Right or wrong ethically or legally, we doubt that the Circuit of the Americas is going to come out winning the PR battle that Kevin Schwantz is waging against the Texan race track right now, but we do know that Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca just scored some easy points.

Welcoming the former GP Champion to the track today, Laguna Seca’s Gill Campbell also formally invited Schwantz to attend the upcoming Red Bull US GP that will be held at the Californian circuit later this summer.


Source: Kevin Schwantz (Facebook)

  • Chance Gray

    Now I didn’t go to business school mind you. But I’m pretty sure that the jackass that runs Circuit of The Americas is a little over paid.

  • Ronald

    That’s the way people should treat a former Word Champion. I believe those jackass who runs CotA never learnt how to respect a former Word Champion.

  • Peter G

    A case study in : ” How not to win friends ” ( referring to COTA )

  • William

    Much respect Laguna Seca. It is not the tracks that attract the fans, much more than the riders and the skills they bring. Kevin has been bringing them long before Cota was around .

  • John

    Goes to show, you get more Bee’s (paying customers) with honey than with a baseball bat.

  • jet057

    What a great story and what class it took to do up a sweet package to have the K.S. come to our California Race Track,This is why i love my ca. racing tracks,good peeps.

  • L2C

    Feel-good story of the day!

  • truthscreamer

    You guys are nuts! You need to get past what “he was” and look at what KS34 “is”. He has no right to be on COTA’s property- PERIOD! KS34 had a buddy on the board, KS “single handedly” brought MotoGP to Texas (yeah right) and didn’t have the contract that he thought he had with COTA. So, KS decides to lawyer up and fight, which is well within his rights. However, there is no way in hell I’d let anyone, even an ex-world champion GP rider, who’s suing me, on my property and if any of you say you would allow it to happen you’re lying.

  • That’s respect KS34 deserves! They didn’t even name a corner after him, Rainey’s got his in Laguna, Casey got his on somebody elses Island, and the only corner that has Kevins name is in England. Good old american patriotism. Hey “Truthscreamer”, how about changin’ name? Maybe “Silence is golden”? Or maybe a “Ramblin’ Man”, if you like southern rock…

  • Norm G.

    re: “Laguna Seca’s Gill Campbell”

    FISTPUMP…!!! score one for the ex-pat. where some see controversy, others see OPPORTUNITY…!!!

    (PS: that sh!t eatin’ grin on kev’s face is classic. LOL)

  • Duke

    @truthscreamer – you’re wrong about removing him from the property. That was a very bad move & accomplished nothing for COTA except negativity.

    What was the point to removing him?

  • Mike_Will_Made_It

    I would love to have everyone here that is sh!ting on COPTA reverse the situation and put themselves in COPTA’s shoes. They are in the midst of legal proceedings potentially costing them millions of dollars, yet they should be completely accommodating to the person suing them? Its unfortunate this is playing out as it is and its ugly and petty on BOTH SIDES, yes I’m looking at you too KS34, but to think that COPTA is wrong to say “Hey we are currently in a legal situation, please stay off the property and event that is being contested in the court of law until this issue is resolved” your delusional.

    And this whole ‘Ex-Champion eternal respect thing’ only goes to far. Its an ATHLETIC ENDEAVOUR he didn’t save lives, cure cancer, walk on water or stop the Cuban Missile Crisis he rode a bike in a loop really well.

  • Mike… go in the garage, take the biggest steel pipe and bash your head with it until something smart comes out. Repeat until success arrives! Once you manage to be a Champion (there’s no Ex-Champion, you are The Champion even when you die), or when you find the cure for cancer… OK, as first learn how to spell COTA properly, that will be just fine… then use the right to make a comment. Kevin is not a person, he’s the LEGEND! Can you comprehend the meaning? Try to find that in the dictionary. Probably the biggest book in your parents room, right next to “How to raise an IDIOT”. That should do…

  • truthscreamer

    Birchtree- perhaps you should pull your head out of your ass and look at the facts. KS is suing COTA and whether he has probable cause or not isn’t the issue. He has no right to be there- with or without creds from Attack and by him showing up thinking he has a right makes him look like a dumb-ass.

    There will only be one loser in this battle and I guarantee you it won’t be COTA. I stand behind COTA and their decision not allow the person suing them on the grounds. What’s so hard about that?

    Again, I pose the question to you Birchtree- Would you allow anyone suing you on your property so they could piss on your bathroom floor and leave it for you to clean up?

