It’s difficult to show entire races because of the size of the course plus the amount of riders setting off in 10 second waves.

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