  • Fartscreamer – now you’re just mean and showing bad manners- and lack of education. What’s the matter – are you raised by pack of wolves or you just that desperate to look smart? Try to see the whole problem from the position of an adult; no one (but you) in the right mind sees Kevin as a loser in this case. It’s not even about who’s wrong and who’s right, it’s some dumbname track against KS34. Remember, people (especially Americans) only read headlines. KS34 vs. COTA. COwho? And nothing else matters. COTA is just a piece of land, nothing else. Without Kevin and Wayne even Laguna would nowdays be a shooting ground – just like it was in the past. It’s not about lawsuits and pointing fingers. Kevin is welcomed on any track in the world, and some COTA only has a tons of bad rep out of this. I don’t know what’s the tradition in your neighborhood, but in mine nobody pisses on nobody’s bathroom floor. That’s not hygienically sound. We use urinals… and just kill the uninvited intruders in front of the doorstep. Isn’t that the “American Way”?

  • truthscreamer

    Birchy- You need to get past what Kevin was and look at what he has become. All tracks come and go, but right here, right now COTA has a 10 year deal and Kevin is left holding a piece of paper that is worth it’s weight in gold.

    You seem to have a short memory and won’t answer my basic question. Would you allow someone, who is suing you to step one foot on your property or does that fall in to your category of “we just kill the uninvited intruders?” Because, that’s exactly what Kevin is at this point.

  • proudAmerican

    I won’t comment on the COTA drama, but I can say Kevin joined us for Reg Pridmore’s CLASS yesterday at Laguna Seca, and he was truly a class-act. He interacted with the students, immediately and graciously accommodated anyone who asked for his autograph or picture, and even helped clean up at the end of the day!!

    I’d never met him before, but yesterday he demonstrated that he is a down-to-earth man of character, who enjoys spending time with motorcycling enthusiasts.

  • DareN

    screamer – maybe you right, but I was about to purchase 5 Formula 1 tickets to the race and now we are not going because of that shitty thing thy did to KS. I wonder how many more think like that… So, you still think COTA will win, even if they have legal argument?

  • Now I’m screamin… man, you’re a such a hard case. Legal argument or not, COTA will lose. Considering how many people will boycott the race, Kevin already won. I don’t have short memory. They should lick his Alpinestars and apologize, because that’s the least painful way out for them. The basic question remains “why don’t you get of your high horse and smell the roses?”. I hope someday Revvin Kevin parks his XR79 and smokes you out of your house. Man, you deserve it.

  • truthscreamer

    I’ve never once stated Kevin wasn’t a stand up guy. But, the fact remains that he’s suing COTA and he doesn’t have any right to be on the property.

    It’s sad that you can’t remove yourself from the emotional attachment you have to Kevin, step back and look at what’s really going on.

    Since you won’t answer my original question I’ll word it differently. If you were suing someone would you feel you have a right to be on their property?

    Yes, I’m going to Austin next month and I can’t wait to show them my support for doing what is right.

  • Mike_Will_Made_It


    1. Sorry for misspelling COTA with COPTA

    2. No I haven’t cured cancer walked on water or stopped the Cuban missile crisis, BUT the way we as a society place ALL, not just KS34, athletes on a pedestal for endeavours while heroic are still simply ATHLETIC endeavours is ridiculous.

    3. BTW the terms Ex-Champion/Former Champion are the correct phrases because the current MotoGP champion is THE CHAMPION, similar to ‘Ex-President/Former-President of the United States’ was someone that once was the president and ‘President of the United States’ is someone that is currently the president

    4. There is no need for this to be a screaming match but I would love to hear your response to truthscreamers question; would you allow someone you are currently going to arbitration with over your house walk in and use the toilet?

  • sideswipe

    We don’t know the details of the previous business dealings and current legal wranglings but I’d say it would have been smart for COTA to just have kept an eye on him, let him go about his business, and kept their mouths shut. KS34’s case may or may not prove to have merit in court. COTA rented the track out for MotoGP testing. They were paid for the use of their facilities. One of the teams testing brought in KS34 as a technical coach. It’s not like he was loitering or spectating. I wonder if there was anything in that lease agreement Honda/Yamaha made with COTA where COTA had a say in choice of what teams and personnel would be there? On the PR side it’s a disaster. KS34 is an ambassador of the sport and an American world champ. Its just stupid to cause a scene about this. They may have been in their rights or not to deny him but they lose.

    An another COTA note I just priced a trip there against one at Indy. From tickets to parking COTA is significantly more expensive and very restrictive as far as people bringing in their own food, coolers, etc. It is not a nice fun for the whole family outfit. Come, empty your wallets, leave. Shame as by all accounts it’s an amazing track and facility. Austin’s a great town too.

  • sideswipe


    No screaming here. Just respectful debate.

    1.Former US presidents are still addressed as Mr. President.

    2. I’m in all agreement about the perspective of allowing someone suing you to come on your property but… this isn’t exactly like that. This is more like you own a house. You lease the house out for say, a holiday weekend. The people that leased the house invited someone to their party that just happens to be suing you. Where do you get to go and choose who they invite? It may be your house but it’s not your event.

  • ATHLETIC endeavours? Man, you’re watching the wrong sport. There’s so much more then ATHLETIC endeavours in moto racing. You maybe don’t remember the times when 500 cc bikes had 115 kg (until 1991.) and they destroyed tires after 15 laps. That wasn’t athletic, that was MENTAL.The main thing is, Kevin was always a decent guy. Why are you so obsessed with some stranger using my toilet? What’s wrong with you? Sideswipe made it perfectly clear… it’s not their toilet after all… and he was INVITED!!!

  • Spamtasticus

    If I owned a track, specially one heavily funded by taxpayer’s monysuch as CotA is I would behave in a profecional manner that serves the tracks business interests and my investor’s interests the best. Regardless of who is right in the courtroom, their kicking out of such a celebrity in such a manner is an idioticly bad business descisin. And no, I would not have done it.

  • Mike_Will_Made_It

    @birchtree your inability to civilly discuss varying opinions sorely undermines your quite possibly valid points. Alas you leave people thinking talking to you is akin to asking a donkey to be anything else other than a donkey.

    Adios and continue to bray to your hearts content:

  • Mike_Will_Made_It

    @sideswipe thanks for your perspective, the above comment is not intended for or at you.

  • Westward

    I don’t see what’s the harm in allowing a person suing the track to be the guess of a group that is using it. By ushering Schwantz out of the venue, they lost the PR battle, they could have taken the high road and did not. All COTA did is reaffirm for many how classless they could be.

    As I stated before, all my endeavours to attend COTA this season have ended. I try not to support Wankers if I could help it. Admittingly I don’t always know who they are, but in this case I think I do…

  • Spamtasticus

    Ok. Now from a computer with a real keyboard:

    @ Truthscreamer. If I owned a track, specially one heavily funded by taxpayer’s money such as CotA is, I would behave in a professional manner that serves the track’s business interests and my investor’s interests the best. Regardless of who is right in the courtroom, their kicking out of such a highly regarded celebrity in such a manner is an idiotic business decision. And no, I would not have done it.

  • truthscreamer

    @sideswipe- I like your thinking and fresh injection of rational, but it’s really not like leasing a house. I’ve signed several track lease agreements and there are clauses that simply state the track has the right to deny or remove anyone one from the track as they see fit.

  • TexusTim

    KS can use my toilet any time….so ridiculas to throw him out…kinda ridiculas for him to think nothing would happen..just sayin.

  • Lord Helmet

    Is truth screamer a COTA employee? LOL. He acts like it….Never really heard of a negative side to Schwantz over the years. Maybe a little arrogant, but then he is a world champ. Are there any humble ones? I reckon bringing Moto GP to the COTA track single handedly is a little boastful. But to think the track didn’t use him in some way to grease some skids with DORNA is naive or willfully in denial. Pay the man a little or at least get off his back. I do think COTA probably did not realize what they had stepped in and then were too proud to repent……I guess if Schwatnz was gonna sneak in the track office and go all James Bond & copy secret documents for his case I could see barring him from the track. But if KS was just there to be a thorn in the paw of the rich investors who he is in conflict with, they appear petty & spiteful is the purview of the Kangaroo court. Of course none of us are privy to the real story. The truth may come out in a court of law, but it may not. If any of Y’all would like some interesesting reading search the name Tavo Hellmund or look up the Forbes magazine online magazine article on the shenanigans the two investors had to pull to get the track built.

  • truthscreamer

    @LordHelmet- The answer to your question is “No, I do not work for nor am I affiliated with COTA in anyway.” I just don’t give two cents about who or what Kevin is now or did 20 years ago or see how it allows him special access on the property of the people he brought suit against.

    A lot of folks on this thread have referred to rich investors or rich track owners as a bad thing to be, but I have news for you guys- if it weren’t for the rich investors with an idea there wouldn’t be any tracks, sponsors, or companies to put the asphalt and rubber down unless they were built by broke ass governments like ours.

    I’m not for COTA anymore than I’m for Kevin, but his rich ass doesn’t deserve anymore special treatment than any one of ours. With that said- You bring suit against any company or anyone and see if you’re allowed on their property; with an invite or acting like James Bond. It just doesn’t happen in any country or in my front yard.

  • DareN

    And that is where you wrong, Screamer – neither you or any of us will ever be world champions. He deserves at least respect for his accomplishments, not a corporate bullying which is so common these days. As far as money – let the courts decide…

  • Spamtasticus

    @Truthscreamer. You are missing a very important point. We are not discussing what is legal or what “right” Kevin has or does not have. CotA, as a private institution, have every right to kick someone out regardless of lawsuit or no lawsuit. What the article and the corresponding discussion is about is what a dumb ass move it was to kick him out. From a PR point of view. If you have something to contribute to THAT argument we would be glad to hear it. If you wish to start a new thread about property rights and cults of personality then you are welcome to do so but that is not the subject here. The fact that you have “signed several track lease” agreements lends some weight to @lordHelmet’s assumption that you are affiliated with CotA. Although you have just stated you are not, in fact a Shill for CotA it is still obvious that you are biased in this argument by the very nature of your apparent business as a promoter or track day organizer (flea market vendor?). Point is, this story is about PR and public perception and none of your arguments refute the fact that it was a moronic move. Just do a count on this thread or any other of who is pro and who is against CotA if you don’t want to take my word for it.

  • Lord Helmet

    Hey Truth Screamer, You do have good point. This whole Robin Hood notion of taking from the evil rich to give to the saintly poor that is currently so en vogue with our government is a bad thing. Alas, this sordid situation is not really a good example of that. More like a domestic dispute with both sides giving the other room to take shots. Most all businesses have a policy that they can refuse business with any one for any reason at any time.
    However, in life it seems: “just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something”. Maybe COTA and/ or Schwantz will win a battle but lose a war, you know?
    Either way we all lose. Except trolls who,like contention & misery…..along that line, it does your credibilty no good to refer to schwantz’s “rich ass” and describe his access to a race test as “special access” ….isn’t the whole racing world a contrived environment fueled by money, technical lust and ego?….. Just sayin………

  • Lord Helmet

    Oh, nearly forgot… Its great that Laguna is being kind in general….makes them look pretty good I’d say. And thanks to Asphalt & rubber for a positive article of the soap opera……..

  • truthsceamer

    I’m going to quote my buddy Birchy and say “Remember, people (especially Americans) only read headlines.” and that is where everyone’s opinion seems to be coming from and not the facts of what is really happening.

    I assure you Spamtasticus I have no affiliation with COTA or any track. I merely used to race and organize a few track days.

    And I’ll use Lord Helmets example because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander- “just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something”. Did Kevin really think he’d be welcomed with open arms and a BBQ lunch? Just because he was invited by Attack doesn’t mean he should have went knowing good and well that he has a lawsuit against them. I’ll ask it again- What did he think was going to happen?

    To me Kevin seems to be a smart guy, but his little stunt of forcing the issue is costly for both sides at this point, but COTA will recover from this mosquito bite and move on without him.

  • Westward

    I get it now, truthscreamer isn’t a CotA employee, he’s one of those guy on the Fox morning show or any of their pumdits that claims to be a journalist… Maybe he’s that Lumburgh guy…

  • truthscreamer

    @Westward- Thank you for the chuckle this morning! Seriously though, I know this is hard for everyone to swallow, but I’m a regular guy with no ties to anything MotoGP other than being a fan of the series.

  • Norm G.

    re: “their kicking out of such a highly regarded celebrity in such a manner is an idiotic business decision. And no, I would not have done it.”

    therein lies the problem, i honestly don’t think they gave it much thought…? they just reacted.

    and therein lies another twist… i don’t believe they view him has a “highly regarded celeb”. if their beef was with… say…? mario andretti…? (ie. someone who registers on CAR-SIDE radar) they would’ve simply popped a xanax and gritted their teeth for 3 days.

  • Norm G.

    re: “but COTA will recover from this mosquito bite and move on without him”

    kev says… as long as they leave enough of their cash behind for him to throw over a california king, and he can pretend to swim through…? they can move to china. he’ll even put in the paperwork.

  • TRL

    As I have said before, car guys…….they didn’t just magically get an undeserved reputation….

    Will a few people boycotting the MotoGP event hurt COTA? Probably not. There are enough rich, douchey, posers to fill the event just because it’s the thing to do and enough enthusiasts from this and other countries who don’t have any knowledge of or understand the issue with KS, I am sure.

    However, my hat is off to those who believe that the tretment of KS is unwarranted and believe this strongly enough to boycott the event. Sometimes it is ok to back up beliefs with actions, even if it seems futile, just because it feels like the right thing to do.

    I am getting tire of “business is business”. Think about that as you pay your underwater mortgage…It doesn’t have to be. The culture of a business flows down from the top permeating every corner of the business. A little extra attention to the “correct decision” and not just the correct “business “decision is not always a bad thing….

  • Lord Helmet

    Here Y’all go. Naughty, naughty track developers…..This was how COTA was born & screwed up some with F1…..wonder what will happen to F1 when Ecclestone goes senile or dies? And whats up with them using State of Texas money?

  • sideswipe

    I like the comment from Norm G above:
    “(ie. someone who registers on CAR-SIDE radar) they would’ve simply popped a xanax and gritted their teeth for 3 days.”

    As it stands COTA’s PR loss is Laguna Seca’s PR gain. I’m glad someone has a heart and sense of humor.